WOODBOY · Endless summer
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I have been working on it for a few month and it perfectly fit this summer pitch.
WOODBOY is the dark sequel of the adventures of Pinocchio, a children novel by Carlo Collodi.
The original story is much darker than the Disney adaptation. The story will start after Pinocchio became a real (honest and good) boy. Loosing everything, he will have to make his own choices and grow up now that no one can protect him.

I made a website http://woodboy.fr/ and hope to utimately release an interactive short film (for iPad) and publish an illustrated book gathering both the original story and mine.

It all started with a fan art
[Image: 975_max.jpg]

Early concept
[Image: 006_max.jpg]

Other concepts
[Image: 233_max.jpg]
[Image: 858_max.jpg]
[Image: 870_max.jpg]

After more than many versions of the script, I finally got something I like.
Here are some concepts that fit in that story.
[Image: 010_max.jpg]
[Image: 355_max.jpg]
[Image: 167_max.jpg]
[Image: 738_max.jpg]

More to come soon

This looks awesome! Can't wait for more
Thank you SamC

looking good :D good luck with it!

So pulp noir! I love this! These kind of stuff are my favorite stuff. Ever. Can't wait to see how the finished stuff looks.

Thanks for your great comments guys.

I am working on some environments now. Here is the Theater at the time of Pinocchio first adventure. It will turn a lot darker at the time of woodboy, but that's a story I'll tell later ;)
[Image: 794_max.jpg]
[Image: 451_max.jpg]

[Image: 638_max.jpg]
Rough concept. Pinocchio as a real boy and his classmates.

Woah, looking very cool already! And the fact that you've already created lots of concepts, website, and have plans for Ipad... Can't wait to see more.

Just one little thing, in the last concept. I see a lot of disparity between the first four boys and the last. I really like the design of Roberto.. Dunno, maybe something could be done to help differentiate the others more. Maybe the eyes. Just my humble opinion ;)

Keep it up!

Thanks for your feedback JBZ, make sense.
It's a prety rought concept from copy paste, I'll push the differences of skin tone attitude and facial expression on the more refine concept :)
Thanks for your support!

[Image: 310_max.jpg]

Pinocchio as a real little boy. Enjoy his cute face, it's not going to last.
I just printed and framed it for a friend and it look really nice.

[Image: 999_max.jpg]

I finally finished the "Gran Teatro delle Marionette" before the death of Mangiafuoco.
Arlecchino and Pulcinella are the main characters of the show, you can see how they become up in the thread (the guy with the baseball bat and the guy with the rifle).

Looks awesome look forward to seeing more!

Hi everyone, here is a test I made for a scene.

For those who don't have the time to watch the painting video posted before.

[Image: 928_max.jpg]


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