alextooth Sketchbook
Heyhey, been a while!

Funny old year, haven't done much tbh, been hiding mainly on facebook. Been feeling better these past few weeks now though, been drawing a lot more, so I thought I'd try and get back on the 'ol forum scene!

I think this will just be a sketchbook and I'll post more finished stuff on other galleries like deviantart and my website.

These are some concepts and such from past few weeks :) I try not to spend more than an hour or two on each one, this keep them fresh and alive I find.

[Image: Untitled-23a_zpsb1d96252.jpg]

[Image: horizons_by_alextooth-d5opzcu_zps7ab8cc05.jpg]

[Image: down_town_by_alextooth-d5osnxi_zps20ad2d2d.jpg]

[Image: alextooth_savannasunrise_zps19515cb4.jpg]

[Image: alextooth_messy_zps021e3fa3.jpg]

[Image: alextooth_citylights_zps7ed964a9.jpg]

[Image: alextooth_castle_zps947217c5.jpg]

[Image: alextooth_canyon_zpsc1f9b877.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-25aSM_zps7ffbf8ba.jpg]
Beautiful man, welcome back!

Really nice work! You have a great ability to vary your style...

Thanks guys!!

Ursula - Certainly nice to have a sketchbook again, thanks for the welcome back :)

Sprayah - Yeah man, it's good to play around, I enjoy that most.

Update -

Did these drawings on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - haven't used it for painting yet but it's GREAT for drawing! Pressure is especially good.

[Image: snote1_zps6fa4458e.jpg]

[Image: snote2_zps9f72bff2.jpg]

[Image: snote3_zps488c0ff1.jpg]

[Image: snote4_zpsad625113.jpg]

[Image: snote5_zpsc7ab9480.jpg]

[Image: snote6_zps6f88ffa1.jpg]

Random stuff from the depths of photoshop

[Image: Untitled-27_zps9f796bbb.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-28_zpsb64e35e0.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-29_zps8635c158.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-30_zps7b86a919.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-31_zps27bef93b.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-32_zpsee64179f.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-33_zpsc246f69c.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-35_zps4fdd5b74.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-38_zpsff80a542.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-39aSM_zps1e7bbc48.jpg]

[Image: IfantderenForestNorth_alextooth_zps20f71717.jpg]
Oh man, so much in here I hadn't seen before. Looks awesome, keep it coming.

I'm a big fan of your more recent simplefied woks. Nice range of styles!

Beautiful watercolorlike paintings.

Thanks guys! have some rep (whatever that is :)

JakeB - Thanks!
Lumens - Thanks! I love simplifying stuff :)
Liberty - Thx, they were fun!

Gonna update this more regularly, but trickle things in slowly!

This is a Kiriban from DA

So muche beautiful colors in here !
Really nice man, you have a really strong colour palette. I also have to thank you for the tutorial with the tree environment, learned tons! The kiriban looks nice, though in my opinion the brick texture is over-used. Other than that keep on being awesome!


Dimitri - thx man!

Dom - Oh glad you fond the tutorial helpful - well glad anyones actually seen it at all, I haven't had much feedback :) Ah yeah the brick texture was an afterthought, might see what it looks like without it!

Couple from the weekend.

awesome stuff tooth,its like there is movement in your environment . as for a crit id say to explore outside of environments/comfort zones, keep at it !
Thank you Ben! Yep I am trying more characters now, watch this space!

Just gonna art dump from time to time I am too lazy!

Apologies if I've posted stuff before, I just updating my photobucket - forum uploaders are far too time consuming!

[Image: Untitled-43aSM2.jpg~original]

[Image: Untitled-40sm.jpg~original]

[Image: melty_mountains_by_alextooth-d5a0vfu.jpg~original]

[Image: bounty_hunter_by_alextooth-d50p3ij.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_ThroughTheWoods_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Thoughts_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_SunsetJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_SunriseJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_SpringFallsJPEG.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_RubyMoonwinter_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Pathfinder_Renal_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Pathfinder_KlyburneHodge_JPEG_...g~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Pathfinder_fisherperson_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Pathfinder_DeathWhisperer_JPEG...g~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Pathfinder_BladeLord_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_NYA_JPEG_WEB2.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Neon_Tetra_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_MountainPassJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Misty_Morning_JPG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_ItLastsForever_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_InnerverseJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_IamtheForestJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_HeartoftheMountainJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Half_Elf_Layer_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Golden_Glade_JPEG_WEB2.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_GatewayJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_ForestJPG.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_ForestFreedomJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_FollowTheWind2.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_FollowTheWind1.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_EvaWEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_DreamsJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_CloudsJPG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_CavesOfGoldJPEG.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_CastleJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_CascadeJPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Callofthewind_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Balloons_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Alysia_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Adventurers_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: Untitled-26b_zps9fa2b507.jpg~original]

[Image: Untitled-24g2b_zps4e5dc517.jpg~original]

[Image: big_day_out_by_alextooth-d5n0rfd_zps8cc5...g~original]

[Image: Untitled-39aSM_zps1e7bbc48.jpg~original]
yea man! thats exactly what i love to see, great stuff for sure.
cant wait to see more
Your sketchbook is STRONG! Eyecandy really.

I thought that Yours colors vere oversaturated at first. But now I think they fit perfectly. Colors make Your work more fairy - stylized, whih looks here perfect :) And Your style is so undefined. You can make one piece that's very siplified and other very detailed and more realistic looking. I feel like You experimenting much, but that's great.

How much time You spend on one environment painting?

Well, You're just doing great, great things.

Mannequin's Blog :)

Mannequin's CD sketchbook

Deviantart - Add me to Friend list :)

so much beaty :D
those wiggly lines you often draw (like on the rocks and the mountains and clouds )
love them

Thanks all! Looking at your sketchbooks NOW!

Mannequin - Yep actually I think some stuff is oversaturated on ONE of my monitors, but not on the other, gah! So I just roll with them for now. I've wasted too many days trying "calibration"

New one!

[Image: AlexTooth_Innerverse2JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]
Awesome stuff man. Love the colours you've been gettting into your work recently :)

Thanks Jake!!

Few here - Enviro I did two versions for fun

[Image: AlexTooth_Cavez_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Cavez2_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Explosion_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]

[Image: AlexTooth_Trap_JPEG_WEB.jpg~original]
Glad to see you here ! I already saw your SB on, really impressive colors, I feel it so "joyful" :D Keep it up !


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