SpectreX's sketches

So to explain, I usually start by warming up with straight lines, curves and cirkel warm-ups.
They are both good to get my wrist loose and to practice drawing these basic, yet so necessary, items.

I'm now trying to improve my perspective and anatomy. So most will be studies of these 2, with the exception of a doodle for fun every now and then. Need to keep it fun related ;)



Good studies! :D

My critique would be to use a ruler when you're doing those perspective studies. Or rather do a couple with the aid of rulers so you get a good feel for how straight those lines should be. After, you can try doing it freehand but b sure to keep it as straight as :)

For me the lines are straightest when I stroke quickly, also sometimes I draw over the same lines a few times and clean up with an eraser to get the straight line I want.

Thank you!

The reason I draw freehand is to train in drawing straight lines :)
But maybe I could start with one or two lines with the ruler to get the feel for it.
Thanks for the tip! :)
Glad I could help! There's no point constructing off lines that are curved because it'll make your boxes skewed.

I have been drawing freehand squares here as practice too. Series of sketches of squares of the same size that line up.

....it is hard.
If youre really trying to practice it, do it hard. The line has to be REAL straight, and stuff has to be REALLY lining up, as it would with a ruler. Then you will see improvement.

Here is also a nice video for line quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgDNDOKnArk

Ooo fresh out of the box, I see :) Exciting!
Keep practicing shapes and hand movements. It's very important. Also do at least some reading about anatomy. You don't need to dive into that head first but just so you get a head start in that. I think I would have done that if I started over. Focus on shape and then go over to structure.

@Ursula: Thx! I'll definitely check out that link!
@Conny: Will do! I have the loomis books here, still need to dive into them ;)
And a new update. I personally feel bad about this one. Should have kept on going with my studies instead of playing around with it like this. v.v

Did this last page for fun as the last 2 before this was so bad I needed to do a little something like this.

More studies from Loomis 'Fun with a pencil'
Critique / Tips are always welcome!

So this was for the shipwreck weekly challenge. Not good at all, definitely need work on perspective and detail work.
Bit ashamed of it, but might as well throw it out there to look back later and have a little laugh + satisfaction of how much I progressed at that point.

Hey man, rockin fun with the pencil :) keep going man those some good studies.
only crit is to keep your head constuction consistent in proportion as a start so you can recall it from memory :)

Hey SpectreX! Thanks for the greeting on my intro thread.

It's great that you are focusing on the fundamentals such as construction, perspective, and anatomy. Also it's awesome that you are mixing in the personal work as well (something I have a lot of trouble doing).

For your latest piece, remember that you parallel lines converge when they get further away from the picture plane. Also use reference to show more details of the ship. Without me reading that you did it for the shipwreck challenge I would have confused it for a house on an island.

Its a cool thread bro. Keep up the good work. :)
I personally haven't reached awesomeness level to start giving out helpful advices.

(04-04-2013, 08:51 PM)Prabu Wrote: Its a cool thread bro. Keep up the good work. :)
I personally haven't reached awesomeness level to start giving out helpful advices.

Thanks! Anyone can give helpful advice ;)

Anyway, update comming soon. When I get time to scan the pieces :p
Some updates, didn't get to draw much.
They are some loomis studies and some from imagination.

Sometimes I'm not even sure about it anymore as I have so little time lately.
But I have to push on, baby steps I guess.

So, I'm having doubts about participating in BS15. As I'm all traditional drawing and still heavily into my fundamentals I'm doubtful something spectacular will come out of it.
And that's where the problem lies, I'm expecting that it is expected to have some magical super drawing instead of thinking how much I could learn from doing it.
Knowing even this I'm still holding back due to fear; but I'll have to jump into the deep sometime.
Even have a fun idea for BS15.

More Loomis studies!

So it's been almost a month since my last post.
Had a lot to deal with as an aunt of mine died, my dad had 7 - 9 strokes (on the brain) and my grandma had a stroke (also on the brain). And it appears that my liver is not working as it should.
So lots of worries this last month. My dad has fully recovered without permanent damage, my grandma is still recovering but does have permanent damage.

Aside from that I'm also contemplating life a lot lately. Ever since I was little I loved two things, science and building stuff. Currently I'm a software engineer and theoretically speaking I am indeed building things, be it software in this case.
But I would like to do something that inspires people, that leaves them in awe (like great art). For the moment however my taste far exceeds my skill and it's giving me a bad feeling. So I'm really at that point where a lot of people give up.
After doing some thinking I've decided to not let my taste ruin the fun of drawing and to keep pursuing it.

TLDR: 'Some health troubles, had doubts about drawing, but pushing on now!'

So here are new updates:

Sorry to hear about your aunt, man. Honestly, I love seeing sketchbooks like these that start at a beginner level and I can watch your improvement one page at a time. However it won't become that if you don't keep posting so you better get to it ha.

You were talking about how your taste exceeds your skill level and the only advice I can give you is to deal with it, unfortunately it'll be like that for a loooooong long long time. All you can do is keep pushing and pushing and pushing to try and better your art. You're on the right track and you're posting in a very helpful community so keep going man, you'll get there.

Hey dude, sorry to hear that. Nice work so far though. Your work's showing improvement already. Lines are much more confident, much cleaner. I wrote you a little essay back in my SB lol (my bad), but the gist of it is, in the beginning you get to just focus on getting better. Every single drawing you do is going to push your skills in some way, so you get to just draw whatever you want.
So yeah, I'd say just start collecting references you think are cool, and draw them. Just try and improve your accuracy. Keep it up man, art's fun, enjoy it :D.


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