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Hi all!

I'm a tiny art goblin from the frozen prairies. Taking a stab (haha) at branching out to some more communities to hopefully give me more stimulus to keep working at it. Critique is always welcome!

Here's some stuff from the recent months! I don't wanna flood you all with old work, but here's my ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/paracoma

Thanks for looking!
[Image: otreqWb.jpg]

Firebird lantern design-- still polishing!
[Image: cflExxl.png]

Pan's Labyrinth screencap studies.
[Image: QZUIGRa.png]

Blade Runner screencap study.
[Image: NKRnwjj.png]

Daily warmups from yesterday.
[Image: kFhseEN.png]

Virtual plein air from Arizona.

that piece with the girl entering the cave is quite striking! I kinda noticed something the way you draw faces, there are two other people on this site... Vicianus and Maggie; they have a style quite similar to yours in the way like eyes and line weight, shape language etc. u might like them :)

oh well... welcome to da crimson daggers! as Dan warren once said, "If you can get past the initial blood and colors of the site, you've passed the entrance exam."

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Lantern design looks cool.

Welcome to the forums! I like your screencap studies a lot, I love Pan's Labyrinth! And the lantern design is really interesting. Looking forward to more!

Welcome to the daggers! Thumbs_up

You have a lot of expression in your faces-- That's something lots of artists lack!

Keep working hard and I'll keep showing up to say something about it, haha. Grin


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! And sorry for going quiet immediately, haha.

Let's start with some garbage. Here's a terrible movie still study from Atonement (I just got a Surface Pro 3 so tried slamming one out to get used to the controls).

[Image: pj1irmH.png]


[Image: cx7fSOi.png]
[Image: VbDqaHQ.png]

Still life for Schoolism class. I need to watch the chroma!

[Image: 5knKo3W.png]

And a bad photo I took for it:

[Image: TkHfUWC.jpg]

Tree and notes for the worldbuilding project.

Day One of 30 Day RPG Challenge! Protagonist and her magical firebird lantern companion/weapon.

[Image: uuDmRDe.png]

Hi, I don't know if it is only me, but I can't see the images. (Actually I can't see some of the images on other threads as well :/ )

I really like your contre-jour lighting studies! You got the contrasts and saturations just right!

And this character is awesome! I love how you've simplified her shapes, and her colors are gorgeous!
I just think that her boots may seem a little bit out of place... I don't know, everything is very round, and her boots are all pointy. I wouldl've change that!

Very inspiring work you got there! I'm definitely keeping an eye in here

Very nice rpg challenge entry :D

That is one gorgeous tomato, one fantastically gnarly tree, and one AMAAZZIINGG character sketch. I couldn't stop looking at it. I just love the style, and her expression, and the way you tackled colour-- Just awesome. You're hitting it outta the park. Grin

Keep up this kinda quality! Thumbs_up


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Hey Purple, maybe that's just your connection? I've checked the thread on a few computers/networks now and the images seem to work. It could be Imgur was down for a little bit, happens!

Thanks, Rhasdra! I am a bit attached to the boots, they are meant to be "witchy" and foreshadow stuff a little (as a character she will get pointier and pointer throughout), but I'll still play around with some variations. Good catch!

Thanks, Cracked -- I am a bit behind as I speed off into school, and they will likely take me two days to finish each, but I'll be damned if I don't do all 30 B|

Bookend, you're too sweet! Correction: that's two tomatoes there ;)

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! I've been brushing up on anatomy, so working on printer paper, and my scanner is being fussy. I'll scan some stuff at school tomorrow!


(09-09-2015, 02:05 PM)vlada Wrote: Hey Purple, maybe that's just your connection? I've checked the thread on a few computers/networks now and the images seem to work. It could be Imgur was down for a little bit, happens!

Hey Vlada, yes it's because of Imgur which is banned in my country :/

Looking awesome! Keep up the progress :D

Do you have any favorite fanart you love painting and working on outside of studying?

David Szilagyi, 
Professional Badass, phD.

Aww shoot, I'm sorry, Purple :( I'm not sure of a better place to host them, do you know which ones are okay in your country?

Hey DAVID funny you say this because I just finished sketching this up, haha.

[Image: tumblr_nug3qidHWw1qm72y9o1_1280.png]

I used to play a LOT of World of Warcraft with my best friends, so that's one of my best friends' characters. I also draw a little bit of Dragon Age! And whatever game I'm playing really. I don't share a lot of it but maybe I should :D Thanks!

Hey finally I can see this image :) Very cool sketch nothing to add! Keep posting please :) (I use tinypic for my thread. I guess anywhere but Imgur is okay for me to view the image. Thank you for your interest, you are so kind.)

Real nice work on the firebird lantern design the lines are nice (I wish my linework wasn't so dang scratchy). Your Bladerunner one shows you have very confident linework.

You remind me that I should do more movie screen cap studies, my compositions are week.

The Day One of 30 Day RPG Challenge! Protagonist is looking great make sure to be mindful of shadow placement when it comes to the glowing bird, the girls shadow might be abit too long and the under side of her arm under the bird would cause a dark core shadow underneath onto her body.
Awesome sketchy sketch! Moar plzz. Grin


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Pan's Labyrinth studies. Nice. I enjoyed this movie a lot :).

The RPG challange character design looks good. It's good idea with bird being the source of light for the scene.

I'll try to keep an eye on this thread. Keep going :)

Hello! Nice sketchbook thread! I particularly like that glimpse of world-building project you're doing. Keep writing notes and keep sketching and doodling for it :) Which Schoolism class are you doing?

Hey all! I'm back, and trying to start posting with some semi-regularity again. 

It's been a pretty tough year. I think I pretty much went into an art coma for six months or so, and now I'm struggling to catch up in all directions. 

I've been mostly grinding anatomy and focusing on finishing pieces-- which has always been very, very hard for me. I tend to get ambitious and waste all my energy thinking about big pieces and projects instead of focusing (focusing!!!) on smaller bits and working them to completion. So that's where I am at now!

I plan on working on my vis dev/character portfolio aimed at fantasy/RPG through July. I've been hitting anatomy studies hard, and giving myself some time to play with techniques and process so I can build up the confidence.

please yell at me to finish things please

[Image: Pe7G46c.png]

Color studies from photos, pushing color beyond the information given (I wanted to make these more "lush") and playing with the mixer brush.

[Image: SjZRdCz.png]

Mimic chest design! I challenged myself to do this in a weekend. I like it a lot, but could be polished/pushed a little more still, some parts of it are a little sketchy (and what is going on with that lighting?)

[Image: x93hcOb.jpg]

[Image: BtwiZap.png]

Another weekend design. A quick fairy guardian dude. I like how he came out, but could use a little more love-- in textures, and I see some lighting problems to tweak. 

[Image: QOkX59g.jpg]

Arm studies! I'd use a photo and "animate" the arm, resketching it and thinking of how muscle will shift and pull with the motion. That helped a LOT. Maybe I'll try doing some animations?

[Image: goB8hBD.jpg]

[Image: peKD4mW.jpg]

Character design I am working on right now for the world I am expanding. Gotta develop her more gotta draw some goat legs

Misc stuff:
[Image: IhWRy7G.png]

[Image: dgysdRF.png]

[Image: 2CDlCUL.jpg]

[Image: 4jxecgm.jpg]

Thanks for looking!


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