Darantha's sketchbook
I initially sketched this as a warmup and then kept fiddling with it to try some new stuff. Ended up liking how it came along, so I ended up bringing it to a more finished state.

Have been taking the selfstudy version of Fundamentals of Lighting over at Schoolism, and here's some of the assignments. Feedback and critiques are very welcome.

woww your work is really well rendered and you use beautiful colors *_* I dont know if you are looking for a crit, or if this has been said already but i feel your female faces could use some work. Sometimes they look a bit masculine. Great work and nice progress I love the first piece on this page :)
I love all of your works! The married couple look so cute :)

I got into the Painting Drama 1 course over at Oatley Academy last fall so posting kinda fell away as a habit amidst all the wonderful craziness that followed.

ANYHOW, studies and some finished art.

[Image: p2lM239.jpg]

[Image: XIn2NAS.jpg]

[Image: gNhxJnY.jpg]

Did 100 of those material balls a few months ago to get back into the habit of daily studies.

[Image: lubUj7j.jpg]

[Image: jtm5LMQ.png]

[Image: AklYE2v.png]

[Image: CrRqhm6.png]

[Image: p6pRNa0.png]

Did a portrait of Laura Bailey's character from Critical Role, Vex'halia the half-elf ranger.

[Image: KvegOn4.png]

And then I got asked if I wanted to contribute something to the show's 50th episode celebretion, and got to put my grimy paws on the very intense clutch moment when the group's dragonborn sorcerer narrowly managed to cut a rakshasa's escape short with a well-timed counterspell. The backwards turned hands of the rakshasa tripped me up so much, brain kept yelling that it was wrong, but hey, that's how the DM described it.

[Image: REwbZ4Y.jpg]

More studies

[Image: uy6F2r3.jpg]

[Image: tKCTDD2.jpg]

[Image: ZpuUG0x.jpg]

Ribcages are weird. I need to do some focused studies on them I think.

[Image: 4MWHXiX.jpg]

[Image: r7Nz7Ji.jpg]

Had it as a little sideproject to do a gear breakdown for my Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition to wind down with in the evenings.

[Image: 9ePgHVW.jpg]

[Image: aJHIFaW.jpg]

[Image: rOSoUdc.jpg]

And personal items! Because I get a bit dorky over that sort of stuff.

[Image: EF9IYJW.jpg]

And head studies from today.

[Image: 1bfWbhe.jpg]

That gear breakdown is smart...seems like a good way to analyze costume design

Hah, yeah, I used to cosplay when I was a teenager, so I have a mildly obnoxious need to understand the layering and construction of costumes. Hate it when there's random stuff just attached with no rhyme or reason.

[Image: jPBrrla.jpg]

[Image: huCSQXh.jpg]
(I usually don't enjoy playing support or range DPS classes, spent my entire WoW career as a protection specced warrior and default to that class in many RPGs but... I had lots of fun with Mercy in Overwatch)

Feet studies from today

[Image: Jd4qWtg.jpg?1]

And a WIP! Feedback is most welcome!

[Image: wpeHKyZ.jpg?1]

Awesome sketchbook! I really like your colors, lighting and rendering! How have you been doing those matrerial studies? Looking for some references for random materials in the Internet and then imagining balls made thereof?

Thank you Neopatogen! Yeah, I pretty much just had a file with ball shapes on it as a size/organization guide and pulled up a bunch of references to work from.

More feet! Feel like I'm starting to get a grasp on the general shape breakdown now.

[Image: eBV15IM.jpg]


[Image: ssycHec.jpg]

And some sketches. I'm left handed so it's kinda... more natural to draw right to left for me >_>

[Image: odcMeng.jpg]

[Image: 3PQMqr7.jpg]
I'm overly aware of that I lack the visual library for sci-fi, hah, so random power armor sketch.

[Image: 4l3Nf6s.jpg]
I've wanted to try out Dungeons and Dragons for a long time now but... yay for small towns. ._.

[Image: HLBsh7b.jpg]
I have a unholy love for battle couples.

Finished this painting!

[Image: 1OvaaLN.jpg]

More studies and a Schoolism lesson

[Image: SJWqckG.jpg]

[Image: f3SgXu2.jpg]

[Image: 80Ojmxj.jpg]

[Image: KPf5Gnc.jpg]

[Image: Vfwljdh.jpg]

[Image: krRjzdM.jpg]

[Image: AWBzUPQ.jpg]

Portrait study and process. Used a sunlight/indoors setting as a light reference.

[Image: P7iq9xi.jpg]

[Image: ClqsFZs.jpg]

And a bit of a experiment. Haven't done a erh more stylized painting like this in over a year.

[Image: 11dBkhO.jpg]

By looking at the first studies on the page, it reminds me of the work i´ve seen by artists on Sam Nielsen course about lightening, am i wrong? Haha That course is always full XD

Love that warrior elf brushwork, it´s pretty strong. I would like to see more character designs.


I love your painting work Darantha! The values and colours are really striking. Nice anatomy studies as well.

Looking forward to more :).

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CD Sketchbook

Yeah, I've been doing the self-study versions of the Schoolism courses. :) Would love to take one of the full version of one of them someday!

And thank you, Rick, I do have more character designs planned, both in and out of the DA setting.

Thank you Artloader!

Here's some more studies.

[Image: gN3ffjK.jpg]

[Image: JSDwh8a.jpg]

[Image: hIqElV6.jpg]

[Image: jIiHrEX.jpg]

[Image: ybhQHWb.jpg]

[Image: eBPVmND.jpg]

And the assignment from the Schoolism class I'm currently working through. Nathan Fowkes seems like a incredible teacher, would love to take one of his classes a proper one day.

[Image: dpulP3S.jpg]

Realised that I'd done 101 feet over the past seven weeks, so it seemed like a nice even number to stop at and switch to some other subject for a while. Thinking of maybe greyscale hands.

[Image: r5wD1C2.jpg]

This week's figures

[Image: bDTqOB5.jpg]

[Image: yaa1a5O.jpg]

[Image: N3fEf2b.jpg]

And lastly a WIP

[Image: FCummaf.jpg]

Lots of cool character work and anatomy studies in here. I really like those internal skeleton to external muscles studies, great to see. Impressive material studies as well.

Thank you Dennis, very kind of you! :)

Went ahead with the decision to do greyscale hand studies, also decided to do some greyscale figures so that I could concentrate on the forms. Plus, always feel like I have value problems with skin so might help.

[Image: q2p7b9E.jpg]

[Image: VoMtemR.jpg]

[Image: rNANsqB.jpg]

[Image: jDgs8Ys.jpg]

Doodled Shepard from the Mass Effect trilogy one evening.

[Image: dm1IY6h.jpg]

Finished up this artwork! Realised it red badly with the autuumn-y background, so switched to a green forest.

[Image: wsE3lci.jpg]

And some studies

[Image: YNDEclY.jpg]

[Image: C9x5NeK.jpg]

[Image: g4GLBD1.jpg]

[Image: 8D2z2g1.jpg]

[Image: aGLUc7B.jpg]


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