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darktiste:  Great suggestion, I just updated my signature to include links to my social media, thank you!  I'm actually pretty terrible with social media and networking in general, haven't had a lot of success with that unfortunately, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

mieksta:  My pleasure, I always save a ton of steps and I like showing my process, hope you found it useful!


Started on a new sketch, spent quite some time bringing this one to life.  It depicts a scene in the underworld, so I'm likely gonna go with a reddish/hellish color palette for this one.  Here is the final sketch, any feedback before I begin painting it in would be greatly appreciated!

great sketch and awesome that you can stick with this myth theme to keep developing new pieces for.

The characters look great. Iconic and familiar story but with some nice unanswered questions : )

I think maybe you could push the depth more in the rest of the scene, especially with the foreground. The boat feels quite long, going off the character size differences but the foreground rocky part with the candles there is not much size variation (also comparing the candles on shore with the candles on the boat). Unless that rocky part is actually a slope and not flat ground - it feels like flat ground to me right now. The background mountains also feel really close, feels like she could use some breathing room around her (but then you can do that with colours and values so maybe not important!).

There's some tangent with the birds, I'm sure you'd notice and fix those anyway but right now the path from the woman through the birds sticks out and feels odd - probably because of the tangents. Lastly, maybe a little too detail heavy on the left side of the image? with the FG birds, woman, the boat details behind her and the birds in the sky it feels just a little unbalanced - maybe a load more hands in the water on the right?

Maybe it could work with a bigger canvas? some more water and rocks and the characters/boat smaller?

Just my gut reactions anyway! Possibly some stuff in there that's not so important since I only looked at it for a few minutes. Hope it's useful anyway! Love the concept and looking forward to seeing it come together!

This one probably going to be my favorite piece of you so far.I would say try go even more creative replace the bird with spirit flying around i think you could get a few reference from harry potter on those.What i like about this piece is how you have created depth with the foreshorting boat will be interesting to see how you develop the mood you could try to do a few mood interation with different color see what you like before committing.

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