missimoinsane digital painting improvements :3
Oh, that bird study is *beautiful*!!! And *so much* improvement in your values, congratulations! :)
If I had to criticise something about it, it would be that it still appears to be floating a bit, maybe the shadow should be noticeably darker right at its feet. But the bird itself = perfect. And I like its smug expression *g*

Hello Olooriel

Thank you for your comment I'm glad you like him Blushing and also thank you for what you said about the improvement, the lovely JonHop did a YouTube video for me and explained it a bit more... I just hope I can keep it up and then keep improving. Not quite sure how to apply it to colour pieces, yet. But I'm sure I'll get there :D

Thank you again.

As for what you said about the floating and the shadow... I agree. He still seems floating. Though tbh this was about values and mark making which I didn't plan for a background it was more just the bird. Perhaps that should be something to think about next time. So thank you for pointing that out my dear :)

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Yeah, I know :) And as far as values are concerned, you definitely nailed it. If you have trouble judging the values while working on a colour piece, I find that it helps to keep one layer on top filled with black and set to saturation (assuming you work in Photoshop). That way, you can quickly switch it on and off to check if it works without the colour information, or if you have to enhance the contrast somewhere for the forms to read well.

Ironically enough... I'm actually doing that right now. I wasn't sure if that was the correct thing to do or not... but it seemed better than "desaturated" and "undo". lol... So thank you for that. I'm glad you think I nailed it on the last piece I did. I'm offering free commissions on dA at the moment and my friend Gee has asked I do a digital painting of one of her bird photo's so I'm working on a coloured bird :) which is actually my favorite of all her photographs amusingly enough!! But thank you for your advice :)


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Well done! that is a great step up and application of what you've learnt, I can already see the improvement with this bird compared to your first post. Looking forward to seeing more, keep it up! :).

Thank you Jon, and for teaching me. In truth I don't think I understood exactly what people meant before. I'm currently trying to apply what I've learnt to colour doing another bird and mark making. But based on values. I hope this piece holds up to the last. I've been working just over an hour and most of that was trying to work out if I'm doing the values right with colour. But thank you for what you said.. and again for the tutorial :) :) You've been a massive massive help!!

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I have opened up free commissions on deviantART - just to practice. My friend Gee asked if I would do a bird for her, and I asked if I could use one of her photo's (she's a photographer, not stock artist) and she said I could.

So I tried to use the same principles of value but in colour. Still mark making though... and pretty happy with the colour version... not sure about the background - I'm in two minds. But here's a screen shot... I also desaturated to show the monochrome values - I don't think I did too badly.

All in all 2-3 hours work (again) still photoshop CS5 with Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch.

Colour background thoughts? General thoughts?

[I would also like to point out how impressed I am at the branch painting I did!! Also I would concider this as finished. However I may sleep on it as I'm in two minds about the background!!]

[Image: preview__gee_s_lilac_breasted_roller__pr...6iljs6.jpg]

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Any thoughts on the background?? I thought sleeping on it would help... apparently not. A few people over on dA have said they like the background but I'm still rather indecisive atm.

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I like it. See what it looks like with the really white hotspot in the background darkened a bit, it seems to be drawing a lot of my attention past the bird, but I might be wrong - just a suggestion.
Great work

Hey Corey,

Thank you for the feedback, in truth that was my thoughts. But I tried to darken it and it just looked really "off" maybe it's 'cos I was tired lol :3 But thank you for your input :D


Finished Gee's Lilac Breasted Roller:

[Image: gee_s_lilac_breasted_roller_by_missimoin...6iou87.jpg]

Also desaturated version:

[Image: gee_s_desaturated_lilac_breasted_roller_...6iouk8.jpg]

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Offered up some free commissions on deviantART and one girl asked if I could digitally paint this kitten picture and she's love me forever.

Here's my problem. I have never been able to draw cats (kittens), most dogs (puppies), horses (unicorns) or really fur. So that said... this is going from bad to worse starting with the fact it's a white ball of fluff, bad background, bad quality reference. But trying to make the most of it. Super failing... not sure how to even go about this... hmmm....

[Image: fail_kitty_wings_by_missimoinsane-d6ip5ni.jpg]


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there are already some improvement on the last bird studie. just keep trying!
and welcome to the daggers forum ;D

Hello dear, I am so happy to see that you found your place around CD already.
Welcome,and I hope you will enjoy your stay. Learn from others,and make others learn from you.
Bird study was incredible, you did a good job with background because its not what you are studying-its the bird. Good job I'm so proud of you : )

To Nimao,

Thank you very much and hello :) I've been overwhelmed with help here and hope to one day give back to this wonderful community :)

To Toxicpanda

Hello hun!! Yes I was very confused and posted in the shout box about my confusion and darktiste was very quick in helping me find my way around and getting set up. I've conversed with a few artists now who have all be so nice and so helpful. JonHop actually did a video for me which was a massive help as I now actually understand what people are talking about and I hope to built upon that. I'm so proud of me too, but none of it would have happened if you hadn't shown me support and given me the links... I've been reading a lot round here, practicing, watching youtube and livestream and reading my books along side those on dropbox. Sounds a bit hectic but I'm having a blast and it's been such a wonderful start to what I hope will be a brilliant journey. But seriously thank you!!

Imogen xX

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Well I know this isn't as good as my other works lately... but I am trying. Think I've hit an artist block. I'm still stuck on that kitten ^ and any advice would be appreciated. Anyways here's a giraffe which is another free commission request.

[Image: dawni_giraffe_by_missimoinsane-d6iqkc1.jpg]

mii xX

Ps. Thank you everyone for all the lovely support <3

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I really can't be bothered with this kitty piece any longer. I have tried and I am very disappointed in myself :'( As said I am no good at drawing, painting or colouring cats/kittens - especially fur. So this is something I really need to work on.

Right... Another free commission I digitally painted this kitten wallpaper image (hoping that it's not copyrighted) ~ couple of issues with this 'reference' image. First it is extremely poor quality to say that it is a desktop wallpaper!! It's very pixelated and blurry and it's hard to tell what's what. Second it's hard to tell where background ends and kitten starts. This is of course of no reflection on the request I am just criticizing the original image slightly!! Mostly because I'm not pleased with what I created... I may at some point come back and revisit this image if my furry skills improve!!

On and off for about 8-9 hours over the space of 28 hours.
Brushes are CS5 and downloaded ones from `DanLuVisiArt on dA

Not got much to say. Trying to work with values was extremely difficult. I did even try doing this as a none colour piece... But even that wasn't working. Yes the wings could be better I guess but to be honest I'm fed up with this piece now since the kitten hasn't turned out well. Pfft.

- Disappointed.

[Image: aveneline_kitty_wings_by_missimoinsane-d6ir5ha.jpg]

If anyone wishes to help me learn this of course you can comment here or I opened a thread specifically about this here: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3842.html

Thank you all In love

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WIP Requested from 'deep down' trailer. I'm working on it - fan art.

I don't want this to be a 100% from game piece. Anyways thought I'd share a WIP see what you're thinking. I'm thinking my drawing is improving despite this has taken the best part of 6 hours thus far. Also used grid rulers in photoshop CS5 and basic CS5 brushes hard brush at this stage. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. - Imogen


[Image: wip_deep_down_1_by_missimoinsane-d6it69c.jpg]

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Another request. The boyfriend asked if I would do a dragon scene from the trailer 'Deep Down' (PS4 Game) - Trailer YouTube Video - no I am not doing this exactly as I'm mixing up a couple of scenes and recreating this. I'm still working on values and trying really hard to stay away from that burred edge brush lol.

Thoughts thus far?

Line art - apx 6 hours.
Face - apx 1hour 30minutes thus far.

CS5, Brushes are CS5 and downloaded brushes from dA's DanLuVisiArt. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch.

[Image: wip_deep_down___face_by_missimoinsane-d6itq6t.jpg]

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Love the bird study! The colors are just perfect!

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-Chinese proverb


Hey Tygerson

Thank you I'm glad you like it. I did two birds but I assume you're talking about the Lilac Breasted Roller (as it's in colour) lol... Thank you for you comment hun and taking the time to look :D


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