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Ivan Ći's sketchbook
@ Artloader Tnx man, glad you noticed the bow-lady, I kinda want her to be there but still not to be the main focal point :) One day, my elves will be fine, sadly not soon hehe ;)

@smrr Thanks! It's so good to be back after so long :) I figured thinking about stuff is not as effective as actually doing the stuff, so things should be looking up from now on :) Colors are kinda still dead to my eye, as well as lighting - I am focused on fixing perspective/anatomy issues and figuring out the enviro. I started without a clear foundation so now I am moving stuff around all the time. Not smart.

I tried doodling some druidic staff with the tree actually having crystals beneath the bark, but i still don't like the design, but I rendered it, like every good idiot should do :D Will have to take a few steps back there.

Small update, spent quite a bit of time but pushed it too little. Gotta plan more before the next round


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