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Hey :)

I come in peace!

My name is Pedro, or Aragah. I like stuff. I want to make stuff.

hm.........yeah......summer is here........time to paint....

crits on everything are super welcome!



lol. i swear my english is not that bad. its summer. i have a bucnh of free time. i want to improve and make some friends that want to improve :) dont be scared, come talk to me, y'all!

those are all from this week.
if you want to see older work, please check my DA or my blog ;)

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hey guys :D

I've been working on bloodsports. its my first time.
quite difficult stuff.
took me forever to get this. finding comp/light and then setting up perspective.
crits would be very very appreciated

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a study.
and some poop from my head :)

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i would totally use your wallpaper with the cat for my kitchen :D what is it called, to repaper? anyways, you got some really nice moods in your colored pix, really inspiring, especially the last 2 ones

nice stuff in here (: in the first works I can still see the black lines from the underlaying sketch, maybe it'd be better if you avoid that, even though looking back at your sketch every now and then -to look how you should keep the energy from your sketch in your work- wouldn't harm you.
in these last two works I can't see any sketchlines, and the colors are pretty rad, and that's why I like them more. the cat wallpaper is awesome indeed : p
I think you will improve pretty fast if you keep on going, so lets do dis (:
Hey man, good to see you here.
I like where your bloodsports is going, keep it up.

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janvonfrosta - hahaha i was acctually thinking of doing that. would be nice to have some artwork on walls! hahaha. thanks! :D

Budgie - thanks a lot man. true true. lines dont look to good. they mess up the values. but i cant paint without them. since they were pretty fast sketches i didnt got rid of it. but ill take note on that. thanks a lot for the input :)

Markus - thanks man :) will do.

neh neh.
a study and something from imagination. sonewhere along i lost track of the head construction. stuff looks a little off. i feel like i always do chubby faces. with huge cheeks. gotta check to see if im building my structure wrong.

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Off to a good start (:
I wish I could give you crit but I seriously don't know how. Although I shall add that that last Bloodsports entry is very attractive! Dat lighting. :0

smrrfette :D thank you!

feeling pretty bad about today's results.
wasnt thinking enough during those portraits. transition are all weird. and i still dont feel like i know how to save to deepest values to the right spots.
plus i am(and have always been) scared of highlight. but recent studies have shown me that is not nescesary to go all the way up in the value scale. so.... ?
couples SPs with failled construction. i should try a couple new aproches/workflow to those.
and doodle from head

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Hey, I love your work ! Push it more :p

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Heavenwill - thanks man, I will.

a Mucha study.
and a doodle.
Saturation is tricky.
to say the least.
its like it hides in the transitions. but never in solid colors. i can never wrap my head around it.
i was being stupid before and forgeting basic stuff about color, its hard to remember everything. (aka grey point and color relation)
the study is weird. the lights are yellow-ish and the shadows red-ish. i dont know which to call the warm and which is the cold. but i guess the names dont matter?

noone probably want to hear my stupid thoughs. but im forcing myself to write in order to not forget things. like i do so many times.

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pretty unsure today of where i was going.
the study just confirms some very basic grey point/warm-cool theory
and I really dont know about the imagination piece. theory doesnt make much sense when i try to apply it. the red of the blood trows me off a bit.
and the saturated light was a guess. did it work?

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ugh. those past couple days were pretty disappointing. im rushing things and not paying attention to the fundamental!
stupid pedro.

feel madly in love with tobias kwan artwork. shit fucks. when he does little spots of saturation, drives me nuuuuts! its too good.

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a self portrait that i dont completely hate.

been reading stuff on Sargent's techniques. awesome awesome.

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a little trial and a lot of error :/

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Hi, cool stuff. Very nice studies- keep them coming!

Put more detail man :)

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Zachary McLean - Thanks man :)

kencentric - oH MAN! what do you mean? uuuggg im so confused! hahahah. if you are referign to the bloodsports one i do agree it needs more "stuff" . but could you explain it further pleeeeease?

motivation is runing low after those 2 weeks :/
why? why must i run out of fuel. why?!?!?!?!??!????????

2 studies that kinda went south with a couple shapes and values.

but hey! i finally finished reading color and light by gurney. took me long enough. i should have been smarter and read it way way way earlier.but im kinda hooked on theory books. right now framed ink by mateus mestre is the one ;)

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Love your studies. That flying bull is awesome!
Keep the silhouettes dynamic and bold. Looking forward to your future posts!
You have so many good studies here. Now I'm gonna have to paint more portraits to catch up.

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