Terlar wilderness
The first time I've heard about Pitch summer I was pleasantly surprised, great idea guys.
The title of my story is ' Terlar wilderness' with the purpose of capturing a rather primitive style in culture and atmosphere with it. I'm trying to avoid creating and drawing humans most of the time because I want to design new characters. Cheers!

Nice, I'll be following this :).

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OtherMuzz Thx I hope you would enjoy!

Looks good!
Wat is it gonna be? Graphic novel, movie, ...
Nice, looking forward to hear more about the story

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Heavenwill and SpectreX thanks!
Firstly it is a video game, 14 + age. Terlar has known five Continents, named the Western Peaks, Eastern Sea, Eastern Wilderness, Giant Forest, Empty void. As with other games, players control a character avatar Within a game world in third-or first-person view, exploring the landscape, fighting various monsters, completing quests, and interacting with NPCs or other players.
Now I am at that stage of process generating creative ideas as much as possible.
Thx for your support. Cheers!


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Some experiments! The environment it's a bit off...

Interesting work so far, I like the concept. I shall be following this.
Thx Gingerninja

Another creature

Elder tortoise , class: healer

A quick concept. I hope you enjoy it!


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