Weakness compels strength
I am concept artist who just started working in the industry.I came across this site in youtube and really loved it.
I am starting a new SB really looking forward to your critiques and advice. I am also looking to make some new friends feel free to add me :).

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Welcome to the forums! Fantastic stuff you have here and on your blog, I really like your colour sense and outfit designs. Your work has a ton of energy to it too.

I don't have any super big crits, though looking between this and your blog work, it may perhaps help to push some of your finished work a bit further - though not to the point of eliminating that great brushwork. Just doing more to push small details and make important elements accurate and recognisable. An example would be on that Gods project design - his fabric hasn't got a clear thickness to it, so it lacks that little extra believability. The way you use soft edges is effective from a composition standpoint though, so I'm really considering the more focal areas for this.

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing more work from you!

Thanks a lot dude I really enjoyed ur drawings as well. I will have to give farbic and lots of thought on materials and stuff .
Some quick Gestures and some old stuff

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Great start, can't wait to see more.


@Rafa Glad you like it ...Thanks for the support :)
@ Ici Thanks dude.
Here are a couple of studies will try to post some more finished works soon

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Some of my old illustrations :).....Thanks a lot for the support guys
[Image: Caim_colored.jpg]
[Image: Kraken_coloured_1.jpg]
[Image: Knight.jpg]
[Image: Mage_4.jpg]

Hello guys here are some of my traditional stuff

Hello guys here are some of my traditional stuff let me know if you have any critiques

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here are a couple of speed paints i had done :)

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Hey man! Really great start for your SB! I like the hues your using in your paintings, it makes the stuff look vivid and otherworldly in a cool way.

On the crits department:

-Face structure: I feel that your faces are a bit of a weak spot, and that takes out a bit from some of your pieces where the character is the focus, being the face the main focal point of attention for the viewer, they need to be really convincing to not stand out in a bad way, so I'd recomend some face studies to strengthen your grasp of face structure, that would improve a lot your character pieces.

-Values: Your values are ok in most pieces, but I feel they would benefit of a more in depth study and efficient simplification, also some more range. Trying to do some photoreal studies ( or close to that) by using a simple approach and refining from there, some still lifes and all that jazz, would probably strengthen your knowledge on how to implement that into your imagination pieces.

-Perspective: Watching the piece with the guy on the bird mask with the building on the background was what made me think of this. Your vanishing points are all over the place in that piece , and thus the whole thing loses a lot of strength ( don't get me wrong, I love the idea for the comp and the overall piece). After that I started looking and I realised that many of your characters aren't showing their feet, and when they are, the positioning is always on a horizontal axis, with very little foreshortening, I understand that when you're doing concept art it's not so important to show fancy poses and stuff, but still I feel that being comfortable with such things could be benefitial for your overall workflow, so maybe some basic studies on perspective and tons of cubes and stuff of the sort would be the solution to that problem.

I know it's a lot of crits, but since you're asking, that's what came to mind :) Hope it helps man.

Overall I dig your stuff and wanna se more, so keep it up! ;D

cool stuff man, really like the character designs, nice values, poss could use them to draw more focus with contrast to the central focal points in places, I think Suira did a great job with the crits and I agree with what he's saying so not much to add on that front.

Also nice use of edge control, keep up the great work!

@Suria Wow man thanks for taking the time to write such a awesome critique. I do agree with the points that you had mentioned . These things completely miss my mind especially the perspective one. Now I am more concious of the mistakes I make thanks again :). Really appreciate your help.
@JonHop Thanks for dropping by :) ...
Here are a couple of update guys oil on canvas sargent/ lipking study ^.^

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Some awesome stuff in here! Can't really offer any critique other than what Suira has said, he really nailed it on the head. You've got some crazy potential dude, keep pushing.

@Jacob thanks for the support man really appreciate it....
Sorry I was nt that active for a while .... here is a update guys

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Hey guys sorry for the delay in the updates .... here are a couple of new works
Hope you guys like it. I am always open to critiques

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Here are some update guys
[Image: Ironman4.jpg]
[Image: Coverimage_Final.jpg]

[URL=http://s613.photobucket.com/user/giby01/media/godesssketchcopy.jpg.html][Image: godesssketchcopy.jpg]


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