Warre's sketchbook
I've been looking around in the sketchbooks and...too sketches are better then my "finished" works :)
Then again, that give me more chance to improve.

I'll first post some drawings from when I was a kid.

These I made last month.

Done with Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Graphite Pencil.
But the pen isn't good for this small work

And in my version he has gain weight

Each time i gonna draw I gonna do a quick study sketch of the human body...because I really need it.
So these is my real first try with the proportion lines.
First try was without, I added the lines later on to see.

I'm not gonna post those each day.

Hey if you want to learn how to draw the body, I would suggest doing more than just a quick sketch of it once a day. Dedicate some real serious study time to it, hours a day even. Anyway you're working hard so far so keep up the work ethic. ^_^
I meant to say more sketches a day indeed.
Also of parts of the body.

This is one big paper, I'm using old "used" paper to study.
I did several, this is one of them I did yesterday, I still need to practice :)
The colors you see was a test of very cheap colors pens i bought.

doing great job. just keep working on this anatomy ;3

Thank you.
I have to focus on anatomy :)
I did some skulls today, this is one page

Repeat of earlier study, witch I do till I tackled it completely + arm study
And others, not posting them all :)
After it a 15 m paint of a airplane with ref.

Looking much better than when you started already man. Keep it up :)

Thank you JakeB

This is a paintover while I was listening too suzanne helmighs and titus lunter livestream!
Also Sickbrush had a big part in it, very interesting.
this was done in 3 hours

nice sb man, definitely suggest some more studies to level with the amount of imagination stuff. anyways keep it up!
Hey, making some good progress. I would suggest reading this article: http://muddycolors.blogspot.ca/2012/07/1...acing.html

and try to apply some of the principles in it. I was applying some of the concepts taught in the article before I read it, but I do it much more frequently and with more confidence after reading it. Hope it helps you some!
Thank you.
@kevin Yes indeed, the more I draw the more I realize I need to study more :)

That is a good article, read it twice.

Study from a "lousy" screenshot, couldn't find better.
One of the greatest scenes from a great movie :)

Hey, I really like that you're posting your imaginary-stuff; if you do some more studies they'll be great. And the drawing of the cathedral is really nice!

Thank you.

I wanted also to paint some big reproaching creatures from the horizon...
But that didn't work out like I wanted too.
So now it's a nice peacefully landscape.

Nice job on the one with all the architecture.

Colours may be a bit saturated on your last study, but keep it up.
You do your necks too large, other than that your anatomy work improved since the beginning.

Thank you for pointing me too the neck, didn't realize it.


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