Toxicpanda's Death Note
i think i hate/love you so much to improve so fast :). you got great painting skills.
your pencil sketching looks a little bit less confident/safe than your digital things. but i m sure you will improve fast too :) i saw you are croatian , do you know tonci zonjic ? (lungbug) just by any chance ? :) ( was helping me a lot long time ago ).
love the colors from the last one..great!

Another great post. Hope you dont mind some critiques.
The upper of the two colored pictures has some porpotion flaws. The upper torso looks too long (or the belt is really very deep - if you think that your waist is on the same height as the elbow) and the shoulder on the right side seems a bit too wide. The arm on the left misses some inner structure. Also the pattern over the torso cloth looks very rough and is not in the same quality as the rest of the picture.
What i really like is the use of light there and the blurred background gives a great depth.

For the lower picture you used a reference - and if i am not taken totally wrong i even know the reference as i used it before too. I still think the backward elbow is a bit too far out to the side to give a perfect shot - but it is in the reference and with the very dynamic pose it is questionable if a shot could be aimed perfectly or if it is for a quick unaimed shot on a shorter range target. So it is more a critiqu on the reference.
i wonder if not at least one of her boobs should be turned more towards us?!
Anyway - what i really miss in your picture is the arrow. if she just had shot it she wouldnt still draw the string.
again i like the depth of the field, the light and the overall composition as well as the ornaments on the bow and the whole fashion stuff. it is a good picture where everything fits together.
that was more critique then i wanted to write - hope you take it the right way. Great post as i said - keep going!

Thank you :) I know, my figures are really bad and I have to do a lot of studies for dynamic poses. I'll try to study it soon :D
Haha. Thank you so much. My pencil sketches are bad, I should do some studies with refs. Most of my sketches are made in bus or at the college where I try to draw things from my mind and they often end up really bad^^ No, I never heard of him before but im going to look for him . THANK YOU! :D im trying to find as many people as I can in Croatia :)
Of course I don't mind the critique. Thank you so much for your time and effort you put in this.
I have to admit that my anatomy is really bad. I have to do a lot of studies and some real muscle studies to understand things more. Most of the time im doing stuff quick because of commissions and works and I use references and try to draw them as close to the original one as I can,without understanding some bendings and so on. So thats why I often have this mistakes as you listed here. But I'm studying with every painting and learning a lot of things. And yes, for lower picture I was using reference of really famous person on deviantart who does stock photos and pose refs. ( She does a really dynamic poses and I'm sketching them whenever I have time in my notebook. (I might upload that aswell one day)
As I said, thank you so much for your time^^and for showing me some things where I've mistaken, I'll write them down and keep them in mind next time.

And about the arrow! xDDDDD I was streaming and talking with people- wanted to paint arrow but I went for a dinner and forgot. Hahaha I can't believe I didn't paint it xD thank you for noticing!!!

Other cards I did for Planet Defiant
[Image: stealthfinishedlogo.jpg]
[Image: shooterfinishedlogo.jpg]
[Image: alienfinishedlogo.jpg]

Last commission I was working on
[Image: 421589_623014367709603_1843554324_n.jpg]

I like you're sketchbook. You can se a lot of improvement :)
This last commission you posted is (I think) too soft in the face. It needs to have more of a grip to it and when doing something like that you can always take a photo of yourself in the same light to figure out how the shadows would work. Thera re also a few anatomy issues in those sci-fi peices you posted. Check out Loomis, Hogarth and Bridgman when you want to study a bit of anatomy (I highly recommend Bridgman, I find him very helpful). Apart from that you have a bit of a tendency to sink into black really fast. Be a bit more careful of the values you use and think you'll be all right :)

Keep up the good work!

Discord - JetJaguar#8954
[Image: eyg3.jpg]
And updated this a bit
[Image: selfj.jpg]

I've been listening this song too much >_>
2 min color studies-no color picking
[Image: qfvj.jpg]
[Image: hlsj.jpg]
[Image: pbe3.jpg]

*had no idea its my 200 post* xD
Smite: Isis

Fan art of egyptian goddess Isis from game Smite. I know its 23rd today,but I'm not sure if im going to be online tomorrow.
So its been exactly 9 months since I started painting and got into this world of digital art. This were best 9 months of my life,and I can't wait to explore more, study and meet new people,techniques and stuff. Thank you guys from livestream and hangout for helping me out ,specially those 3 who were teaching me about perspective. I know what will my next study be- perspective! There is still so much to learn and I've seen it through this painting. It took me 2 days- I know-im a slow panda. But oh well, I had a lot of fun Hope you like it.

p.s. Never painted anything this light no black spaces to hide stuff xD now it feels weird.
[Image: 8548_629803207030719_347390569_n.jpg]

Damn can't really say much but great work, you got a great sense for lighting and colour, I'm look forward to seeing more :).

You have some issues with the hands and feet in the last image, but your colors are good! Keep it up fellow panda :D

wow, really nice improvement since you bought an tablet. I remember it was pretty hard for me to but i see you managed to learn fast. Anyway, nice skills, i especially love your details attention and like a lot the last girl in post 207:D

Freelancer available for new commissions
Deviant art:
Thank you guys :)
Here is something I made for my friends bday.
[Image: 1002828_632070206804019_1865976683_n.jpg]

Cool studies yo. When you add those texture layers watch out for the mismatch in pixel density. Try to paint into the texture more. Have fun and good luck.
Wow great improvment here ! Great sketchbook :)

I'd just say to be careful about the proportion for the last girl, it seems that her head is a bit too small and her legs maybe a bit too long...

Anyway, keep up the great work ! :D

Summer is finally here, I finished my exams , passed through tough 2 weeks due to some family problems,and now I'm finally free to work and focus on painting for the first time. I know its been only 9 and a half months since I started painting and doing this, but I never had time enough to work on some basics. I was pushing myself to finish things and make them look pretty, instead of trying to go deeper into it.
I finally realised what kind of paintings I like the most, and I'll try to work on it more.
From today I'll do studies and so on. of course I'll upload them to show you guys my progress. Thank you for all the kind words and support.
[Image: Gj0L1n0.jpg]
[Image: bI6Qgpq.jpg]

[Image: 1000998_639000932777613_1443915236_n.jpg]

[Image: 946602_640607812616925_2103516455_n.jpg]

So I finally bought myself a decent looking sketchbook where I won't be study sketching but make it look personal a bit.
[Image: 1006292_640062826004757_600550184_n.jpg]
[Image: 1075792_641616005849439_662556945_n.jpg]
And something from this morning
[Image: cm__kaya_by_t00xicpanda-d6efnwu.jpg]

Something I sketched out today, hopefully I'll work on it more
[Image: dYbatoP.jpg]


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