Dungeon Core - 4 Player Co-op Multiplayer!
Been working at some more heroes, and enemies:
[Image: List3.png]

My animations so far:

Knight Animations:
Idle, Walk, Block, Block Idle, Block Walk, Special Idle 1, Special Idle 2
[Image: Knight_Idle.gif] [Image: Knight_Walk.gif] [Image: Knight_Idle_To_Block.gif] [Image: Knight_Block_Idle.gif] [Image: Knight_Block_Walk.gif]

[Image: Knight_Idle_Special_1.gif] [Image: Knight_Idle_Special_2.gif]

And I did the Shapeshifters wolf shift animation:
[Image: Shapeshifter_Shift_Wolf.gif]

I compiled the assets so far for the heroes. Improved the Knights blocking animations, added Rogue Idle & Walk and Wizard Idle & Walk!

The Knight
[Image: Knight_Idle.gif] [Image: Knight_Walk.gif] [Image: Knight_Idle_To_Block2.gif] [Image: Knight_Block_Idle2.gif] [Image: Knight_Block_Walk2.gif] [Image: Knight_Idle_Special_1.gif] [Image: Knight_Idle_Special_2.gif]

The Wizard
[Image: Wizard_Idle.gif] [Image: Wizard_Walk.gif]

The Archer
[Image: Archer.png]

The Rogue
[Image: Rogue_Idle.gif] [Image: Rogue_Walk.gif]

The Shapeshifter
[Image: Shapeshifter_Shift_Wolf.gif]

This is just incredible! I would love to play this when its finished :D

I love love love the shapeshifter. I played around with the demo version.

So far things look really cool. I can't wait to see where this is going.
Thanks a lot guys! It's been a while since the last update but I've gotten a lot done!

Here's the current list of enemies:
[Image: Dungeon_Core_List5.png]

Implementing the lighting system:
[Image: Pic17.png]

The Archers Idle done:
[Image: Archer_Idle.gif]

I decided to have a play around with recording some of my development process, mainly making pixel art, here's what I ended up with:
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for Youtube Video)

[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for Youtube Video)

And here's a .gif of the WIP character select screen:
[Image: Animations6.gif]

Awesome! I liked the feel of the demo, character movement is really good.

Are you making this as an html5 game?

Alright so I finished the last heroes walk cycle (the Shapeshifter) and recorded a time lapse of it:
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for YouTube Video)

The result:
[Image: Shapeshifter_Walk.gif]

I also did a time lapse of me extending the Character Select Screens Building:
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for YouTube Video)

And the result:
[Image: Animations7.gif]


Dude, seriously this looks so good, really awesome job so far :)

very very cool
Oh my god man, kicking ass and taking names! This is looking incredibly promising. Love heroquest!

This is awesome :)
Very inspiring.

Wow thanks guys! Appreciate all the support :)

Little bit of an update, I've been quite into recording time lapses of my workflow so inc a lot of videos!

Designing an Orc enemy:

[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for YouTube Video)

And here's a couple of effects, I haven't actually done a whole lot of effects animations so it was rather new to me, you'll see me experiment a bit during the videos.

Healing Effect:
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for YouTube Video)

And here it is in action:
[Image: Effect_Heal.gif]

The Levelup Effect:
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
(Click for YouTube Video)

And here it is in action:
[Image: Effect_Levelup.gif]

This is awesome. Great progress. Keep it up!

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Thanks guys, I've been neglecting the Crimson Daggers section a bit so here's a big update:

I've finished all character walk and idle animations for each direction.

Got Textbox menus to display and format text:
[Image: Animations12.gif]

Networking implemented, wrote the networked movement code to smoothly sync other players. If players lag behind it'll speed them up along their path until they are synced again. Also I have triggers working:
[Image: Animations15.gif]

Chatbox engine working to send messages for multiplayer:
[Image: Animations16.gif]

Inventory and Equipment windows underway:
[Image: Animations20.gif]

Next I'll be implementing item tooltips! Sorry for the rough to-the-point updates, just wanted to get you all up to date with the project!

For more up to date information you can check Dungeon Core out at:

[Image: DC_YT.png] [Image: DC_T.png] [Image: DC_FB.png] [Image: DC_IDB.png] [Image: DC_TIG.png]

That's amazing, love the animation of the characters and effects. And also the mix of pixel art elements with the soft lights on top. Great great job Sir

This is fantastic stuff. Following with interest.

Ahhh wicked stuff, sorry if I missed this in one of the posts but are you programming this as well?


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