My goal for this year: learn basic digi-painting. I have some tutorials bookmarked, but if anyone has some good beginner stuff to recommend, that'd be sweet.

Here are some old drawings. Hello to Concept Art dot org peeps. 088

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All right, so digi-painting is still on hold. I'm reviewing a bunch of drawing fundamentals first, before I let myself paint.

I'm starting with Michael Hampton's figure drawing book, which I went through 3+ years ago. I think my gestures are okayish, but could definitely be better, in three areas:

1) Proportion and direction/orientation: aka, am I pointing limbs etc in the right direction?
2) Line quality and accuracy: the marks I make, especially when under the gun, e.g. during a gesture, are rarely what I envision in my head. Angles are wrong, line lengths are wrong, curves are wonky. Ghosting lines doesn't seem to help much. I tend to make a mess and draw over lines many times (on paper) or undo (digitally).
3) Sense of volume and perspective: I understand the concept of wrapping lines. For some reason, they don't seem to help my gestures much. Maybe it's got something to do with point #2.

If anyone can give me pointers on any of the above, me love you long time.

Anyway, some digital stuff. See what I mean re: the above three points? 2-min gestures:

And some constructions:

My kind of sketchbook, ass an titties! keepem comin.

I'm in love In love In love In love
absolutely gorj work man - killing me with the dynamism, srsly 10/10 will stalk your sb again

Dennis Kutsenko: haha, not sure I wanna be known for that going forward, but we'll see.

smrr: thank you, madam!


My entry for a recent character design contest. Rushed through it in a day. I def see areas that need improvement, but it's staying as is for now:

Early work on the next contest, which I'm probably not going to use:

Thing for a friend:


Great sketches! Keep this up!

That zombie slicing the head in half with the axe is fucking sick! You should finish it.

Piotr Jasielski: thank you. That's the plan.

Adam Lina: thanks, yeah, that's a favorite of mine too. It's on a short list of things to work on next.


aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. More CHOWs and doodles.


I really like the one with the girl pouring poison in the coffee, and the sketches you did for it. Quite mischievous and strangely seductive.

Is she the one drinking the "poison" hinted at with her green eyes, adding to her toxic personality perhaps? Some powerful symbolism there either way.


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