Bjulvar's Sketchbook
Rosolino Haha aye man, can't get enough of them. Planned on doing another turtle for the new creature of the week. But I gotta be more creative :P
Thank you! Aw yeah, we'll do that again! :D

EduardoGaray Thanks mate! Haha I wanted it to barely be flying. Didn't get that gesture though, but I had that thought the entire time!
Nice to know that it is inspiring! Yeah damnit, that always happens to me after I've finished a painting too. It's good to have a bunch of challenges or have a lot of paintings/ideas going on in parallel. That way you don't have to come up with stuff all the time atleast. I've seen you doing really nice sketches lately, a lot of flow!
Draw or die man!

It's been a pretty productive day, done a lot of thinking about subjects and then painted with exploration in mind.
So here's warmup gestures, I had to put it at 60 seconds again. Didn't draw much yesterday and I felt that rust creeping on :P
I'm also going to try and produce something for this weeks creature of the week again and keep the flow up with something outside of my comfort zone. The theme is a necromancers familiar. Which is some sort of spirit that according to some myths is supposed to echo it's master, kind of like an alter ego. I also read that they can be pretty colorful, and I supposed that's some sort of vivid dreamlike reason.
But here's the initial and rough ideas I have for it. Plus initial complemental studies.
Damn that text became long.

Nice thumbnail concepts Bjulvar! I'm especially digging the last one on the bottom. It looks especially intimidating!

Thanks MonoOrder! Yeah I'm gonna go with that one, just trying to figure out composition now. Can't decide!

A study of a lion, I tried focusing on movement and limb-relation. I make up words on da spot yo.

And a spontaneous Bastion fanart of the kid after the game. Pretty fun using another style and relaxing a bit.

Cool stuff Man! I'm likin' those Create concepts too. Looking forward to seeing how that one comes along.

Hey Brian, thanks! It'll be interesting to paint!

Here's a WiP on that Bastion thingie, ton of fun.

duuuude. those thumb-concepts are looking phenomenal!
and the bastion piece is awesome too! you are getting that strong coloring feel from the original artwork. jsut be careful with your warms/cools. they feel a bit mixed up right now.

kicking butt.

im excited to get working with ya.

Thank you man! Funnily enough I'm a bit scared to start working on them, don't know why!
Ah I'll keep that in mind mate, the style is colorful so I kinda made everything supersaturated instead :P

Me too man, it'll be kickass!

Got a job to sculpt porpoise with kids in a week, so I gotta study them a bit and get a hang of their forms. First one is a study and second one is playfulshit

Stuff and stuff
Did some crappy mishmashing of creatures. Wasn't happy with the lightning of the first sketch, so I changed it. Also lineart with basecolors for CoW

I really like the design on your familiar, but I can't help but think the pose should be more "in your face". Some kind of aggressive posture.

Thanks man! I totally agree now when you mention it. I'm gonna try and push the pose a bit. But not sure how much I dare change now when I've started. Spoken like atrue coward :P
In a way I wanted it to be the more playful side of the necromancer though. Like a reflection. Not in appearance maybe, but atleast in behavior.

Here's a shitty moviestill study done in hangout with mah dudes. Focused on composition and color. But I wanted to tackle the interior aswell.

Morning noodles before doodles

Feels both good and bad to tackle something that you suck doing. But I have to get it out of my way sooner or later haha.
Probably spent 2 hours on this, I wanted to restrict myself to a shorter time but that didn't go so well.

sick mate!

watch out for perspective! wasnt probably your focus. but its quite a bit off.

yeah, everytime a put a time restriction myself, things go wrong haha.
I dont know what you were trying to practice with that study so i cant give you any specific feedback but, it overall looks rushed.
Maybe you could try a different approach everytime you start a study like that, until you find or develop a way that works for you.
Also, those creatures and the orc dude are looking good!

Nice sketchbook! Keep up the hard work!

I remember seeing your familiar sketches when I checked out the thread last night and really liked the skull theme that you had in most of them. Overall I think you chose the best one out the bunch.

Yess, so many updates, I love it. Definitely seeing improvement in your stuff man, dont stop!

Aragah Totally right dude! Well I guess that it's no excuse not to put up some simple grids! :P Looking at it now though, I can't believe I made the background so sharp and the character so soft. Good job brain.

EduardoGaray Haha it's a curse!
To be honest, I hardly know either! But I tried to pick a screen that I really felt I hardly could pull off. So I suppose that's a factor to why it came out rushed. That's something I'm trying to figure out right now! Workflow and efficiency, I've always worked really slow otherwise. I'll try experimenting with approaches!
Thanks man! :D

Sublimus Thank you! I will!

MrFrenik Good to know that someone else likes it! The other sketches kinda led up to that design. Thanks!

pnate You too man, you're pumping like a maniac! Thank you, it's so weird though. Right now it feels like I'm getting worse haha!

So I'm almost ashamed of this one! Had to rush it to make the deadline. I spent too much time on thumbnails and such. But that's a lesson learned. I might continue rendering it out a tiny bit more, but no promises!
I guess that I'm proud that I managed to come this far in only two days atleast, so that's a plus. Compared to working on something for a month or two, which I did a year ago :D

Moviestill from District 9, focused a little bit on value and edges. But I still think it came out pretty soft-looking. Took my time with it.

Another moviestill from Valhalla rising. Tried doing it all on one layer. Chickened out with the characters! Also tried painting with a hard brush the entire time. I suppose I need to practice clouds. (also, everything)


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