This is my sketchbook ! D:
So, I decided to finally create my sketchbook here ! ^^

Harsh comments, crits, advices are welcome !

And as Conan says :

Recent stuff :

Personnal :

Studies :

Great work. Keep it up! I like the landscapes the most.
Hey thanks! :)

So, small up with the values on my admiral thing, it is more a "test sketch" I want to retry on going on the color step from greyscale on only one character so I don't have to think of the atmosphere etc.. It'll be finished during the weekend and then... BLOODSPORT !!! I want to level up with this so work, efforts will be TRIPLED ! Bikep1

Hey cool stuff here I specially like that bear with armor. But I would just say, study anatomy from birdgman or loomis books (maybe you already know these) and from photos. Also I see few problem on your shading, for example on the jacket of the woman in the forest, the wrinkles have to much strong shadows you should try to smooth the transitions between light and shadow, Color and light by James Gurney is awesome and easy understandable book, is helping me alot with that stuff.
Keep working hard!

latest character looking good man, keep pushing it and maybe try getting some good reference for the folds and solve all those drawing issues before jumping into color. Will save you a lot of headache when you get these drawingissues out of the way before starting with colors and textures :)

keep it uuuuuuuuuup!!

Hey cool to see you here :)

Cool studies, as always!

Just a quick word on your last character. I think he is falling a little on his side.
Try to find the "balance" line when you're not sure about this. This guy is standing firmly on both feet, so it's quite easy to spot, right in the middle, and try to balance the weight around it.
Also, I think the perspective is a bit off. Always define an horizon, or eye level, and stick to it for the entire image. If you want your character to look strong/imperious like this one you can lower it to the chest/shoulder. =)

Here's a quick paintover, hopefully this will clarify my point ^^

[Image: po_by_prospass-d5xg03k.jpg]

And I second Blewzen, Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis is an amazing book on this topic =)

i love Your color usage! gives a nice feeling! :3 and that last portrait is something You really should do more, i like it! ;P
Blewzen -> Thanks a lot for the advices :) ! Yes I'm actualy already studying a lot Bridgman but I need to go back into Loomis too, I got also the Gurney book which was really useful to introduce me to color but the true thing is that I have started to make stuff from imagination only since few weeks, before i was only doing studies. I need to be more able to apply studies to stuff from imagination...

Gloominati -> Thank you ! :D Yes I need to be more careful on the drawing + values step before entering color and textures details...

Prospass -> Hahaha so cool to see you here too my friend ! ;D Thanks a lot for the paintover it was very useful, I really need to pay more attention to the "my character in space" side... I know that there's a whole chapter on it in the Loomis books, will work on it !

Holdkocos -> Thanks a loooot :D !

Okay guys, I haven't worked a lot these days, shame on me... I had some bad knews, personal issues, feeling a bit depressed because of it :(

BUT this won't make me stop working hard, and I am going to start the Bloodsport to put in practice everything you said here in the comments and I want to make some seriously good thing with this challenge ! I need to surpass myself and I'll DO IT !

So, here is some stuff

I have corrected the pose of the admiral and then added some colors but didn't go really deeper in it because I want to move on the BS13 so it is a bit like unfinished :s

Portrait study, I need to practice it more, I'm trying to get a real balance between soft brush/hard brush ...

Some Bridgman studies..

Some nudes from life, this is done with a teacher who forbid us to construct and we are doing this on A3 format from 5min to 1min (mostly 2min), this is a good exercise for observation but I wish we could be more free in our exercises... :s

Hey man, great studies! Keep posting!

Nice studies on your last post man keep it up :)

I really want to eat that apple!

Also, very nice environmental stuff. Got great light and texture to them :)

Thanks a lot guys ! :D

Some stuff for the Bloodsport..

my mix of references + crappy doodles

A study of Chabal, french rubgyman nicknamed "caveman" ^^

Early wip of the BS..

Hey Daggers !

New stuff :

BloodSport WIP


Bridgman !

Quick nudes (mostly 1min)

Hey daggers, some new stuff here :)

My first quick crappy doodles for Bloodsport #14

My entry for Bloodsport #13, I have learned a lot with it, but I still have to work 1000 times more !

Some new stuff ^^

Bloodsport studies + cleaning of ideas for characters

and some Loomis perspective basics because I need to work it ^^

Some new stuff !

Gouache study

I want to improve the volume of my work, so I started some "basics" exercises : manikins + random forms which i try to give 3d shape

Some thumbs, trying to get ideas for comp' for BS14... crappy researches ^^"

Quick up with WIP + study

Small up with Bloodsport wip.. will only do one of the 2 characters... :( had too much personal issues at the beginning of it, now that things are in order I'll be able to work better on the next Bloodsport...

Hey those last mannequin studies are really good! And I like that breastplate too :)

Nylelevi -> Thank you :D !

So, some new stuff here !

The Bloodspot 14 fail... did't finish the whole contest due to the personal issue etc blablabla..

BUT ! With this illu' I saw that I needed to work more color and maybe switch to this step earlier, I'll do some experiments to be more at ease with this..

So a first try with a quick sketch, I think there's something to explore on it.. will see what it gives, I'll do more experiments..

Some exercises, perspective (Loomi), volumes..

Bridgman studies !

Research for Bloodsport 15


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