Darantha's sketchbook
We got a huge class assignment to color script a old movie, so had to cut back on my regular studies in August.

But, here's some stuff I've forgotten to post, and some new things.

[Image: ZZxnUIu.jpg]

[Image: b42sZDq.jpg]

[Image: ctzXAYs.jpg]

[Image: pxm8g68.jpg]

And a series of portraits I made to practise unnatural skintones.

Zahra and Lilith from Critical Role
[Image: HZ6T5aq.jpg]

[Image: HDEqGqp.jpg]

And my two WoW characters, a night elf warrior and draenei mage. Slipped back into the game for a few months when Blizzard gave out WoD for free.

[Image: PkQoVV4.jpg]

[Image: Qy9zJ3m.jpg]

Oh man I love your Zahra painting! Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you, Allenthelost! :)

Couple of hand studies

[Image: mayTPLZ.jpg]

[Image: joegstt.jpg]

Private client commissions, first one of a english noblewoman from a 1890s setting.

[Image: oZNZod8.jpg]

And a client's D&D character, a female dragonborn paladin. :)
[Image: TOxf7sR.jpg]

And a sketch I did of a female Dragonborn from TES: Skyrim for my weekly sketchpoll on Patreon
[Image: wALDqP4.jpg]

Rising from the grave once more. Returning here since I miss sharing stuff on a more active forum. Got more comfortable in my own skin as a artist during 2017, so feeling pretty positive about 2018. :)

I'll just post some of my favorites from 2017, if you're curious to see all my Patreon sketches and such you can find them on my Artstation page! https://www.artstation.com/darantha

[Image: amWS75b.jpg]

[Image: H9JUejE.jpg]
[Image: Cvp0YVJ.jpg]

[Image: o0EDrYx.jpg]

[Image: 41TqfW0.jpg]

[Image: 9v9cMoa.jpg]

[Image: 0u7rk1X.jpg]

[Image: eeHymBl.jpg]

And some of my studies from last year. Tried to improve my gestures and to get more comfortable with animal anatomy.

[Image: mZquPnP.jpg]

[Image: J4Me0Cd.jpg]
[Image: uHAIk4g.jpg]
[Image: XWMJiys.jpg]

[Image: PP7cds7.jpg]
[Image: VOLnsD6.jpg]

Various cinematic colour and composition studies
[Image: S6PbF6R.jpg]
[Image: hMJXppk.jpg]

Would be lying if i didn't say that you are doing great.You rarely see people post after they reach this kind of control.I am glad i found this sketchbook i just hope it not gonna be updated frequently.I take my time to say that i am really happy that you come to share you artistic journey here.

My Sketchbook
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Hi, just want to say that I get burst of motivation and really get inspired to work harder after seeing your sketchbook. Especially love those illustrations in your most current post. Do you post other studies somewhere else between posts? Because your progress is noteworthy. I have seen you have taken courses from schoolism and oatley academy. Which one do you recommend most?

Cheers guys, thank you for the comments! :) For Schoolism I'd say it depends on what you're after. I quite enjoyed Nathan Fowke's classes, wish I could afford to take one of them properly rather than just the selfstudy versions. As for OA I found the Painting Drama mentorship soooo valuable. I do fairly regular study dumps over at my tumblr since I want to be somewhat open with the 'behind the scenes' work to my followers. I include my study notes with my Patreon sketchbook content.

Here's some stuff from January:

I picked out a few of my favorite weekly Patreon sketches from last year and let my supporters there vote on which one they'd like to see as a finished painting, and one of my player character from Dragon Age: Origins got the most votes.

[Image: 41QrC7Y.jpg]

Also managed to paint Allura from Critical Role.
[Image: y1lURdH.jpg]

[Image: JXaRhhp.jpg]

[Image: 1pcWtyE.jpg]

Casual D.va and Lucio from Overwatch
[Image: txktmxl.jpg]

My take on Fjord from Critical Role. Ayyy, texblade.
[Image: 7KlMa1C.jpg]

Study from today of Tom Hiddleston. Tried to focus more on the drawing, I tend to just make a loose sketch and then jumping into the painting.
[Image: IaKEZEB.jpg]

Last week's Patreon sketch, a wolf rider. :)
[Image: 55hYYmf.jpg]

Portrait study of Hayley Atwell. Like the Hiddleston study, I tried to focus on getting the proportions right with the linework.

[Image: ow3NllJ.jpg]

Some wolf studies
[Image: kgbn31s.jpg]

I love your stuff! Such a huge inspiration having someone who is already so far in terms of skill <3 I especially love your use of color and those sketches. The nose on the hayley study looks a bit off. Its pointing too much in our direction while the rest of the face is more sideways. I hope that helps :3

The endless work has paid off! I adore your characters, the color, the lighting. Especially your dragon age one--she's so dynamic and fierce!

What helped you most in learning to paint such lifelike lighting? Was it the still lifes, studying other artists? A book or something that guided you through the process? I see in your black and white sketches a good balance of values, but have never been able to figure out how to get there.

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Wow, the first piece in your last post is incredible! Thank you for sharing your work

A very stellar understanding of how to solidly construct figures and objects in 3D space.
good on you man!

Thank you all for the kind words and feedback!

Tygerson; I've honestly no idea, I think light is the thing that's come easy for me as a artist, because looking back I tried to be consistent about my light even in my earliest works. On the other hand I've really struggled with values, and it's something I try to stay aware of as I paint. I do think doing colour and comp studies have helped out a fair bit. Plus, I invested in a proper monitor calibrator last year. >_>

I hate february, throws me off to have two-three days less to finish stuff.

Patreon sketches!

My take on Caleb from Critical Role!
[Image: VEkJvdo.jpg]

And a completely honest, legit potion seller.
[Image: 4oQSPsB.jpg]

Some reindeer studies
[Image: yCEkyTR.jpg]

And two pages of comp studies from misc cinematics
[Image: ov6BUuL.jpg]
[Image: 5IjbkuT.jpg]

Thanks, I suppose it just comes down to caring so much about something that you make sure it's right!

I love that legit potion seller.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


Awesome work Darantha, really dig the first work on post #47, love the palette of colour; local colour and the light, composition and brushwork, pretty solid.
I´m recognising some exercises from Nathan Fowkes awesome class haha, i´m currently in one and i´m loving it.
Regarding your three value studies i´ll suggest to you what was told to me; Clarity over detail, simplify the shape, remove all redundant detail for the purpose that if anyone does not see the reference, he/she will understand in a blink of an eye what the image is all about. Seeing that you´ve picked difficult images and you´ve managed them very well, just one or two that lacks a bit of readability.

PS; Hope you don´t mind that i´ve  made very quick paintovers to illustrate my point

Tygerson; I really wish I could give you a good answer, I really do. I try to think in terms of planes when I try to figure out light on a form. Probably one of the only useful things I got out of that introduction to 3D modelling class I had to take in college. When in doubt, look up references. Hoard ALL the photos.

RickRichards; Cheers mate, I never mind someone doing paintovers :) And yeah, I agree with that I missed simplifying some forms. I shift between doing studies from cinematics and from artworks, but don't really feel comfortable sharing the latter studies for rather obvious reasons. I feel like there is a pretty weird but noticeable difference between doing studies of these sort of shots and doing studies of paintings, but I still find it pretty fascinating to pick out how the shots work, even though they often end up a little weird and awkward due to accounting for movements enhancing the composition.

Thanks much! :)

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb


I wanted to do my take on Jester from Critical Role. She's so adorable, and it's so fun to watch her player, Laura Bailey, just be a joyful bundle of chaos.

[Image: 6JTkYwE.jpg]

And a owl themed lady for this week's Patreon sketch!
[Image: rDTH9Y8.jpg]

Continuing the OC update train with one of my oldest characters.
[Image: DntoxXe.jpg]

Colour studies from Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, the Witcher and Final Fantasy XIII cinematics.
[Image: rxvDp9E.jpg]

Some eye studies. Currently picking my way through Jason Seiler's portrait course on Schoolism, so thought I'd just stretch out the eye studies over a few weeks.
[Image: NPz44PY.jpg]

Aaaand lastly a anatomy breakdown study :) (Not pixelated because I'm prudish, I post on a forum where I need to keep it SFW and who can be bothered to deal with duplicate files)
[Image: ef8gysc.jpg]

I'm just taking a moment to appreciate the costuming of your last few characters. I love the designs, and I feel like someone could really make and enjoy wearing them.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  
-Chinese proverb



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