Frainfreezes's sketchbook
Hi I am new the Crimson Daggers. 

My goal is to become a professional, however before that I have a ton of practice to do. Right now i want to concentrate on fundamentals. 

Critics and comments are highly welcome and appreciated! 
[Image: NZEN8cz.png][Image: gaVEvdp.png][Image: y2nJwL9.png][Image: NfKOtbs.png][Image: qEwz87o.jpg][Image: 0CmsCO6.jpg][Image: rFeFnLZ.jpg][Image: CzL0IsW.jpg][Image: U2Nk0qK.jpg]
Welcome aboard! I assume, you already know the fundamentals that you need to work on. So continue hustling, and eventually you will get there :D

Looking forward to see your progression throughout the weeks.
Welcome to daggers, keep grinding on those fundamentals and do some still lives aswell.

Omg this is super, I really love your studies. I need to work on that stuff too >_<" Welcome to Crimson Dagger btw! You are totally on your way to becoming a professional! :D

Aspiring visual development artist for Nintendo!

Constructive criticism and opinions are always appreciated, please check out my Sketch Book.

Thank you all! I really, really appreciate your replies. 
These pictures bellow are from my paper sketchbook, first from 27.03. and last from 10.06. 2015.
(I am aware how much they suck, but I will hopefully improve and redraw it better in future)

[Image: iLNsTGxm.jpg]
[Image: XlRhXFVm.jpg]
[Image: ArNvmEum.jpg]
[Image: RpR7CAYm.jpg]
[Image: 1YkP5c9m.jpg]
[Image: m6buYUkm.jpg]
[Image: vXuXdLZm.jpg]
[Image: TAFhcGmm.jpg]
[Image: 8nr2tYEm.jpg]
[Image: mWRwlKkm.jpg]
[Image: 2FQOd5Cm.jpg]
[Image: fHrQFWBm.jpg]
[Image: Xw8pbzkm.jpg]
[Image: Ki1lpaUm.jpg]
[Image: KDsHBvsm.jpg]
[Image: 8XCTyKhm.jpg]
[Image: X8JUFh3m.jpg]
[Image: Ks4lITcm.jpg]
[Image: E5lP7kXm.jpg]
[Image: AVlWpHim.jpg]
[Image: Zhy9wvYm.jpg]
[Image: 0V7GVoCm.jpg]
[Image: YxvHpLcm.jpg]
[Image: KmYWpzbm.jpg]
[Image: afSfkqsm.jpg]
[Image: lpEjTLGm.jpg]
[Image: jkzsdpJm.jpg]
[Image: DjyPwURm.jpg]
[Image: x6PwMXYm.jpg]
[Image: YtyUhQ2m.jpg]
[Image: MQDFafSm.jpg]
[Image: V72QOmEm.jpg]
[Image: yqp4MKdm.jpg]
[Image: 0IN6BpEm.jpg]
[Image: f2zAqoPm.jpg]
[Image: iigqONim.jpg]
[Image: dlVgD0Mm.jpg]
[Image: 8u8QlQYm.jpg]
Although I am still not supposed to do painting I made some for "60 days painting challenge".

[Image: QcjZLdK.png][Image: mihzQuF.png][Image: yXJ3za0.jpg][Image: qm6N8cj.jpg]
Welcome to CD sillypandanyan : )

After a week messing with a new graphics tablet I took a vacation from drawing. Like, I drew for few hours and gave up. Finnaly I decided to fight with laziness and produce some art.
Idea is to make 12 times x 12 weeks long self teaching / improvement course with a week free between courses ("week 13"). Reading books, watching tutorials, drawing both traditionally and digitally, and working out, studying for school, learning new skills and programming in pauses.

*** Week 1 ***
Day 1. - Noah Art camp season 2 - Wk1 - Seeing & Drawing (video)
Lines and eclipses, Inktober 1,2

Day 2. - Lines and eclipses 
Art and fear (book)

Day 3. - Lines, elcipses and boxes
Sycra - drawing forms, How to Draw in Proportion Part 1 of 2,
How to Draw in Proportion Part 2 of 2

Day 4. - Value studies, 5 more sycra videos, Moar boxes, Inktober 3,4,5
  Video: Noah's art camp 'Week 1 - master studies'

Day 5. - MOAR BOXES, lines and eclipses, watched whole CGcookie 'INTRODUCTION TO 2D ART'
Color study (just messing around with brushes and their settings)
Inktober 6

Day 6. - Photoshmashing (doesn't count, just noted)
Finished book : The art of sketching by G. Frainpont
        Video: Noah's art camp 'Week 11 - Color and Light'
Drew spoons, finished ctrl paint unpluged tutorials (will rewatch most)

Day 7. - Video: Noah's art camp 'Week 11 - drawing from imagination'
Thumbnails study - 30min

----total time digital: 8h 30min
----total time traditional: 16h 30min

Mostly following , I like its teaching style
Master studies. Creating value thumbnails
and color ones using master art pieces. Mostly
just trying out how to blend, how to setup/create/modify
photoshop and krita brushes. 3 hours each

Drew traditionaly: lines, eclipses and boxes.
Starting with basic perspective

Drew spoons and lines to get hang of how to use the tablet - 
I still can't control the damn thing.

Drew some thumbnails.
It is very important to note that we should
draw sketches from imagination every single day,
we also shouldn't care if they look like shit
because it is normal. One should spend from 
half an hour up to hour and half on each 
(an hour straight would be best). We should make
to apply our knowledge because when doing them we
cover all the subjects we learnabout, value,
color, light, perspective etc.

[Image: F0hLSpGm.jpg]
[Image: WE71QVgm.jpg]
[Image: KWjzYoJm.jpg]
[Image: hH9oGnOm.jpg]
[Image: 8p7IdM2m.jpg]
[Image: ruDyBMMm.jpg]
[Image: M2AOHcfm.jpg]
[Image: BoMLxaHm.jpg]
[Image: viEuMk9m.jpg]
[Image: wzbqKtom.jpg]
[Image: kB8o3Rgm.jpg]
[Image: mjmbzPDm.jpg]
[Image: 3UO6Pxrm.jpg]
[Image: UhBFx6Zm.jpg]
[Image: SJt4H5Gm.jpg]
[Image: UzDttmYm.jpg]
[Image: BHTywLhm.jpg]
[Image: x7JbAJrm.jpg]
[Image: UfwtSvim.jpg]
[Image: SXdJvh7m.jpg]
[Image: 4muXtQzm.jpg]
[Image: LXoaNPpm.jpg]
[Image: 8uuuFhbm.jpg]
[Image: ZApiZLDm.jpg]
[Image: RTOOW60m.jpg]
[Image: EUpqBrym.jpg]
[Image: YYYJJ0Sm.jpg]
[Image: 87lBt7Lm.jpg]
[Image: wAiG0P4m.jpg]
[Image: kjlNcL4m.jpg]
[Image: Dv78f43m.jpg]
[Image: iW0Rftgm.png]
[Image: VxvRjWYm.jpg]
[Image: 1Rv7yqRm.jpg]
[Image: 7iuAQeDm.jpg]

Keep up the studies man, they are great !
Toxicpanda thank you
Raphael_Nadeau thanks!

Completly wasted last week. Will have to work even harder this one.
Also, I might stop posting every 7 days because uploading images and writing post takes quite a lot of time actually :<

*** Week 2 ***
Wasn't able to work most of the week.
Lanscape guache painting, value studie,
color study.

----total time digital: 2h 30min
----total time traditional: 30min

Met Toxicpanda and Živko Kondić IRL
Erm, yeah, other than that I haven't done much this week

[Image: V6y1YZVm.png]
[Image: V22FMkZm.jpg]
[Image: W95NKt2m.jpg]
[Image: nijRerim.jpg]
[Image: 4zH2nDkm.jpg]

I wasted this week as well and I have absolutely no excuses this time

*** Week 3 ***
Day 1.(15th) - nyothing :<

Day 2. - figures and light theory, FZU portfolio videos
blending and shading practice, brush test

Day 3. - spheres, inktober

Day 4. - moar spheres (now in color as well! ) and moar inktober (done few days in advance)

Day 5. - more inktober, master 1

Day 6.(20th) - inktober, master 2

Day 7. - master 3, values, inktober

----total time digital: 8h 30min
----total time traditional: 4h 30 min

Light sheets don't count as I made them in 
>15min instead of written notes.
I can render stuff with only 2 brushes ^^ that eases life.
Value study and master studies - quality over quantity! 
I have done shitty jib with studies this week, I rushed to much
and haven't really been focused on what I am doing.
Learned about seeing masses, objects, 
colors and value, general art theory 
and approaches bit of perspective too. (I think. I hope :f )

Definitely not working enough, 
I need to use my time even better.

[Image: B46Kv4tm.jpg]
[Image: EY2kGlGm.png]
[Image: 7ViAivmm.png]
[Image: xA8w4Hgm.jpg]
[Image: AtLSX9Pm.png]
[Image: VfcCsFUm.jpg]
[Image: Xbdrk1zm.jpg]
[Image: J75rTyNm.jpg]
[Image: Y8Lp39em.jpg]
[Image: EqYDi3jm.jpg]
[Image: rOXFdO1m.jpg]
[Image: x9TkaLSm.jpg]
[Image: 7yiywGmm.jpg]
[Image: R5jAik7l.jpg]
[Image: b228aFxl.jpg]
[Image: kaov1s2l.jpg]

Inktober post.

[Image: hV1OiQfl.jpg]
[Image: zsqGF0ul.jpg]
[Image: jKBGxPfl.jpg]
[Image: vSfuiVll.jpg]
[Image: u5uDTRpl.jpg]
[Image: lU2GQnpl.jpg]
[Image: 0ZxiDtVl.jpg]
[Image: tUI6c7Kl.jpg]
[Image: D1X3V2El.jpg]
[Image: e7S80ghl.jpg]
[Image: ERCnURpl.jpg]
[Image: 2y6SpAal.jpg]

Plenty of good work going on here, I like your inktober stuff.

I think you could really improve the building ones by applying your perspective studies to them, really get everything sitting nicely in perspective.

It's great that you're not afraid to take on complex objects and environments though, that'll pay off for sure.

*** Week 4 - 9 ***

--time unknow, lets say 50h (was more like 80 but ok, I am dumb )

Painting naked girls doesn't help anything. Meh. Landscapes ftw.
Color can appear different depending on surrounding colors.
Oh, and spoons too. 250 of them.
I hate spoons, they are creepy AF, yet so smooth, round, shiny [heavy breathing] .
Lost bunch of studies by using cut and paste on USB
Still can't figure out how to use brushes efficiently in digital painting.
Painted few "spacescapes" from my latest dream.

*note for my future self: use medium thumb, linked for msg boards*
[Image: SEfanTRm.jpg] [Image: semotjNm.jpg] [Image: DyuFr12m.jpg] [Image: 3pIHnqMm.jpg] [Image: W33tQ38m.jpg] [Image: ASBhlBWm.jpg] [Image: V1BVAR7m.jpg] [Image: KNjdY3Im.jpg] [Image: 9hw8xslm.jpg] [Image: LcJcWaVm.jpg] [Image: VvXyo4Sm.jpg] [Image: dsPIzOem.jpg] [Image: 9cI7PJMm.png] [Image: AYVflvam.jpg] [Image: AGBb02vm.jpg] [Image: A3pSkGfm.jpg] [Image: 7iedmGrm.jpg] [Image: sEdQnCTm.jpg] [Image: YWKInP0m.jpg] [Image: ZWOs0AUm.jpg] [Image: entdVCFm.jpg] [Image: UlXxqNxm.jpg] [Image: hxa4yJCm.jpg] [Image: XrwfA2lm.png] [Image: GCezbSEm.jpg] [Image: NCkX1Bsm.jpg] [Image: mhq5vphm.jpg] [Image: hfT9OyIm.jpg] [Image: YIaceOHm.jpg] [Image: zst6uLBm.jpg] [Image: wCiAxWam.jpg] [Image: P1vJgUCm.png] [Image: FOHT3h0m.jpg] [Image: OV8g4fJm.jpg] [Image: q65UcQWm.jpg] [Image: w4P2KE1m.jpg] [Image: QUFp7LWm.jpg] [Image: qczyGnjm.jpg] [Image: r0Vr2inm.jpg] [Image: S8AVq78m.png] [Image: Z9IeN3Dm.jpg]

Thats a lot of work! Theres a little bit of everything. Great job!

I decided to post because I am freaking out that I will lose the studies again.

*** Week 10 ***
Day 1. - spent day being sick behind my pc (read as "programming on ma pc beast")

Day 2. - lying in the bed being sick (read as "puking over laptop while programing")

Day 3. 5th - feeling tad better (acually I couldn't wait to make some art) Grzegorz Rutkowski study, downloaded dozens of brush packs, tried every single brush, cleaned my library and now am using only 5 brushes

Day 4. - Study of Gregor R.'s Wiseman - head  

Day 5. - Study of Gregor's Wiseman - whole thing from scratch

Day 6. -

Day 7. -

----total time digital: 5h
----total time traditional: none(few, but nothing really)

meh. Waiting for holidays.
[Image: 2SecDhzm.png]
Copyright goes to Grzegorz Rutkowski used without permission. 
[Image: ISTjz4Km.jpg]
Portrait study of a friend
[Image: mjQq3OQm.png]
I threw previous portrait study in my game, for lolz or something.
[Image: Bo6NmhOm.png]
Repeat (also some brushes testing :3 ):
[Image: 859fXR4m.png]
[Image: wKrs6jam.jpg]
[Image: 19MjDRnm.png]

For your Grzegorz Rutkowski study, the values are spot on but I think you should spend more time getting the drawing as accurate as possible- for example the original head is narrower at top, smaller cheekbones etc.. Then you have a more solid foundation for your painting. Keep up the good work!

(12-03-2015, 06:41 AM)Adam Lina Wrote: Thats a lot of work! Theres a little bit of everything. Great job!
Thanks for dropping by! Your sketchbook is hugeee inspiration for me.

(12-06-2015, 10:22 PM)kmink Wrote: For your Grzegorz Rutkowski study, the values are spot on but I think you should spend more time getting the drawing as accurate as possible- for example the original head is narrower at top, smaller cheekbones etc.. Then you have a more solid foundation for your painting.  Keep up the good work!
Took your advice and made the study again, definitely better results. Thanks a bunch!

I made something.
Free download 
Everyone likes free stuff ^^, right?
[Image: cMsH1Z.png]

*** Week 12-13 ***
A cloud study.
And Nyothing More! Yay!
----total time digital: none
----total time traditional: 1h 30 min

########## Conclusion ##########
----total time digital: 74h 30min
----total time traditional: 32h
and that's only a 106 hours and 30 minutes folks! (bit more than hour a day)

Books: Loomis Figure Draw, Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life, 
Molly-Bang-picture-this , and some other I don't find worth opening again.

Videos: toxicpanda, ctrl paint, noah's art camp, FZU, sycra and some others

Other tutorials: rocks. PSG art tutorial!

Few words about the course: I don't really know, I feel like I haven't really done anything so I have to do that much more in next one.[Image: Pk5Ck5.jpg]


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