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Hey man, those little face constructions are looking great! Is that from Steve Huston's head drawing thing on youtube? I found that really useful.

Photoshop is pretty scary, I was dipping in and out for ages and kept getting frustrated with it (more that I couldn't draw with it how I can on paper). Recently things start to feel more natural and I can actually draw in it, although doesn't feel as nice as on paper still. My advice: find about 3 brushes you like and just use those, start on a grey canvas and try to ignore 90% of the options on there. Personally I use a soft brush that's squashed into an oval shape that I use for laying in stuff, then a hard edge brush with size to pressure turned on to 'ink' the lines over the top, and one texture type grainy brush for painting. - After typing that I realise that can sound really confusing if you don't know what I'm talking about - but just try some of the brushes, pick a few that you like and delete the rest (you can get them back easily later).

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Those figures are lovely, Whiskey. Starting an art session with 30 minutes of figure drawing is a fantastic warmup. Keep up the good work, just make sure you don't burn out.
@Jyonny, Yeah that's the video! I found it great too :) 
I only use the basic brushes too and didn't find it that frightening before. I just guess my head wasn't with it that day. I'll take another run at it very soon   Tongue
Thanks for the help btw!

@Vornag, Thanks sooo much!!! I really don't think I need to worry about burning out at the pace I'm going at haha
I really need to keep up that half hour figure drawing but we shall see my friend  Blushing

I started doing a challenge/bootcamp thing for perspective i found on permanoobs (I swear I'm not cheating on you daggers, I just found this challenge and thought it was gotta believe me!)

anyway here is a link 
Not finished yet but going strong  Thumbs_up

[Image: img111_zpswnkzwk9l.jpg][Image: img112_zpsioit30bs.jpg][Image: img113_zpsckdamwpi.jpg][Image: img114_zpseu45p66u.jpg][Image: img115_zpsxzrbscxw.jpg]

Not much today just some figures of the crap variety.

Also some timed head sketches I think were 1 minute. I think I'm starting to get somewhere with the head  Shock I just got to stop drawing cartoonish faces and try get more realistic! 

[Image: img116_zpsbgt3x2nz.jpg][Image: img117_zpsid2ehqbu.jpg]

I like the cartoony look, they have nice shapes going on in them. Really solid looking too!

Glenn Vilppu's head drawing lectures are really good to push the realism, he goes into really minute depth about the important parts of the skull that give you another level of intricacy to work in to push the realism.

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@Jyonny, Cheers! Blushing Yeah i really gotta get into Glenn Vilppu's videos and books but my god...his voice puts me to sleep straight away! I dunno what it is haha

[Image: img118_zpsylfgbnqn.jpg][Image: img119_zpswrt93kzg.jpg]

This is the reason I don't doodle or do my own pieces. study to the grave!  Sad

[Image: img120_zpsckm3zs3t.jpg]

[Image: img121_zpsfn7dguse.jpg][Image: img122_zps7jpqkokg.jpg]

Wow when i look back at stuff you did on the 1st page and now you can see so much improvement. :D Your studies are getting better and better. Perspective studies are sick. And i like how we have something in common, drawing random faces. xD Anyway, as someone said up there somewhere, i like how there's little bit of cartoonssh feel in every sketch, it kinda makes it feel special. And yes drawing faces that look up or other directions is really difficult and i can see that you have some struggles with that. But i don't worry too much you can do it. There's little mistake i think in post #86 that parfume bottle. I dont know but something about that plug is weird. But i can overlook anything 'cause i'm really suprised how much you draw and keep on learning. Just one question, where do you wish to work? As digital/traditionsl artist?

Just keep it up buddy you rock. :3

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May the painting skills be with you! :3
@Panda, Oh wow! Thanks Panda! I really don't see much improvement but I appreciate you saying  Blushing
That cologne bottle cap thing really threw me off because it had a different perspective than the bottle and I'm not sure how to do that yet. still learning tho  Tongue

@Sketchosoph, Cheers  Thumbs_up Iv never even heard of the cone of vision haha. I'm really only starting perspective so that information helps me out so much! I just finished watching that video too and have a world of new information haha
Thanks again! 

Trying to get back into Photoshop with a painting of a face from imagination. the left one was my main focus and the right was just a doodle.

Also eyesssssss.... i looked at a picture for the first one and then just kept changing them until i found one i liked! 
Spoiler: I like none.

[Image: face%20painting%2006.01.162_zpsgllmttuc.jpg]
[Image: img124_zpsndfzqlwp.jpg]

You are doing good. Even if you don't see the improvement, it's definitely there.

If you are not satisfied with your eyes, this video could help you: Oh, and this one might also be of some use:

In general, the site is a amazingly good learning resource, and the videos are short and easy to follow. He's using the Loomis method if you are familiar with that.

Keep going!
PS.: I like your Nickname :P

@Baoto, Thanks for the Help! I know Proko but a really need to study his videos.

My first bit of Color on this God forsaken sketchbook! I love Sargents skin tones and really wanted to emulate that in a quick study but unfortunately I cannot see color as well as I would have liked. 
I am happy with this as my first color study but I just couldn't figure out the warm tones in his face and found myself more confused when I color picketed to compare with the colors I chose. 
I learned a lot however and am looking forward to the next master I make turn in his/her grave.

[Image: Sargent%20study%20Fagan_zpsrmop4kfs.jpg]

Hey man, great study! This tutorial / guide helped me to understand why the results seem so off when you check colours from a photo / painting:!

Also, note that when you blend colours in photoshop they lose their saturation. That might be why the face on your one looks more dull / washed out compared to the original.

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@Jyonny, Thanks :) That tutorial is great!

More Practice 
[Image: img125_zpsndlrg8af.jpg][Image: img126_zpsx1o4hiup.jpg][Image: img127_zpsd0vbhjml.jpg][Image: eye%20practice_zps47ut3whk.jpg]

10-minute studies of my bust of Giuliano Medici 

[Image: skulpture%20study_zps2gdjjehj.jpg][Image: gestures%2020-01-16_zpsqoltx01e.jpg]Giuliano Medici Giuliano Medici

2-Minute Animal studies and also trying to get my head around form. 
The perspective is off just because I'm doodling right now and didn't want to waste time messing around with perspective.
Looking at the steps object I think I should have put the brightest grey on the point of the step but i dunno. 

[Image: img133_zpsi9tpzlrn.jpg][Image: form%20study%201_zpsszz7dtdn.jpg]

Nice stuff dude, I especially like them eyes you drew.(you should submit them for the eye week on iste's critique stream).

@Trigger, Cheers!! I already did and got them critiqued  Thumbs_up 

[Image: img134_zpspkq24tmu.jpg][Image: img135_zpscp6cwwyp.jpg][Image: img137_zpslean5usl.jpg][Image: img138_zpsfjzctv0o.jpg]

I have no imaginative drawing abilities  Sad
[Image: img136_zpsyqxblh0x.jpg][Image: img139_zpszz1t6top.jpg]

Started a photo/value study of James Connolly. I've added a GIF of my process that i really need to change. need to finish this too.

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Trying to get back into it and not going very well....

I watched the movie "beasts of no nation" last night and was completely blown away with the costumes design and overall look of the movie.
I tried to sketch the two main child soldiers but they look nothing like them so that tells me I need to practice getting facial proportions accurate and practice more and more the structure of the face and features.
Also 10=1 minute gestures.


I have to admit that I am slightly drunk right now and I only had a look at the first and last page of your sketch book. So all I can tell is that you really did improve greatly.
...Okay, now I've had a look at the rest as well. The cartoonish style of your faces really does look very interesting and gives them a great sense of personality. The exercises you are doing are great as well, the only advice that comes to my mind is doing more studies of the head in general (maybe using Loomis, if you havn't a look a look at his books). Anyway, keep going!

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