Crimson CHOW - Announcement/suggestion thread
Hello people, so a few lovely members in the community have been organizing a new challenge to start posting up starting next week. It will be character based but if it goes well we'll consider branching out to other things (environments, creatures, etc.).

So for the challenge, it will be posted every other Sunday, first one starts next Sunday. The challenges will last up to two weeks. The winners of the challenges will be decided by an open community voting poll. The winners will go into a "hall of fame" type thread where people can browse through and see all of the previous winning images.

We just want to know who would all be interested in this? And we would love some feedback and suggestions for topics or if you have ideas for the challenges we'd love to hear them!

Im in.

Yes, this will be awesome.

I'll put some topic suggestions together and post them here.

I'm in!

This is gonna be good.
Yooooo definitely!!

Some cool advice on character design and coming up with character topics from's Havok Reed here.

[Image: Character_Notes.jpg]

Here's a few of my own topic suggestions for this Sunday. Some of them as based on the idea of developing a character from the mood and action in some short sentences of story (An idea I shamelessly stole from Suzanne Hemligh).

  • 2014. In a Christmas Carol we met the human personification of the year 1843, in the form of 'The Ghost of Christmas Present'. 2014 is one currently in it's prime, with four months of it's life remaining, already the events of the year have taken their visible toll.

  • 'He sighed, as he wiped the blood from his boot, and then he straightened up. "Be ready, here they come, again." He said.

  • The collector of stories, goes to war.

  • Her back was turned to me as she reached for the mask.
    “I'm going to hurt you, now.”
    She fastened the straps and secured the mask.
    “and, … I'm going to hurt you bad.”

Hell yeh

Dayum, this is gonna be both challenging and very fun! Count me in :D

I cannot contain my excitement.
[Image: 28tM9Yq.jpg]

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
I'm coming guys!

[Image: z5u3u12.gif]

No matter the tool as long as it's cool!

Sounds good, count me in!

It'd be cool to mix it up with environments, creatures, machines etc to broaden the learning curve. After all, that's what the daggers is all about right?

I look forward to it never the less.

I'll try to take part. I'll probably only be able to manage a line drawing at most though.

Let's do this!

How about a Care Bears redesign or characters with vehicles for heads who are also dentists?

Has anyone considered a Team CHOW? I remember seeing people do that on forums and think it would be cool to do one on here.

I cant take credit for this idea but I suggest we do
:) Its not porn I swear...

[Image: raise_thread.jpg]

Alright, we're repurposing this thread.

Post your ideas for CHOW character prompts here.
The winner of each challenge gets to decide on the next prompt.
They can chose their own, or any of the ones presented here.

(at least that seems like a good system to me, if you have an alternative or any other suggestions feel free to post them here as well.)

Here's some prompts I thought up:

a modern fantasy
Take one of the characters of our modern world, (could be a soldier, an office worker, a plumber, etc.) and turn them into something that feels like it might belong in a fairy tale, a mythos or a fantasy novel.

a hermit magician
This person once held a high office in their society, but has chosen solitude and is now pursuing some goal of their own. What are have they been doing all by themselves these past few years?

an unusual trait
Depict a character archetype and give them traits that are not commonly seen in combination with that trope. For example a lawful good demon, a chaotic evil paladin bandit, an orc scholar or an individualistic hivemind with split personality disorder.

Project / Sketches / Paintings

Ever saw characters in games, movies, tv, and books and thought holy hell they are overpowered??? Well today we will imagine and draw our own overpowered characters, creatures, or whatever with unique powers( don't want to end up drawing several superman variants) that make them in their own right OVER F**KING POWERED!!!

War in Candyland

Imagine characters who are involved in a war in a land where everything is made out of or revolves around candy. Imagine a gingerbread person coming home to his family or gingergirlfriend/boyfriend to await a sugary warm embrace or a sugary kiss. Or even go the morbid route and create a war scene where sugary syrup drips throughout a harsh battlefield as Lieutenant Mc Skittles is the last one standing covered in the licorice insides of his comrades, or candy weaponry mowing down armies of sweets.

Magical Girls(or boys)

Chinese Zodiac Fighters

The 12 Chinese Zodiac animals as basis for designing characters from a fighting force in a sci-fi inspired universe as cyborg fighters. 

Chinese Zodiac Fighters

The 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and transformed into a fighting force in a sci-fi inspired universe as cyborg fighters.

Thieves, Assassins, and Rogues

Historical Figures Re-Imagined

What if Abraham Lincoln was a vampire slayer, William Wallace as a warrior in a fantasy world, Genghis Khan a futuristic mecha overlord, King Arthur as a power female knight, the possibilities are as creative as the amount of figures, heroes, villains, and legends from the past!

The Healer (…?)
Do your design and interpretation of The Healer(…?). This could be a traditional, robed, skinny healer; or perhaps a twisted professional obsessed with the human body; or a tough, butt-kicking, seen-it-all frontline veteran; or a full-armor magic healer…. . They could be men, women, children, non-human, or not even alive! Having a heart is not a requirement to heal here. Think of your favorite, or recently-seen, games and films – what do the healing characters in them look like? 

The Chess
Design one member of The Chess. You can design them in any style and in any genre – sci fi, fantasy, demonic, steam punk, etc. The choices are as follows:

The Pawn, the frontline grunt slow but with potential for Promotion. When it reaches the end of enemy lines, it may be promoted to any other unit, such as The Queen.

The Knight, mobile, mounted, may leap over enemy units, and turns corners agilely with every move. It attacks with surprise moves from unexpected directions.

The Bishop, even more mobile than The Knight, travelling unconventionally in diagonals, often cuts down its opponents by surprise.

The Rook (Castle), travelling in straight lines, and has a hidden ability to defend The King via place-swapping to bring The King out of and away from dangerous situations. It is the bastion of your army.

The Queen, she goes in any direction for any distance to face down any opponent as she pleases. The most mobile and powerful member of your army.

The King, stationed behind the army, observes the battlefield, and makes all the decisions – wise or brash - that will lead your army to glory or gallows.

The Undead Champion
This character could be human, anthro (like Anubis), colossus, have 3 heads and 6 arms - as long as it's undead, and visually clear that it's a Champion and not generic zombie No.2943 of a horde. Is it hibernating? Is it prowling? Is it sealed by magic? A big box? Perhaps it’s an anti-hero of a story? Or a wandering lost soul that doesn’t know it’s dead? Let your imagination fly… or… shamble – or shimmy – into the ranks of the Undead Army!

Turning real sea creatures into a variety of Merfolks, good or evil, or just average citizens holding down different jobs in an average Merfolk society.

Menancing Forest Spirit
A forest may seem serene and beautiful and in harmony in a painting or on a TV screen, but what is a forest really like? It’s unforgiving, cold, rough, dangerous, and when the sun goes down, it’s a down right frightening place where you can’t see your own hand held out, and every shape around you turns haunting and lethal-looking. The forest spirit we design will take into consideration those other realities of a forest. Is this a spirit that lives in the forest? A lost soul of a victim of the forest’s harsh condition? Is this the very spirit that represents this forest? And just how is a forest spirit which usually is portrayed with cute mushrooms and happy ferns going to transform to represent the dark side of the forest?


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