Help much appreciated !
Hi !

So, I started a concept in b&w, the theme is Artic Desert Shipwreck.
I kept changing things, the lighting, the composition etc, but I can't find something that really works.
I mean it really doesn't work.
And since I've spent so much time on it, trying to find a way to make it work, I figured, at least I wanna know how I should have done it, because I can't figure it out myself.

[Image: SJD7L.jpg]

Maybe a bigger boat, with a shot that would really show his immensity ?

Here are some concept on this theme I could find :

Thanks !

What you might need to ask yourself is what feeling you a re trying to give the viewer. Emptiness void? then I'd suggest moving the "camera" away from the boat. you wanna show how big the boat is? try making the camera go from under the boat, like a frogs prespective thing so you can convey the great bigness of the boat.

Just looked at your references and something that you might want to notice is that all fo tehm ahs something to compare the boats size to, like the polar bear or the human, even teh grafitti on the boat suggests something about the size of it, and most of the pictures where from a "kind of under the boat" view.

as this picture is now, I just see Emptiness, I get a minor feeling of the boat moving upwards, as if its surfacing after having been stuck under the ice, that could be interesting, but maybe not what youa re looking for.

I think the cure for this drawing would be something to compare the size of the boat to, like a person or an animal or anything else we already "know" the size of, so we can compare it.

And also a little bit more thought on your composition choices, your drawing is beautifully rendered, but it doesn't really lead my eyes as well as the other pictures.

try looking at composition tutorials, like at Ctrl Paint, that might help you : )

good luck
It looks like the focal point or area of most contrast/visual weight is the darkened, back area of the boat. So it would be better if you didnt have that right in the center of the composition. Remember to use the rule of thirds and be conscious of where the focal points will be.

@pandaladie : I think I didn't put enough thoughts in my composition, which led to this painting with no real intention like you said.
I'm gonna review what intentions I want to give to the viewer and probably change the angle of the camera and the boat.
I watched some tutorial of Matt Kohr on ctrl+paint, they were really helpful.

@Hypnagogic_Haze : Thanks for pointing that out. The back of the boat is not the real focal point, I didn't paid enough attention to my lighting.

Thanks both of you !

This is the thumbnails that worked out the best.
I added some penguins that lead the way to the shipwreck.
I'm just not sure if I let the giant iceberg behind the boat or not.
[Image: EN4Yh.jpg]

This one looks a lot better : D I get a good feeling of size and where I should look ^^ great job and improvement : D
Thanks !
I change the composition again. The feeling I wanted to give didn't work as the camera wasn't enough under the boat.

I think that the painting has potential. I like the angle of the shot and the lighting.
But there is something that doesn't work. Maybe in the environment of the boat, I don't know.
It doesn't feel like a powerful finished painting.

Here is what I've got in the end :
[Image: OhTZt.jpg]

With the cabin of the boat (yeah, I knew I had forgotten something -.-)
It's not really well integrated I know, I will redesign it if it's worth it.
[Image: cK0A3.jpg]

Hep would be much appreciated. I've finished it 3/4 days ago, I've already moved on, but well, if I could get this painting on one level higher, I think all this time spent would be a good investment


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