My New Digital Sketchbook
I have been drawing for a while now, but I have only recently began working digitally. I hope to post my progress here. I try to spend my time learning as much as possible. I hope to become more proficient with this digital medium.

First some older digital work. Newer work to follow in subsequent posts.

More Older work ...

Last of older work ...

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.
Absolute wonderful drawings! I really enjoy looking at your characters. They are so lively!
As for your digitals, if you only just started, you have come a long way!
I'm subscribing to this :)

Thanks Eraiasu, I have been working digitally for almost 2 years now, but I feel I still have much to learn. Also, all the drawings I posted are digital ( done in photoshop). Thanks for taking a look. Here are some new drawings...

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.
That's awesome! The drawings don't look digital at all :)

i agree with eraiasu, its good to see your traditional knowledge and method transition into digital nicely. cant wait to see more!
ohmy O....o
it's such a pleasure to look at Your sb! Your lines are just sooo omnomnom!
i'm totally subscribed! <3

Awesome stuff! May I ask which kind of brush you use for the pencil-ish look?

Fantastic character work and great sketches. Very nice Javier!

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amazing works, love your pastels stylization!

@Eraiasu - Thanks!

@BenFlores - Thanks

@holdkocos - Thanks. really appreciate it!

@Elif - Thanks! The pencil brush is a custom brush I made based on the standard chalk brush in Photoshop. I am using custom paper textures that I scanned in, and set to 'hard mix' to emphasize the granularity. When opacity and flow is set to pressure, you can shade with it like a real pencil to add value.

@monkeybread - Thanks!

@Madzia - Thanks! I really like the look of your finished works as well.

Here is some new stuff and a larger version of Nov. 1st self portrait.

Also here is some of my traditional work.
The first is done in acrylic and is 10" x 20"

These next two are done entirely in chalk pastel and are each around 8 feet long on the longest side.

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.


Pardon my english.
crazy amount of imagination ! Concerning your digital painting, try to keep an eye on your edges, they're all about the same softness, you should vary a bit, keep most of your painting on an average edge, and use a bit of hard and lost edges ! it'll create more depth ! Anyway keep it up !

My jaw dropped as I was scrolling through your first post!

I think I'm in loooooooooooooove ~ ~

Haha, and I really do love that self-portrait of yours, Javier

Epic stuffs, can't wait for more!

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I've come to realise how posting in my daggers sketchbook kept me accountable... I'm going to try to lean into that again and see how I go.
It's about time I train to get a stronger grip on the fundamentals

@Virid Rain - Thanks! I enjoy your work very much as well.

@kikindaface - Thanks man. I still have some trouble controlling edges in digital as the 'paint' does not respond the same as in real life.

@smrrfette - Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Lately I have been working on some sketching brushes for my preliminary work in Photoshop. I enjoy sketching with fine point pens, so I made a brush to try and emulate the marks I get from that tool.
The first 3 images are digital. The other 2 are compilations from my physical sketchbook of the pen I was trying to match. Each page is actually 8" high by 24" long.

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.
There was another guy on CD who made a brush to emulate pencil, and it was done real well... but I can't find his SB atm... I think real pen has darkness fluctuation even within 1 straight line, either from ink flow, or from uneven ink deposit on unevenly textured paper surface. Digital marks are too consistent, so if you try doing something in the Flow function or add Texture to the Brush to break that even flow of digital ink, it might emulate real ink pen more.

Aaaagh, your sketchbook is super gorgeous! I love your character and creature designs, they are absolutely beautiful and a treat to look at. And I love how traditional your sketches look.

Thank you javier for your very thoughtful post in my other thread; i am working very hard to do the things you mentioned. I felt very encouraged after your words :). Your art of course is phenomenal and i will be back, all the best!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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Hey man, absolutely awesome character work! Very appealing design language. Also really nice lines you've got, loving the traditional feel to your digital work to. Looking forward to seeing more :).

hey Javier,

your work looks really good. You seem to know your fundamentals and you already are doing finished illustrations.

It is kinda hard to critize something here, you do sketches, really nice thumbnail comps, your colors are good, your imaginative stuff looks interesting, the bodylanguage is good. Maybe you should do still lifes, which is a great way to learn to paint. that and master studies.

I can't wait to see what you come up with, once you are on the level you want to be (not that one does ever reach that haha :D

keep it up

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

This sketchbook is wonderful to look at. Great work!

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