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Amazing enviro studies man, your work just keeps getting better! Keep up the great and hard work!

Wooo incredible updates! Awesome awesome awesome

The daggers forum never "died" for me so it's good to see dedicated people around :) I agree with Caisne with the values . Waiting for the next update!
Thanks for all the feedback and kind words. Much love <3

@Caisne @BenFlores
Thanks for the advice guys. I keep my eye on this. And yeah crimson daggers forums never died in fact I have the feeling like it never slowed down and there's more and more people updating their stuff. It's quite awesome to look at =d

Again posting only my digital stuff. Cuz I'm a lazy piece of shit and I didn't scan my sketchbook (again). Besides there's a bunch of shitty scribbles there nothing much to look at. Bough 'How to Draw' by Scott Robertson. And if you don't own your copy. You should get it, like now! Cheers.

[Image: new_zps1834c008.jpg]
[Image: studycopy_zps350911bd.jpg]

That last image looks awesome, Love the shapes . Keep it coming!
hey there mate! saw that last pic with the knighs and the ruins on facebook, was a about to comment something but didnt for some reason haha
It looks awesome, all those studies you did really made a difference, and i like the last two portraits. If i had to critique something, it would be that i want to see more hard/lost edges in light and shadow areas playing with each other. Thats something i suck at myself haha so maybe i'm not the one to talk but i think thats the only thing you need to make those studies look perfect.

Haha yeah we talk about it but this piece with horse riders totally feels for me like Kekai Kotaki sorry have no idea why xD Awesome work! Love it <3

Thanks <3

Thanks. I did those portraits under 45 minutes each to remind myself how to paint, so i didn't pay attention what's going on on the photos. but thanks for the crit, i have problems with this stuff and i realise that. i'll try to pay more attention next time. cheers!

yup, red wavy things on a stick = kekai we talked about it, thanks for stopping by =D

well, i made some time ago a promise that i'll scan my sketchbook stuff. well, i'm posting stuff from my new sketchbook, but was to lazy to scan them properly =D sorry ;<

[Image: 20141215_230535_zps0022aab5.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230553_zps6a3058fc.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230601_zps91b56cc7.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230610_zps2063861a.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230642_zpsb5c7ad86.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230652_zpsc407ad12.jpg]
[Image: 20141215_230709_zpsee2fb0a9.jpg]
[Image: 2_zps7b707897.png]
[Image: char_zps6c2b0e36.png]

hey rama,

happy new year first of all, I hope you had a great time with your friends and family.

that illustration with the bridge looks really good, but I would go easy on the smudge effects you put here and there. the char above looks also cool, but I don't think you thought a lot about the dirt on his jacket. it feels kinda pasted on and unnatural. It also is way to saturated for a worn out piece of clothing: http://www.regattaworkwear.com/image/dat...Jacket.JPG But I love the edges on the piece, very nice and sharp. Hope to see his dog soon.


Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

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wow, you got some nice paintings over there! and you pulled off such a progress in 2 years! i'm impressed.
i like those two last paintings, they look so much like professional concept art works.

btw i didn't know you're a fellow countryman, until i saw you mention that at the beginning of this thread ;p

Happy late New Year's Ramaloookeee

So like, holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

Rama, you're goddamn awesome I'm lost for words... you're improvement is absolutely killer

keep doing your thing because... just wow.

Thanks for crit ;) Actually I did those smudges on his jacket on purpose. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea. Tried to keep in mind your feedback in the post-apo girl painting tough. So big thanks for you and happy new year!

Thank you :)

Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for stopping by and kind words. Highly appreciated =D

Nothing much this time. Did some break from work so nothing much to show atm except of this post-apo girl. But I found some oldies I didn't show yet. So here it is. I'll do better next time ;3

[Image: wwysocki_13copy_zpscafc2653.jpg]
[Image: wwysocki_10copy_zps121850a1.jpg]
new stuff:
[Image: post_apo_wwysocki_zps6385ce60.png]

Stuff from todays stream. Boy I'm tusty if it goes for doing studies ;o

[Image: 1_zps6a682cd7.jpg]

trying to get better with lines ;o

[Image: 2015_zpse23f9d40.jpg]

Feeling strange doing one image updates. But they say better small thane none, right? ;o

[Image: tumblr_nihttq3g431slmepyo2_1280.png]

Ramaaalloooookeee! Fahk I love this dude big time. Like bigggg time <3
LIKE. Big time. <3

I have a smidge of crits for him though (omg don't hurt me I only want the best for you and foryoutohavemybabiesplsno)

I've been studying hands for a bit and I noticed his left hand was a bit unnatural... for it to be in that position, either the twist in his arm is a bit too much, or his hand should be rendered in a different position to cater for this twist.

I guess this would be nitpicking, but (ionlywantthebestforyouand) yeah, take what you will from it, if at all.

Plaaaaessss keep conjuring these sexual characters :D

Your environment paintings are really cool, there is a good balance of photo texture and painting... nice work. This is one is one of my favourites of yours:)

(11-27-2014, 07:21 AM)ramalooke Wrote: [Image: new_zps1834c008.jpg]

Thaaaaaaaankss fooor da crit. I appreciate you wantingbestformeand =D

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it ;)

Sooo here I am. Posting some recent shit. Not much though. Busy with life ;o
[Image: studies%20copy_zpszsvhl8x0.jpg]
[Image: 4_zpskvoeuzs3.jpg]
[Image: 1_zpspkfts4vk.jpg]
[Image: crap_zpsk28qranb.jpg]
[Image: dobrawa_zps8ohgbylb.png]
[Image: king_zpscivrzs6u.png]

Haven't dropped by in oh, I dont know, half a year? Year? Far too long. But dude... this last set of updates! Hell. Yes. I love the vampire/elf girl kiss thing! And this last viking guy! And also the post-apoc looking stuff from earlier this year. Much improvement has occurred! Keep it up!

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Thanks man good to see you again, hope to hear from you more often =D

Here's some stuff I did recently. Trying to get back into pancil. Gonna be a looong road to get good at it =D

[Image: 20150322_142928%20copy_zpsbmnh3krc.jpg]
[Image: 21234_zpsactii4iq.jpg]
[Image: wwysocki_jungle_zpsqv9igdes.png]
[Image: zombichick_zpstwtltboc.png]
[Image: 123_zpsda2zpwvd.png]


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