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Ivan Ći's sketchbook
looking good man! keep it up!

Tnx guys, I'm still struggling with basic stuff.
long time no see, it's been a busy month

Kain fanart setup

P.S. oooohhh and it's a tie again! :D

yeeeaaah kain ;O loved that game

Me too man, defiance was the icing on the cake :)

moar progresssss

The detail in your stuff is amazing, I especially love the Kain fan art, that was an unique vampire :) keep it up!

tnx Nika, I have to work a loooot more :)

Love me some Kain, man. :)

That Kain sucks, I gotta paint him properly someday
stress relief, sry for the lack of something more sensible, here's penis dragon and bladechick

The ever-feared penis dragon! I don't think your Kain sucked, man, it just needed some lovin' with the composition and rendering of forms. All that stuff comes with time. Keep at it!

Yep, it will come eventually. For now i have to bend over and take it over and over.
i will never stop no matter how crappy the life gets sooo here's the scribble by an awfully tired person

noted the character a friend of mine described

Yep, it's almost a driving force in itself that keeps me going. If I haven't figure something out, I'll bust my ass and drive myself nuts until I do. Keep driving yourself nuts, man. :)

I am, I will :)
Took a break from work and it felt nice

Don't worry too much about the penis dragon man, I think there's a time in every artists career where he paints himself a phallus dragon :p

Cool to see the enviro's are making a comeback too, and that latest black and white sketch looks very promising. Keep pushin man, only through pain and hardship do we grow!

omg, cant manage to draw anything personal these last few months!

Heeeeey, there. Been a while. It's good to see you posting and working for greater good xd I digg that. <3

I totally understand that feeling of not being able to feel creative. Usually that means that I'm bored with what I'm putting out, and THAT usually means that my visual library is tapped out. When that happens, you gotta go into some full-time "study" mode for a bit to absorb more information and components to throw into your creative side.

lol, trying to post to be precise :P
yea i need a motherfucking vacation or more sparta in everyday life

doodling shield sketches, took a photo of them

i like it how stupid my stuff looks to me after a while

did a recomp of this quickly, still no time for anything serious, i might have to drop some projects ;/

I remember this one. Shaping up nicely. You may to switch some of the big masses for a more dynamic comp though.
The head of the demon and the character are making a horizontal line; If you make the demon bigger, you can shift that into a diagonal, increase the drama a bit, and push the size relationship. Maybe experimenting a bit with overlap would be good too.
[Image: PO-07.jpg]

(then again I am a fan of this things so big they can't fit the image and omg red palettes. So nevermind those changes I have made without thinking hahah! Hope it helps)

This new piece have a lot of energy. I like it <3


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