Frainfreezes's sketchbook
[Image: 0Ehkbl9.png]I don't believe anyone will read this or be interested. This post, this whole thread actually, has been some kind of my personal diary rather than strictly art uploads. So I guess it's worth noting that there has been some serious shit going on lately, mostly in my head. My whole life I have been trying to get away from art but it seems I always come back to it somehow. I tried avoiding being who I am, I tried to look up to people I 'shouldn't', I tried being friends with people I usually wouldn't consider being friends with, et cetera. 

In the process, I started losing something precious that life has given to me, including my frequent wild and most intricate dreams. I didn't want it consciously but my actions and life's flow had knocked my teeth down my throat which made me come back to my senses. I found myself again, the meaning and all that.  Starting a new, again xD.

Throughout last 2 months, I had the need, and I did get rid of most of my possessions. Sold some stuff, donated other. Left only a few books and miscellaneous. Today I finally came to one of my most precious items, my Intuos pen S. it might be Wacom's cheapest tablet I found but I had it for a while now, used it tonnes, made some shitty art and there are lot's of memories to it.

I'll paint one more painting with the tablet and then borrow it for awhile or gift it to my friend. Once that's done I'll start with a traditional approach, graphite and then ink. Something I was always scared off. No undo or smudging the thing and painting on a new layer : )


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