Scuse me while I kiss the sky!
Lovely work on that Sargent study. I think I'll echo what Lungcell said, it's really good advice (which I must say I myself will undertake). All I'd say is watch your edges a bit, some of them are a bit blurred in places. If you don't already do it, I recommend using the eraser tool to get rid of protruding blurred bits. But anyway, keep going!

@StardustLarva, Hi Stardust! yeah i gotta work on cleaning up those blurred lines on my studies but i just get to a point in the painting were i just think im learning nothing and i just hit the save button and never look at it again. Tongue

#6 another Sargent study
God i hate this face so sooo much, it took me awhile to even post it but f* it!

[Image: 6%20Sargent%20study5_zps4bqjzr2a.jpg]

My first time picking up a pen outside work in too long  Meh

[Image: img084_zpssmzixuql.jpg]
[Image: img083_zpsh2plngbi.jpg][Image: img082_zps8zmcgxkz.jpg]

i see you are focusing on faces i think you are going off of loomis(?)
I'd say to also do some studies of human skulls; from photos or if you have a replica on hand. it really does help with find the little nuances or the cheek and brow bones.
your on the right path with the stuff, though.

keep rockin it out!

@marjoriedavis, Thanks for stopping by  :D
No i'm not going off loomis although maybe i should. I'm trying out Hampton's approach and its going alright but i just need to practice more.
I really want to buy a skull too and i took your advice and tried to draw some skulls this week.

More Hampton's studies and some painting crap. 
everything in pen was done at work when it was quite  Stupid

[Image: img085_zpsfxiblldf.jpg][Image: img086_zpsi8k0j6cn.jpg][Image: img087_zpsjvjv5llz.jpg][Image: img088_zpsf0fsmncv.jpg][Image: big%20baby_zpstr5mktov.jpg][Image: Movie%20study%20Take%20shelter_zpsqiscbtql.jpg]

[Image: comp%20study%202_zps918zkwso.jpg]

Iv not posted much since i got back from traveling Europe. I'm still just slowly working through Hamptons book and making small bits of progress on how the human head works.
I need a schedule that fits in with my current job but im just too lazy to work it out.

I was also thinking of doing a life drawing class, either Advanced or intermediate. i dunno where i am at the moment so i'm not sure what to pick. any advice guys?

*Pukes on Sketchbook  Sick, puke

[Image: img095_zpsvok75njv.jpg][Image: img092_zpsqackxkc2.jpg][Image: img094_zpsol3tret2.jpg][Image: img089_zpsmh9yrvlq.jpg][Image: img096_zpsielfi9e4.jpg]
"I love you Daddy"
Started this as a doodle joke thing, but i'm starting to like the little.....ahhh..... guy?!??[Image: big%20baby2_zpsgiyxwivo.jpg]

Keep puckering up to the sky, man, and you're totally gonna make out with it pretty soon, hahaha. Loving the progress you're making, seriously. I actually think your doodle is going places. It reminds me of surreal/darkish black comedy comics or something. That expression XD

Just fantastic studies, too. Don't lose steam-- Enjoy this process. Thumbs_up


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@Bookend, Thank you for the comment  Blushing 

I think I'm going to start doing 30 minutes of gestures every day I decide to "Art" haha

[Image: img097_zpsvjiednkz.jpg][Image: img098_zpszvwbtvbt.jpg][Image: img099_zpsphz7vfxl.jpg]
Oh and i'm still messing around with this idea of a grumpy as hell baby haha. *I made the body more babyish. [Image: big%20baby2_zpsyovasvch.jpg]

Great gestures! Loving the baby, he's looking disgruntled, hahaha...

You rock at thumbnails, man. Can you give me tips on mine for the CHOW this week? I have no idea what I'm doing, lol. Keep up the great work! Thumbs_up


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@Bookend, Thanks for the kind words  Blushing
I left a comment about you thumbnails on your sketchbook, but again Like John snow I know nothing! 

My 5-minute figures are worst than my 1-minute figures  Meh
I really got to go back to proportions.

[Image: img100_zps7s09mzxh.jpg][Image: img101_zpskdghmfut.jpg][Image: img102_zpsx9vcxlcz.jpg]

Thanks again for your thoughts! I think they were really helpful. Grin

These are some nice figures, looks like you're really getting to know forms and how things recede and come forward!

Keep it up!


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Hey Whiskey, did'nt know you were on daggers,
keep up the Hampton stuff man helped me out a ton when I was doing studying him(should probbly go back and finish the book actually lol).
I think you should go off a different method then hamptons fro drawing the face though, perhaps I was reading it wrong but he seemed to skip over important stuff and it kinda felt like a butchered loomis method to me though if it's working for you then keep at it, Proko on youtube has a really good simplified loomis method for drawing the face as well.

Wohoho :D New studies are pretty cool. That baby, man, what pissed it off so much? xD (and i hope you'll finish it 'cause it looks badass even though its scarey as hell)

I'm really happy to see your progress. Your cartoonish style is still there and tbh i really like how you combine it with realistic elements. :D (that babay is best example for that) Keep up the good work, buddy.

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May the painting skills be with you! :3
@Bookend, I'm glad I could help :D

@Triggerpigking, Yeah I heard that Hamptons take on the head is a bit off, I just love the style he does it in. I might start working off Loomis soon too.

@StonedPanda, Thank you so much! I dunno what to do with the baby so I think I might have to come back to it after I study drapery a bit. (not sure if I will come back to it tbh).

First off... I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to you guys on here. I kinda set a goal for myself to only post in my sketchbook if I have work to show because I don't want to be 20 pages deep and have no work to show. I like that Idea and I'm going to stick to it!  Wisecracker

Gestures seem like one of the best ways to learn so many fundamentals at once so I'll try to get into a habit of doing them as much as I can. (oh and all gestures are done in pen)

I went to a figure drawing class last week and all we did was draw mannequins and I think it might be a bit too "for the beginner" for me, so I think I might try switch to a class where I draw and actual live model.

I also took part and did my first ever self-Portrait for International self-portrait day 2015  Party
Lets call it #7/50....I'm gonna finish that eventually haha

[Image: img105_zpsogbbjzrv.jpg][Image: img107_zpsplasco4r.jpg][Image: img106_zps93hfu6dh.jpg][Image: IMG_0270_zpssfljqpeu.jpg][Image: IMG_0272_zpsjnxgofpr.jpg][Image: self%20portrait%207_zpshaxv5e1l.jpg]

Hey man! Looking good! Self portrait looks pretty solid, you should be proud of that : ) In your area do they have any untutored life drawing sessions? The price is usually pretty reasonable and a lot of them you don't need to pay in advance, just whenever you go. Sounds good to do a proper drawing class but I agree that wooden mannequins don't seem that useful considering what else we have nowadays. Maybe that's just the first week, but I agree really you want a live model to practice from, since you already understand about gesture, form, foreshortening and all that. Best of luck man!

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@Jyonny, Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I asked the guy in charge if I could change to a figure drawing session (no lesson) and he said it was fine :D  I think this is going to be much better for me in the long run.

So here are my crappy sketches from the figure drawing session. I think I'm getting a small bit better, but I still have such a long journey ahead of me  Wisecracker LEGOOOOOOOOO

[Image: IMG_0288_zps5amyggd8.jpg][Image: IMG_0289_zpsppmi62qr.jpg][Image: IMG_0290_zpsqf7o4ez9.jpg][Image: IMG_0292_zpsqtisbtmf.jpg][Image: IMG_0293_zpsufkmhuir.jpg][Image: IMG_0295_zpsfvqp16m9.jpg][Image: IMG_0296_zpsvvrcr3rm.jpg][Image: IMG_0297_zpshsmp31nq.jpg][Image: IMG_0298_zpsvmbcglgi.jpg][Image: IMG_0299_zps63jsalcw.jpg][Image: IMG_0300_zpsq0q0sjzj.jpg][Image: IMG_0301_zpsv9dvwfsr.jpg][Image: IMG_0302_zpsl2nwiiuf.jpg]

Wow really nice gesture practice. :D You are doing really well. Self portrait is amazing too (i only find that left eye little odd but hey it's just me xD). One of the great sites to sketch this sort of thing and also it's great when you dont feel like going outside of your house is :D

Keep on improving my friend and thanks for stopping by my sketchbook. :3

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May the painting skills be with you! :3

First of all, this is a very nice, very solid drawing;

 I actually remember in april 2013 when i had just started drawing, i had this same mannequin and i was working at a wal mart because my parents said i needed to get a job since i didn't want to go to college. I was reading the "Natural way to Draw" by Kimon Niccolaides and he instructed to just draw a subject over and over and try to get it to look right and have energy quickly.

So i was sitting there on my break, drawing a mannequin on the desk because i really wanted to learn art and people were giving me funny looks. They'd ask me if i was an artist and i'd show them the chicken scratchy drawings of that mannequin i drew that don't even come close to the line quality you have here. Needless to say, the just kinda scratched their heads and were very polite about it... Shortly after those miserable two weeks, i quit that job after having a very introspective conversation with a coworker whose name i can't even remember...

So! Anyways, I did a little draw over here of your self portrait. The reason they say to draw the skull is to learn structure, and i highly reccomend you download this fairly quick and simple 3d software called sculptris and play around with it a bit, it will really put your drawing knowledge to the test :)

Remember to focus on structure! and keep drawing cubes and cyllinders they really help for some reason... more than anything else!

oh and i luv liquor too :)

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@stonedPanda, thanks :) I always struggle with the receding eye in 3/4 view but hopefully for not long more. I use that site a lot although I find the same pictures keep coming up (might not be that many pictures on the site) maybe I'm using it wrong tho :/

@Fedodika, Thanks for taking the time to do a paint over  Shock It looks nothing like me now but I can see so many places I could have improved from it! 
I just got a copy of Zbrush there and have actually no idea how to use it haha. I might watch a few tutorials and get back to it  Tongue
Iv been meaning to get a skull to draw and paint but I just keep putting it off haha
Thanks again!!!!!

I opened photoshop today after a long break to do a portrait study to find I had no idea where to start, I was just lost.... I forgot the technique I guess. now I just find photoshop scary  Sad

Back to pen and paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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