anzhou's sketchbook : let's study hard together!
Hey guys :)

Today's hand studies. Great reference courtesy of

I want to improve my line work and feel for action :)

[Image: ov5zKGj.jpg]
Hi and welcome to Cd!

Those are some great studies!
SpectreX: Thank you, its slow going but I'm trying to be as careful as possible :D and learning lots.

Today's figures,

I feel I gotta Optimize but I don't understand enough as yet, needa moar~

Great reference courtesy of

[Image: 4E49ZVP.jpg]

Very nice hand studies, and thanks for sharing that link - great stock account!

Ursula: Thanks! Thank the stars for these dedicated stock photographers and cosplayers its great for studying :)

Hand studies for today, once again, the great reference material is courtesy of

I feel a little more familiar :) more tomora\.

My best to all your endeavours!

[Image: BzqBJjB.jpg]

i like those studies and your lines. do you use a pen for those?

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

(03-10-2013, 01:12 AM)Flo Wrote: i like those studies and your lines. do you use a pen for those?

heya, thanks! i use a mechanical pencil for them. I recommend this in a fit of geeeking out

A little more familiar now. Great stock by!

[Image: JG4MVbT.jpg]

More figure studies. Great reference courtesy of Cobweb-Stock.

I'm trying to develop a better sense for a base proportion here, needs more work I think Sun

I'm working to improve my line work as well. Thanks for stopping by my SB! Studies are looking great so keep it going, and thanks for posting where you are getting your reference photos.
Thanks alot for the comment in my sketchbook!!!Figures and poses are looking good, cant wait to see more from you! :)
McKelvey: Thanks man, keep up the momentum and I'm sure you'll get there!

Joe777k7: Thanks man, I really gotta take you up on that construction drawing :)

Yea just like to note, I wouldn't be able to study as well without the help of those awesome stock and cosplay artists on deviantart.

Hey guys,

More studies, drawing a lil larger as an experiment.

Welcome to the forums, thanks for sharing the stocks!
Your linework is looking real solid.

Cool Update!
Those hand studies look great. I also like your figure work, they look very life like, you can really imagine people standing and acting like this.
Keep it up!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Those figures and hands are really good! Make me want to practice lol

Thank you for the kind encouragement guys :) its fuel to keep movin!

Lumens: Ya paints are so delish man, makes me hungry lol

Joe777k7: Ill reverse engineer and do some construction. This weekend. wait for it :D

Lyraina: Hey thanks, credit goes to the cool stock artists :) I hope to do some from imagination soon :)

Nylelevi: Yes you should :) Let's have a dagger fight~


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