Eraiasu's Sketchezzz!
Hey everyone!

Here is some more stuff!

I have started to focus on doing landscape stuff. This is one of my biggest weaknesses! Man I struggle when ever the environments challenge me!

What I have here are a few Sargent studies and some landscapes + one from memory. The lighting sucks and is really lifeless. But it was fun! Gonna try doing a few landscapes a day until I can put together something somewhat decent.

Yo! Here is some more!

Just dicking around with some memory stuff.

Dragonduck thing and a chrome robo-pug. Reffed the pug, but the materials are from memory. Trying to apply stuff I have observed :) Robo-pug is still WIP, so im gonna finish it some day soon, perhaps tomorrow!

Hey guys! Just a quickie before work!

Sweet concepts, mate.
I like your character artworks and portraits.

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nice sketchbook ! concerning your landscapes, you're barely using atmospheric perspective ! Try to use it a bit more !

Vasburg: Thanks! :D

Kikindaface: Good suggestion! I'm going to think more about that in future pictures!

All right! One more landscape study and two form memory. Guess which is which?!

Then some comforting black and white ink stuff. I need to push my boundaries more. And it sort of feels like my head is just empty these days. Pretty hard to come up with ideas on what to draw. tsk tsk...

Until next time!

Love the way you sketch! Lots of energy in your lines

Pnate: Thanks! I joined Breaking art! Love it :D

So here is some stuff from today. Did a Study of a knight and then created an image based on the study completely from memory. Pretty challenging! However I do feel like I learned a lot!

Pooped on some color on this one as well..

Hey guys! Here is some more.

The chimp was a quick birth day card for my cousin and the other a sketch from memory. I have been into space stuff lately after watching Gravity. Man, that movie was epic! Think i'm gonna make a painting out of it :)

Great study's and sketches.
Thanks Cricketts!

So today my right hand was acing. Using my thumb to hold things kind of hurt, to the point that if pushed, will get much worse! So I decided to let my hand rest and go lefty instead!

Now, I don't have much drawing experience with my left hand, but I find that when I draw I naturally use my whole arm as opposed to pinching my fingers, like I do with my right hand.

Since this hand is "fresh" (and innocent) it does not have all the bad habits from years of writing. This is really interesting to me, and fun!

So for the time being I'm going to draw left handed! Ideally I would like to be able to alternate between hands. Lets say that you draw for an hour with one hand and then one more hour with the other. Minimizing risk of injury.

So here are my humble beginnings and drawings from today! :D

Charcoal portrait drawn left handed.

(11-20-2013, 02:03 PM)Eraiasu Wrote: Thanks Cricketts!

So today my right hand was acing. Using my thumb to hold things kind of hurt, to the point that if pushed, will get much worse! So I decided to let my hand rest and go lefty instead!

I know that feel man, I painted myself a nice tennis elbow once.
Here is some personal whacky tabbacy advice:
Make black tea -> Let it become cool -> Let some cloth soak it up -> Make a bandage out of it -> ??? -> Profit

Sounds wonky, still is, but it helped me.

One more thing:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=37304]
See the two trees in the background and what you did to them ?
There's your depth - yeah!

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Nice sketchbooook you have here. There's a lot of studiess application and experiments. My eyes are pleased =3 Keep it up!

Hey Elias! I really enjoyed looking through your SB. You have some really fun concepts between solid studies. Again, its pretty cool to go through your work and see all these diffrent experiments and ideas. I think your drawings and sketches could maybe benefit from more lineweight. In case you don´t know them, I think you find one pretty sweet tutorial about it from Scott Robertson and one from CTRL+Paint, too. Of course with loose sketches its not necessarily that important but just as a general suggestion. Nice work man!

Nice sketchbook, inspiring to see so many studies. Keep it up, the enviros are getting there, I know what you mean about them though, they are my weak spot too.

I think you've hit on something with the left hand :) the lines are very interesting, especially on the dragon!

Hey guys!

Thank you all for the nice comments :)

Man, it's been a couple of months now since my last post. Too long in my opinion!
In the time since my last post I have moved to a new apartment and generally been busy working on some commercial stuff and some storyboard gigs. Between that, wasting time playing games, being social and watching TV series.. :P

Now I figured it was time for some more fun playful drawing! Sometimes I tend to have low drawing periods. It seems like the last 2 months have been one of those.

So here are some sketches, doodles and other things I'm working on!

I started working on some Star Wars fan art before Christmas. I have been working on this on and off since then. I'm trying to push this all the way to a complete piece of work. Playing around with rendering. (Turd polishing) :P Since I have a tendency to stop a painting really quick, I wanted to see how it would be to work on something for more than 30 hours.

Anyho! I present Boba Fett! If you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated! I feel there is something off about his legs and the perspective.

Closeup with the intended rain effects :)

Other than that, just some random stuff from the last few weeks :O

And a girl I painted on the airport in my iPad last week.

Only thing I'd really say about the second one is that if it's supposed to be raining, perhaps you should render the surfaces such as that of the helmet with a wet, highlighted texture. I just think that'd make it look a bit more thorough.

Love your style. Awesome work!

StardustLarva: Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into painting the figure wet :)

Raz: Thanks man! :D

Just some shit from today. Didn't go anywhere :P

Dicking around with some landscape stuff :)


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