Ramalooke's Sketchbook
Wow, really love the castle and ruins! You captured such a cold atmosphere. I like how the castle looks abandoned--except for the lights inside. Who would live in such a place? And then you contrast it with that lovely arch study.

The sci-fi one made me laugh--love their faces!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


awesome update, that stgar bomb image is really cool

Whoa man, been loving the updates. Inspiring <3

hot dayum man, awesome stuff lately :D
Mannn... looking good. Those colours in the environment are killer. Looks really professional, especially the castle one. Good work man, keep it up :)

Ooooh that sandstone enviro is awesome *_*

The tower piece has an awesome mood, especially since there seems to be someone in there.. despite the abandoned look. Really cool. But the trees (brush?) look a bit repetitive :P

Hope you're fine and you'll get your life back soon!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Oh mate sweet landscapes great colors in the third one, I can see the hard work. Keep it up!

Wow! Monster improvement from page one to 11 :D I sure want to see more!
Hah, thank you. I'm gonna need all luck I have to manage this thing =D

Yeah, me to. I have two more weeks to go and I think I'll be back to beeing an active member once again. Looking forward to it. Thanks for comment ;)

Cheers mate. Thank you for kind words ;) My busy-ness is kinda good. But you know, you always get burn out a little when you're this busy for to long ;)

I'm happy you like it ;). Thanks!

Thank you! =D Glad you like them ;3

@Peppermint Butler
Thanks ;3

@Ursula Dorada
I'm glad you like them. Thanks! <3

Thank you ;3

Thanks! Many people like the castle piece and this is only two hours sketch I did for fun. It looks I only make stuff look good when I don't care about the image. Damn!~

Yeah, trees are kinda shitty. It's only sketch though. If I intend to make it a finished piece I would do a better job with trees and all the details. And yeah. I'll be back pretty soon actualy. Thanks!


Oh thank you. Page one was like two years ago. I didn't even realise it's been so long since I created this sketchbook. And when I remind myself all this crap that was going on back then, phew. Hope I'll improve even more in next two years. Thanks again!

Still busy, and don't have to much free time. Have a lot of stuff going on. So it's kinda good. But after all this time doing nothing but constant work it gets me all burned out and tired. Plus, do any of you guys know this feeling when you are busy and have absolutely no time to study and do personal work and you get all frustrated and feel like you stagnated a bit. Well that's me right now =D. I think I might try to save up some money and quit my job next year. To take some time off and focus only on studies and personal work. It would be really cool. Dunno if it's possible but I'll try to make some steps towards this goal. Or at least I'll go part time instead of full time. Anyway. Enough braging. Here's some stuff from last two weeks I believe. Not much but hey. It's always something.

Oh and I know I didn't comment in your sketchbooks lately. I'd like to leave quality responses in your threads, but don't have the fuel a the moment. I'll get back to you guys when as soon as possible. Cheers!

[Image: land2_zps14643382.jpg]
[Image: land3_zps172fc8cb.jpg]
[Image: land4_zps13c8685d.jpg]
[Image: karo_zpsd224edef.jpg]
and some cheating below =D
[Image: miracopy_zps66617796.jpg]

Oooh is that chapada diamantina?
Lovely studies <3

Beautiful environments man. Is that scarlett johansson? It's all good, there is no such thing as cheating! :)

Don't worry about visiting sketchbooks when you're busy, just take care of yourself and stay healthy! Just keep posting your lovely paintings if you find the time <3

One question, as I really like the roughness in lots of your environments, do you use the lasso tool? Or more like paint something (like the dead trees in the image with the blue mountains) and lock transparency? Or neither?

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Crazy landscapes man! Beautifull edge work! You work is getting reaaally good man!

i already saw all of this on FB but it doesnt hurt to say it again, excellent work mate!

PD: now that i think about it, your cheating has a nice baldurs gate vibe to it. :)

That last update contains some amazing content, keep it up.

Awesome updates dude, and I think it must be a time of year for stagnating and burning out lol. I can empathises with this completely. Ive been trying none stop to try and find the burning hunger I had to get batter a couple of years ago but I just cant. I'm just really bored with it all and find it tough to give a shit lol.

Ah crap and bringing the mood down and becoming a parasite of despair lol.

I think maybe the community needs a good healthy competition again, like the golden boys or the bloodsports, to bring back the old pump ;p All the contests on the forums seem to be growing stale too.

Either way, we're all going to ride this storm out dude, every low is just a new challenge and chance to grow and adapt. We've been following each others progressions for a long ass time now dude, probably about 3 years or something? You've come leaps and bounds since then and it's been awesome to watch. Keep pushing my friend, great things will come in time.

Being busy is good, but being busy with work all day must indeed feel pretty bad. I'm not there yet, and I'd feel totally weird if I didn't have some personal time.
Maybe a good idea to try and cut down on some expenses, take on less work and free some time.

That last portrait looks like Scarlett Johanson, not sure if that's the ref used :p

the last update is great dude! ;O

You beautiful thing you !!

Absolutely wicked update man c: I just can't stop staring at her. I get so inspired whenever I pop on by your sketchy, ramalooke... And slightly saddened because holy shit you're amazing

Keep it up , thanks for sharing!

Looking great dude. Full time work will definitely slow down the growth. However, I recommend part time. That is what I am doing and to be honest, if I didn't work the two days a week, I would burn out much faster. I use that time as a 'break' and it works because I think that all you need to do for a break is to just use a different part of your brain (which is why I picked up coding as well, for the days I don't work). And then you recharge your brain on the art side and you can keep going. Kind of like how gym junkies alternate muscle groups every day at the gym.

Keep on keeping on man. And thanks for stopping by my sketchbook :)


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