Darantha's sketchbook
Thanks Tygerson, I've got a bit of a preference for layering and realistic designs :'D Drives me nuts when a costume design have stuff hanging and dangling with no rhyme or reason.

Finished this fun commission for a private client a little while ago. I don't paint enough dragons, was fun to get to :D
[Image: hpMuwnt.jpg]

Patreon sketches, first a modern wizard and the second a fire dancer.
[Image: oQ1Ctxg.jpg]
[Image: ln4JSq1.jpg]

Lastly some eye and nose studies.
[Image: BBQhRrI.jpg]
[Image: t1KoVt7.jpg]

I'm in love with the blues in the dragon painting! Is it the values, orange-y pink, and purples that make them so brilliant?

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Yeah, I suggested the vague pre-dawn light to my client (Who had requested it being night-time) help contrast the blues, and so I could have a excuse to make the desert environment a bit more clear. >_> Was worried it'd end up just being blue upon blue otherwise.

Finished another commission last week.
[Image: urYovyO.jpg]

And a piece of World of Warcraft fanart
[Image: N0A9T4R.jpg]

I feel really unsure about magical effects so they were both a bit of challenge in that regard. >_>

And last week's Patreon sketch; a tiefling courtesan.
[Image: a2sjGTS.jpg]

Wow! very good paintings! :)
Thank you Genesis! :)

Finished another Critical Role piece. It's all fun and games until one of the players just breaks my tender little heart with one single line in that show.
[Image: DB4xZ0J.jpg]

And the Patreon sketches from the last couple of weeks
[Image: ItYic3Y.jpg]
[Image: 29lW8Hh.jpg]

More colour studies from misc game cinematics
[Image: ACyAOIP.jpg]

Hi, great art! That green goblin is so adorable! I like how you give a lot of details to your images which tell a story and it's interesting to look at paintings for longer time.

Thank you Juneau! :) Always worry I try to cram too much into my images.

Decided to be very selfindulgent and paint up something I sketched during a Patreon stream. Mercy and McCree are two of my favorite characters in Overwatch, and this idea of 'mission gone really sideways' had been stuck in my head for ages.
[Image: BHp6zpa.jpg]

A finished bust commission of a tiefling bard
[Image: UXFLEv7.jpg]

Patreon sketches

I've been listening to the History of Rome podcast so ended up feeling the late empire-Byzantine inspiration hit for this holy warrior sketch.
[Image: fhgZQwj.jpg]

Halfling princess. Fell in love with the berets in some late 15th-century paintings. :')
[Image: kf3ijh7.jpg]

Court sorceress
[Image: WCGqean.jpg]

Cool! your characters have great expressions! and i love how you paint the cat in post #65 over all you have a great ability to express your characters feelings!
Awesome characters! My favorite one is that grinning goblin holding the swan statue :) 
Keep going!

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