(06-21-2015, 05:28 PM)Hobitt Wrote: @ Pandamonic
nice silhouettes i would suggest doing full on drawings now using these. Keep it up.
Thanks man! These were just an excercise to practice silhoutte thumbnails, the ideas themselves are kind of generic. But I will do that when I make some that I like.
In your earlier post, I like your mech. Although the way you drew it makes it look flat, it has a nice design and has potential. From your sketchbook it looks like you're working through scott robertson's book? If you're not already, you should set up perspective guides for when you're working digitally too, not just for traditional.

quick little... fun nothing doodle

[Image: 19006238902_058c5b1697_b.jpg]

@pandamonic Damn theres some crazy silhouettes man. Love it

Great silhouettes Pandamonic. No crit, just keep going!
Jeso, knock that comic in the ass. You can do it. Sometimes it's better to not know what you are in for XD
Hobbit, great studies keep that up!!

This isn't a big deal, but I had a minor realisation about my participation in the CD forums in general. I joined almost 3 years ago and it has been a really good experience for me, but I have decided to shut down my SB indefinitely. I don't update it much anymore anyway.
I will still lurk occasionally, and I have still subscribed to this thread and a few others. I will crit when I feel I can help, but for the most part I think I will be quiet. I just feel I have put in a fair amount into helping others here on CD over the years and while that has truly been the reward in itself, the amount of time I used to spend I can't do and keep paying my bills. I also need to get my shit in order and need to minimise all distraction I can.

It has been awesome being a small part in this awesome group. I hope you guys keep it going, you must, because it is probably one of the better if not the best one on CD at the moment. Ihor, you are a star for injecting a bit of life into CD and your work is the bomb, looking forward to seeing more updates from you.

You guys can always message me anytime on fb and I am on skype as monkeybread as well.
Take Care and don't give up!! :)

 YouTube free learnin! | DeviantArt | Old Folio | Insta
If you guys are still doing this regularly, do you want me want to put an AH icon on the front page so more people can find this place? And would you want it to link to this page or the livestream? This seems like one of the bigger groups here and I don't mind promoting it.

@Amit Dutta Sad to hear, man. But everithing has its own time. Can't thank you enough for contributing to a community and our little group. GL with your work, and thx for hanging around. Thx for all that wisdom you gave us!

@Dennis Kutsenko Would be avesome man. I guess link should lead to this theread, cause here we do all the stuff. If people interested, they'll find the list of dwellers who stream.

I also wanted to ask yiu, if its possible to promote crimson daggers hangouts on the front page. Its a dead mans place since fall. Would be awesome to ressurect it.

Thx man

Added AH to the front page. I hope you guys use the same google hangout as the one at the top of the forum (green button) don't want to add too many to confuse people.

Also, when I get admin on the FB page I'll be promoting this and other events we got goin on as well.

Many thx Dennis!

Hey guys. 
I've been busy and not very active here. Although i miss this special place, so today, i sneaked out to post some recent stuff. It makes me happy to see how everyone is evolving and crafting hard. Keep it up guys!
Sorry to see @Amit Dutta leaving. I know responsibilities are first. GL to you, man.

[Image: CharDev0615-output72.jpg][Image: Screen%2Bshot%2B2015-06-22%2Bat%2B8.26.00%2BPM.png][Image: Screen%2Bshot%2B2015-06-22%2Bat%2B9.45.37%2BPM.png]
Damn I always been to lazy to make different angle for a characters head like that. Such a good exercise. Checkout the characters legs also, theres pretty hardcore perspective going according to the position of his feets and shoulders. Im not sure but the stance looks little awkward.

Good job Aumes.

How do i stop being bad at art?

Please help me to improve.I wanted this work to be first in my serious portfolio, but after spending lot of time painting this, im really disapointed. i see there is something wrong that make it look unprofesional at all, but i dont how to correct that... 

When i compared this piece to portfolio works of profesional artists, i can see im not even close... and there is another question. It is even worth to start making serious portfolio on my skill level? Or should i treat all my works as exercises, until i will be able to paint at the level that will make my paintings competetive.

@Algitru hey man, I see you did your best on that piece. Ill try to do a quick paint over for you tomorrow (saturday)

Here are my 5 cents take this with a grain of salt, but these are the things i noticed

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I just had a quick suggestion for everyone on this thread. Check out Watts Atelier as well as Jeff Watts' youtube channel. It's like an elite level training Atelier based in California but has recently started online training.

They have like 20 minute intro for all their classes (dozens) and you can learn a ton from just watching those. But the real juice is in the youtube vids. Hours of live painting/drawing. I've watched damn near everything there.

The online training is $100 per month but you can cancel at any time. Quite cheap when you consider that the live classes in Cali cost about $400 for one morning sesh!!

As far as online training goes, it's probably the best in the world as far as I can see. Incredible teachers. Let me know what you think!

Today and yesterday's pencil sketches based on photos. Firstly, the rock head:

[Image: rock-head.jpg]

Don't like this one. Problems with it (besides shitty proportions) are the fact that there are almost no discernible planes in the large shadow area. I just flattened it all. Upon later looking at the photo, I noticed large planes that I'd missed out:

[Image: 13975488822_e505c8ce2f_b.jpg]

More rock studies:

[Image: rocks_01b.jpg]

Much happier with these. Experimenting with lost edges, contouring and counting the actual main groups of values before hand, rather than just assuming it's either totally black or totally white. Also, the composition of the photo ref for the bottom one was really nice. 

Comments and crits!

Can't help but smile when I saw those rocks sketches, thanks for sharing your stuff stayin! :)

As for Watts, already knew about it. But don't have the funding to follow through it yet.
Photo study and some fun on top :D

Weekly update

Still life struggle

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