[° ~ °] Nicks art dump
Hey fellow crimson daggers. I,ve been meaning to make a sketchbook since i joined but until now its been at the bottom of my todo list. Every post, even little thumbnails are open to crit be brutal but helpful, and i'll return the favor :)

Self portrait i did last weekend i though maybe you guys could relate to this :D

[Image: Levelingup.jpg]

This one originally started off as a 30min speedpaint for the spitpaint FB groupand i decided to develop it a bit more to a decent looking W.I.P
i dont know if i'll finish it. The minotaur is kidnapping a princess but everyone keeps saying it looks like shes going to be raped...i dont see it..
[Image: the+Kidnapping+censored.jpg]

Dude I'm crying from laughing XD

It not the Minotaur Image. It's what you wrote.
You don't see it )) How is that possible?

The crazy laugh, shiny eyes, The (WTF is happening) face on the wall & the naked chick in shock
dragged on the floor holding onto decorations for dear life.

I'm sure it is just normal kidnapping but the Minotaur's laugh is giving it away.

It might not have been your intention but it is what it is.
Anyway, don't stress too much about it. Try out different Angles / Pose if you feel like it.

I guess it sorta looks that way, but idk

Hard to convey tone through text. Hey, don't worry about it man.
Just keep drawing :)

Well, I guess it looks a bit rape-y simply because she's almost naked ;) Give her a long night gown and the problem could be solved. I really like that piece, btw! :)

Thanks for the tips prabu and elif!

The plan was for her to be in a gown, but i decided to just paint her naked first to get the anatomy right and also i wanted the gown to be a little translucent showing her skin where it was pressed agaisnt her body

Heres a viking painting i did ealier this month

[Image: ruinfinal.jpg]

Thanks for the crit (: what i was trying to do was go for a foreshortened look on the head like he's looking up at the viewer from under his brow but i guess the foreshorting got a little off at the mouth area :(

Hades thing

[Image: Hadesfinal.jpg]

hey dude ! First of all, let's begin by the drawing side : it lacks of structure and belivability, because your volumes are not at the same perspective, so keep an eye on that ! concerning painting, one thing that you forget is the cast shadow ( minotaur,+ lady, face of the viking on his clothes, etc ) and your values doesn't feel solid, maybe it's time to put more thoughts on planes and light source ! one thing that help for the light source is to imagine you're viewing your drawing from the light source point of view, you'll directly see which planes are under the light, etc !

Thanks form and lighting are defintely thing i want to work on :) but right now im working on material rendering because alot of the materials in my paintings look exactly the same

I also thought about using maquettes for setting up lighting situations

wow! You really took that anatomy critique seriously! That last work is spectacular. His right hand could use a little fixing, but hey, I suck at hands, I know what a pain they are.
Your rendering skills are insane. In-sa-ne.

Wow thanks man! I did a few hand practices the night before. i drew a set if hamds from my anatomy book 12 times each really thinking trying to get each finger correct, the palm, wrist, and thumb. then i closed the book and tried to draw them from memory again 12 times. it helped alot.

i should do it more but its so time consuming


[Image: sketchs.jpg]

[Image: sketchs_0001.jpg]

doodle break from studying and more studying

[Image: sketchs_0002.jpg]

some thumbnails of creatures and landscapes i definitely plan to take into PS

[Image: sketchs_0003.jpg]

more study

[Image: sketchs_0004.jpg]

Vehicle designs

[Image: sketchs_0005.jpg]


[Image: sketchs_0006.jpg]

I did these a while back

Had so much fun working on these all the way through

[Image: captn+cthulu.jpg]

[Image: Francois.jpg]

more sketch

[Image: Ranboon.jpg]

nice rendering on the last one. not sure what to say , you're definitely on the right track. just keep pushing the fundamentals and keep this thread updated . good luck man
cool stuff man! nice rendering on this last posts.
Not much more to add myself, since i agree with everything Ben already said, just keep punching the bag! keep this updated!

HAHA wow, your first image really captured that mood lol. I swear I feel exactly like that when painting sometimes.

Your full character illustrations are looking good! Just remember to watch out for proportions, even for the props the characters are using.

Thanks Ben Ed and Long!

art dump

From the "half man half egg" theme on the spitpaint FB group

[Image: egg+man+Final.jpg]

"a Homeless man and his friend" also from spit paint

[Image: hobo+kitty.jpg]

[Image: My+cookies!.jpg]

some designs

[Image: M_Masks.jpg]

ape sketch

[Image: Monkey.jpg]


[Image: 55+gestrubru.jpg]

[Image: hands.jpg]

cast shadow studies

[Image: css1.jpg]

[Image: css3.jpg]

[Image: css2.jpg]

Very nice gestures, especially given the time they were given! Also like the colors on the ape sketch. If you want to do cast shadow study, there will be colors in the rebound lights in the shadowed areas. Its best to do those studies from life. Otherwise I'd recommend doing those in greyscale.

Did you use reference for the half man half egg? :D
Awesome job with the gestures. They have a lot of character to them. You seem to like drawing bulky torsos with skinny limbs.


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