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Hey guys, big batch of shit I've done slowly these days.
I'm glad to see you all still working hard. I will be back at this bitch hard for the next few months. Life still uncertain, but pressure is at its highest. Artist bot, Awesome consistency man, Glad to see you doing those studies on a daily basis! Keep it up bro.
Trigger, nice work, going at those fundamentals still. That consistency in the perspective department will do wonders for you later.
eyliana, Great stuff! nice to see you doing some traditional work too! There is too much work for me to catch up and comment one by one, but, starting tomorrow, I'm in this with you once more.

Keep pushing.

[Image: 32JIBJo.png]
[Image: XF3g88z.png]

[Image: mDi9Etb.png][Image: gLy46ih.png]
[Image: KgsnrzF.png]
[Image: KdFyByj.png]
[Image: 2XKqIzR.png]
[Image: TJjDNEy.png]
[Image: V5oPHUV.png]
[Image: YkbOt5g.png]
[Image: woB6Ubz.jpg]

Great stuff Jeso! The muscles look good (although I don't know actually muscle anatomy ;)). Good to see all the work you have done.

I did a self portrait tonight, weird stuff! Anatomy is getting better, not sure if this is me though :P.

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9tgm39.jpg]

And perspective, circle, ellipsis, other stuff:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9tfqgk.jpg]

Good to see you back Jeso.
Nice imagination stuff, there's still something really bugging me about the eyes though, maybe try and put aside some time to study them more?.

Eyeliana:i'm up to ellipses as well now, considering buying some ellipse guides but they are'nt cheap..and by not cheap I mean 100 odd pounds XD.
Make sure to keep doing them ellipse excercises at the start of the book.
Just random perspective stuff, getting into the ellipses now which i'm told are the most important part of the book.
Have'nt been drawing as much as I should be though, got my first pair of glasses 3 days back and trying to get adjusted to them has been making my eyes tired and draining my energy(though it's been better today).

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Hey Trigger, what eyes in specific do you mean? There is a few styles in the stuff I posted, un less you mean just all my eyes in general.. haha.

Hey cool stuff bro, are you doing the Scott robertson book thing? also, there is some really cheap ass elipses guides in art stores. 100 pounds though.. what the heck, is that made of gold?

Destiny slaps me in the face once more.. as I was quick to talk... I will find myself now... Waxing up floors at HEB on the night shifts for a living... Ah! so much for that pretty college degree of mine...
well.. there you go..

Screw the degree judgements, do what you need to man :) It's not permanent. We all have to be working stiffs at some point in order to give us the impetus to work even harder on what we really want. Make it happen!

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Ay ay! Well hey, maybe one day I'll be like Maciej, or Antony Jones, haha, coming back from janitorship into greatness. I can only hope and dont give up. Staying Strong.

If it makes you feel better man, I have to go back into an office job until I can get rid of the house. I know the pain, it feels like I am being forced to eat my own soul and shit it out, and eat it again, but it's important to stay positive and realise it is all temporary. Life is temporary. :)

I see it as an opportunity to not worry about money, and then spend my free time working on my own projects finally without having to whore myself out as a freelancer and not making ends meet until I can reduce my expenses to a minimum and try again. Make sure you use your spare time well. Playtime!!

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I believe what trigger is referring to about your eyes is that how you're drawing them now, they're not quite seated in the skull perspective-wise. When you draw them, it looks like a flat shape arbitrarily placed on the face shape rather than part of a constructive form. Some studies of the concave structure of the eye socket, brow + cheek bone along with the sphere of the eye should help you to visualize and rectify the error.

Jeso:Vicanius said it better then I could haha. Yeah, the eyes look very pasted on, maybe look at some of the really good anime artists out there and study how they did it?. Kawacy and Cushart krenz paint very appealing eyes imo.

Also not kidding about the ellipse guides, I can't find them anywhere though, this is literally the cheapest set I can find XD.
There's one or two on there for about 2 pounds, but only come in one size and not a set, plus these are just better quality, extortionate price though.
Recently got some tracing paper so I can start making better use of the grids, all I need now are some good ellipse guides that won't cost me an arm, leg or soul.
i'm thinking that maybe the ones with the vp off the page are better suited to objects rather then buildings which i'm currently trying to draw in them.

Also trying to learn blender now, did this from a tutorial series i'm working through.

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@ Trigger; Yeah, problem with does ellipse guides is that you need a ton of them. I try to do two pages of ellipses everyday, maybe they get better at some point.

Did draw a train today! Ellipses on the wheel and the chimneys are off. But otherwise quite oke. And continued on the acrylic. Slowly getting somewhere, the face and hair still needs some work though.

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9towep.jpg]

[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9towjt.jpg]

@eyeliana Yeah i'm doing the same, i've improved with a certain degree of ellipse but the really small ones and especially the larger degrees are still very difficult for me.

Just more ellipses and stuff, i'm having a lot of difficutly with some of these, plus there's the probelm that since i'm not proficient with drawing ellipses it's hard to tell if the minor axis or degree is off, or if i've just badly drawn them.

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Last few weeks have been rough...anyway,

Working on a Zorn master copy..

[Image: vGVvOFF.jpg]

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Artistebot:Nice work, the original paintign seems to have a lot more warmer colours on the left though.

Started a 3d model of grunty from banjo kazooie.
And before i move forward i'm gonna go  over the mirroring techniques for the perspective book again, trying to do it freehand and checking my mistakes with a ruler.
I'm building more perspective grids as well, drawing them on a3 paper and using a4 tracing paper as an overlay.

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Great stuff Trigger! I have not yet gathered to courage to make the grids.

I have been busy making some watercolour charts for myself. One colour chart and a mixing chart. And of course my daily cilinders and lines.  I really need to get back to some serious perspective studies and want to try full body anatomy and bargue studies. But getting started on something new is a paint :P.

And I finished the acryl lady:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9uid36.jpg]

Hey guys, passing through, im late for work, but, I did Ryu, yet again, just for fun.

[Image: L1cYLX8.jpg]

Nice Acrylic painting! Good to see it finished. Although I wish it was tighter and more defined, its got an interesting texture to it. I actually like the roughness. Good job.


Damn son, look at you go at those perspective practices! Those looking tighter and tighter, like you are getting much better at handling the medium and the subject!

Nice studies as usual. But with master studies, specially by Zorn, try to get something out of it, thats special, as opposed to just studying a subject, like you would in studying from a photo. For example, learn about the stroke economy in Zorn's work. Like how he would paint a hair chunk on one stroke, or a fold, as opposed to several little chops of strokes, know what i mean? Same for values, Values and color are super important things to study during master studies, cause those old masters were able to nail those so freaking well. Good work!

Jeso:Nice work, I like how you're painting the skin tones with these, the eyes still look off though, it's frustrating that I can't figure out what exactly it is(form maybe?), Istebrak did a vid on painting anime while keeping realistic lighting, maybe give it a watch.

More perspective, gonna start on the crimson crucible today, i'm having an issue with some of these turning ellipses into perfect squares, some of them are easy but then there's some where the middle point can only be touched with a very small ellipse but then I can't get the minor axis to match up.

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Trying to pick up where I left off and seek some emotional peace too.

Going to stick to master copies for now...

[Image: tkNuC0p.jpg]

A video game artist for ~2 decades I like to design model & animate characters + study traditional drawing painting & sculpting

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Hey BOT! Nice study man, you nailed those colors. A bit of issues with the head proportions, but is all good bro.

Hey Trigger, Nice perspective practice as usual! I'd love to see you put it to practice. Draw a simple building or something.

Couple thingies.

[Image: 25955740506_b2950a3bb0_b.jpg]

[Image: 25348949604_6947b2719e_b.jpg]


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