Sickbrush "Fantastic Daggers" class
Wow, awesome reference, Marina! I'd be very grateful if you provided high res version. Especially that armour part.

I wanted to take part in this mentoring challenge, but it seems I'm to lazy to read it though...

... now that I embarassed myself in front of everyone, my ego is starting to push me to read it. Hurray for the irony.

Hey, Mr sickbrush you class is totally awesome :) Everyone here doing such a great work with those assignments :)

Today I finally got back to my tablet and computer and had some time to give this a try.
I especially liked three characters you described: Saavi, Xia and Mavis, but first one the most so i decided to try with him.

Here are some refs and some rough sketches from today:

(11-07-2012, 04:01 AM)Horhe Wrote: Hey guys.....It's really rude to ask for the refferences since this was part of the task. They had days witch they spent to look for them, so they worked hard to get them and you just want it all for granted. Don't make it hard for themselfes and start investing your own time looking for refferences. After the task is done you can ask them for anything, but at the moment all you do is frustrate the people that worked to get them and are focused on the idea they have.

The point of this forum is to share knowledge. We're not here because we're selfish jerks who want to keep everything for themselves. We're here because an awesome guy like Dave Rapoza was willing to share his knowledge and gave away hundreds hours of his time he could have spent doing something else. We're here because we motivate each other to work harder, because we want to get better, because we want to support each other.

Throughout these months we shared huge amount of critique and reference and we didn't care that we're giving away our knowledge gained during countless hours spent on gathering it.

If you're not willing to share a small piece of pie with everybody then how is this even fair towards Sickbrush who put so much work in this mentoring program, and is doing it for free to support everybody.

That is rude.

I couldn't care less about this reference material in regard to the task. Ripping of someone's idea for this one would be plain stupid. I wanted this as reference material for the future. For this particular project i can use thousands of images I've already gathered and create something that is not even close to being similar. Either way the reference is posted so there are not technical obstacles to rip it off. Higher resolution is only for the purpose of the thorough study.

Horhe, the fact is the reference is already posted. If someone wants to rip it off, he will. And someone will sooner or later point it out, that it's ripped. Better quality source won't make it so much more "rippabe". It's just a convenience for eyes and the mind. I however respect your opinion and whoever shares it. Providing any ref is up to every individual, I won't insist to get anything right now. I, however, do not consider simply asking being rude as I, personally, can share my own stuff if anyone asks me to do that.

My views on Mavis:
Some of this probs doesnt make sense to anyone but me lolz

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Wow guys there are soo much good work I can see in here!! I really joined Crimson Daggers a little bit too late to start with the "new" classes... :(
Anyway, keep it up guys! It's really nice and inspiring to see you all working so good! :D

You are your only limits!

Anyone interested in forming a 5 person group (forum group) as Sickbrush mentioned ?
I'll be taking Kethun

here's my first doodle

@Horhe and Marina - erm sorry for the bother then, didn't think anybody would mind if I asked. I forgot that it was in the assignment, and yes I know finding good references is a really hard task. I won't push the subject any further. And @Piotr Jasielski no point in arguing man, we're all friends here.

and a link for the refs :

Sketchy sketch.

If anyone is interested, there is a pretty good version of Xia in MTG:

hmmm yeah i guess she does resemble liliana vess in a way

Liliana doesn't have skulls and bones though. The truth is no matter what character one construct there is almost 100% chance something similar already exists. As someone said everything was already done, we're just creating derivatives.

The similarity to Liliana may be a good thing though, it'll make people think about other ideas that can fit the description, yet are different in some way than Liliana's characteristics.

I also think Marina's side-twist with the Raven and Morrigan's following separates Xia from Liliana. I'm glad we can play within well established stereotypes while still focusing on coming up with an original twist. It's much like the actual work environment.

Pure gold thread <3

First sniffings for mr. Kethun:

New vid is up guys!

Great work on the chars so far!

Here comes my fashion victim character Saavi o.o

3 sketches

And his purse + contents

Here are my Saavi designs, i don't know if any of this could work so any comments are more than welcome. I kinda like 3rd one but i don't know if it fits saavi's description and character :)

annnd Mavis.. bit dodgy.. but meh, i struggled with everything so atleast i know where my weak points are.. which is everywhere..

[Image: 12-11-12-1.jpg]
[Image: 12-11-12-2.jpg]

here's my take on the mighty Kethun
and the moodboards/references

and a big rar with all the references, cheers ! :



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