Scuse me while I kiss the sky!
Just quick studies and for some reason i wanted to see if i could make readable faces with very little brush strokes.

[Image: denturesphere_zps1fcb17f3.jpg]

Heads from imagination and photos.

[Image: facestudies_zps6eac5d66.jpg]

Still messing around!
Those books i ordered finally came so i get to read those! Thinking

[Image: stilllifephone_zps597ea931.jpg][Image: messingaround_zps151c8132.jpg][Image: quickgesturedrawings_zps12171af3.jpg]

Keep pushing these still life studies, looks like the values could be pushed in both darks and lights.

Hey, nice studies, that pitcher looks like an oil painting, your gestures are nice and are loosening up, keep at it :)

Where is my mind?

@butterscotts, Thanks for the comment! :) yeah im really going to try push the dark's and lights. i think i tend to stay light because i'm too afraid to put down dark colors in case i ruin the painting. but i will try!! Bomb

@rork, Thank you rork! Blushing

I'm back??? i was in the habit of drawing everyday and then out of the blue stop for a few months! i hate myself for that!
i'm not gonna make any false promises anymore about how i'm gonna stick too it this time because i don't trust myself but i'll just try....

[Image: value%20study%20imagination_zpsazkkp70t.jpg][Image: kgiun_zpshfw4x36n.jpg]
[Image: img064_zpsbgt7tt2r.jpg]
[Image: img068_zps3ehjcmbu.jpg]
[Image: img067_zpsqqfb6ypg.jpg][Image: img069_zpstzu9hze6.jpg][Image: img070_zpsx9w0fbwi.jpg][Image: skull%20study_zps3qwaohi1.jpg]
[Image: gesture%204_zps4s9l388w.jpg]

Hello there one of my fav whiskeys. :3

I'm really glad you like my drawings, and i must say i think your studies are great. Your gesture studies are so different from others i saw and i find them really interesting. :D

Maybe I'm wrong but i kinda feel like you have cartoony style when you draw i was just wondering if there are any finished pieces that i can see maybe?

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May the painting skills be with you! :3
@stonedpanda03, Thanks for stopping by :D
I dont know why my drawings look so cartoony, that's not my intention. i think i just developed some kind of style from my years of doodling in school. I'm trying to do studies to make it a more real to life style but we shall see how that turns out :P
As for finished pieces? ahhhh no haha i haven't had the courage to stick to a piece long enough to the end but i am thinking about pieces that i want to do, its just i don't think i could make it look good....but soon! Blushing

Today i did some studies from some YouTube videos and websites and some "peaky blinders" comp stuff.

[Image: studies_zps5vckbsmv.jpg][Image: peaky%20blinders%20study._zpstga7nk57.jpg]

trying out a new way to do gestures and some peaky blinders sketches. i have some nose practice but it looks crap so i'll keep it too myself :P

[Image: peaky%20blinders%20sketches_zpsz8as4ogn.jpg][Image: img075_zps2kj74fyh.jpg]

Hey there,

I think you're doing great! I would also suggest going to live figure drawing classes in your area, and checking out this tool: Something else that is a great exercise is to look at the classical method, taught in ateliers in the 19th century.

There are ateliers that go through this course, and the trick is to draw it EXACTLY as you see it. This will help your hand-eye coordination and to see where things align.

Also, Glen Vilppu is the best drawing teacher out there that I've discovered.

Good luck! :)

@jqln, hey :D
unfortunately i live in a small town that doesn't have any figure drawing classes Sad i'm going to college so i should be able to start a class in September. i already use pixelovely for my gesture drawings but im looking for another site because the same pictures keep coming up.
iv heard of Glen Vilppu alright, i think he is an amazing artist and teacher....but if i'm honest i can't stay awake while he is talking haha his voice is so quite and old i just pass out every time Rolling eyes, funny thought

Today i decided to set a goal and paint 50 faces! now this is big for me because i never had a goal with art, i just mindlessly drew once in a blue moon and never really learned anything. so hopefully i can do this in my own time and get addicted to painting faces because right now i'm not Meh

#1 Ernest hemingway

[Image: 1%20hemingway_zpsjhoaluyb.jpg]

Hey man! Just had a look through the last couple of pages, you're really improving, even with the break! That straight line style you started doing on your sketch faces is a really appealing look - you can focus more on the design with those straights, keep doing those!

The petrol bomb guy made me laugh a little shamefully, cause you're Irish and I'm English and it seems I'm a little bit racist xD

Great that you started a challenge with the portraits - they really help you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Stick with that!

It was mentioned before but your values (I hate it when people tell me about my values >.< I hope you aren't the same ^^). If you are copying those from photos, make sure to squint right down when you look at the reference - you could try doing a small, quick, super loose thumbnail before you do the main painting and simplify the whole thing into three values, black white and grey. It let's you get firmly locked in mind which are the darkest parts so when you do the main painting you can be unafraid of going darker in those areas. You can then squint and look at your own work when painting and decide if you really went dark enough in those places.

Keep it up! No more long breaks : )

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@JyonnyNovice, Thanks for taking the time to comment Party
Yeah i'm trying to get the values right by squinting my eyes but i'm finding it hard at the moment. i think my values slightly improved but now i have a really rough look to my paintings.
oh and about the petrol bomb guy(thing), i think i was watching "the wind that shakes the barley" that night and the hooligan came out in me haha.

#2 Girl

[Image: 2%20girl_zpsya4azaxp.jpg][Image: img078_zps0uxk2hlk.jpg][Image: img077_zpsycavzwmo.jpg]

#3 any critique is welcome Rolling eyes, funny thought

[Image: 3%20girl_zpsbefzpwlp.jpg]

When you're doing these portraits it might be nice to get some sharper details in there. Have a look a Wojtek-Fus's portraits they're really soft and then have sharp crisp details were they need to be. Nice work though keep it up :)

@Xenzo, thank you for the advise, i'll try to keep that in mind for the next portrait i get done. Thumbs_up

[Image: master%20comp%20studys%204_zpstkoqg8cw.jpg]

just a quick idea.
I would love to be able to make this into a piece when i get good enough.

[Image: piece_zpsuovjkskh.jpg]

Some Hamptons studies and portrait #4

For this portrait i tried to not go as dark as the last portrait, at the moment i'm struggling with seeing values even when squinting my eyes but i feel i can only get better if i keep this up! Blushing

[Image: chest%20studies_zpsvtcmopd4.jpg][Image: img080_zpsc6sbqpht.jpg][Image: 4%20girl_zps4qx11gzb.jpg]

Great to see another Irish peep on CD :)
I really like your studies, the anatomy stuff especially will help you loads in the long run.

It's great to see you working on the values too. I think those 4-tone master studies are pretty successful, they're really paired back and you have more variety in edges and the darks are a lot bolder. Whereas your portraits are very soft.

One tip I learned from the others here when doing my value studies was to use good black and white photos, instead of colours. I made a 9-step value scale from black to white and before I started my study I took my time to look at the big main shapes and jot down which values I thought they were (Is that one a 7? The one next to it looks like a 5…hmm). It helped stop my brain from going into "copy" mode and actually try to work out what was going on in front of me. That goes for anatomy studies too. Then I set a timer and spent 15-30 minutes doing the study. Quick little studies trying to capture the illusion of light and form.

Keep at it dude, wanna see mooore :)

@lungcell, Thanks for stopping by Thumbs_up
I really like that value scale idea, i might give that a try next since i'm finding it so difficult with values at the moment. Thanks for the advise!

#5 Sargent study
[Image: Sargent%20study_zpswruflibm.jpg]


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