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More pencils to bore people to death. Sorry, but I have to get my basics down to a decent level :)

Character sketch from my last RPG session:

Looking forward to the new `Thief´ game...

Very fun sketchbook, mate! Looking forward to seeing more! Do you use some sort of pencil brush? some of your digital lines look very much like graphite! Must be a very good brush, not a lot i've found can pull it off XD

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@Wingal: Thanks! :) I use a pencil brush for digital lines. It´s a rather good brush and I enjoy it a lot. You can download the brush here, if you want to give it a shot:

It the meantime, some more sketches...

I'm really looking forward to see Thief too, I've read all about it :3 sounds like fun.

Also,good work with portraits, you are getting better at this, keep up with it and have fun :D

@Toxicpanda: Thanks very much!

Something a bit more colorful for a change now. Somewhat more elaborate "sketch" of a goblin adventurer.


Getting better and better!!!! keep it up buddy :)

@silverkeeper: Thanks very much :)

Some more sketches. Still learning figure drawing, but as I feel more and more comfortable drawing the human figure (I know, I´m not perfect :) ), I will now shift more and more to a "practical application" trying to emphasize designs rather than drawing figures just for the sake of drawing figures...

Line practice/study of a Poison Ivy Sideshow collectible by Mark Newman

Some crappy messed up characters...

Some screens for a facebook game:


In my effort to better my basic drawing skills and maybe also do something for my design skills, I decided to do more "Master" studies of people who really know how to handle a pencil. I did some studies of Alexandr Pascenkos traditional drawings as I really love the way he draws. For those who don´t know him, here is a link to his deviantart page:

I was not going for a complete copy, I tried to study how he lays down his lines, his line weight and at least a bit how he renders and designs his characters:

I also started to do some John Howe studies of his pencil work as he is most inspiring. This is from item concepts from The Hobbit:

I´m planning to do more of these studies as I found them very helpful.

I tried to apply what I have learned a day later in a figure from mind to see if anything stuck. Turned out ok, but I know, I can do better:


nice drawings dude!:D, i like that gladiators like characters!

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@Lex_Paul. Thanks! But bear in mind, the male gladiator is, as mentioned, not my design, only a study.

Here´s some sniper-typish character of some dune-ish setting:

Another study from http://alexpascenko.deviantart.com/ and some doodles

Amazing pencil work! Really like how you bring out the eyes.

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