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Still life Day 3/21
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Hands fail studies

Still life Day 4/21

Yesterdays hands were terrible as you can see but I wanted to see where I'm at and now I know haha. So today I started proper studies from start and tried them to draw from memory which are the ones with the letter I.

Great work, keep up those hands studies! I downloaded your Asaro heads pack btw, thank you! I hope they'll help me to understand the head form better :)

These are fantastic! I'm really enjoying your value studies. I'd like to jump in and try to do some also, but I'm focusing on animation for the moment. Maybe in a few months...

But keep up the good work! Loving your stuff :)

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@neopatogen Thanks! If you need anything else, a specific angle just ask and will make some for you. I'm planning on some new resources for poses too.
@Arapersonica Thank you! If I can be any help to you just say so, eventhough I'm not that good ;p I can always find some good resources.

Still life Day 5/21

Still life Day 6/21

Bad perspective, will get more into that upcoming weeks. Doing figures, hands and armor studies (and then from memory to remember them) aswell but will post them other time when I fill some sheets.

Still life Day 7/21

More studies and some sketches:

Hey, your sketchbook really look amazing, nice work with landscape, and ''still life'' painting it looks so realistic.

@Lussios Thank you :D

Last 2 days I was lacking time but here are the 2 daily 1 hour studies. Tommorow will be full day of drawing again.

Still life Day 8/21

Still life Day 9/21

haha I love that character in you latest still life, super cute! Also good job with landscapes, maybe in green landscape you could play with temperature some more to get more variety in your colour scheme. I'm trying to do more landscapes lately as well and it's super difficult for me to wrap my head around.
@BjorkJT thanks! and yes it's difficult indeed. I'm still trying to find out colors and getting certain moods etc. We just got to keep pushing, it will come to us one day hehe

You seem to manage values and color in general pretty well in your studies however your own enviros tend to get too dark in the darker areas. I think that's the main problem, you have a nice eye for color though. You could try doing some simplified paintings - look at Slash Razor's entry for CC1 for example - and just try to keep the darks in a still visible color range.

Keep up the great work :)

@Piotr Thank you! I will check that out and give it a go. I do fall for it everytime, I always end up too dark in the end.

Daily hour

Still life Day 10/21

Still life Day 11/21

Sorry if I'm not that active during the week, this is because of work and I'm working on the CC. I'll catch up with viewing/posting on your sketchbooks in the weekends! Anyways here are the daily 1 hours before work, got to keep up the momentum of practising!

Still life Day 12/21

Still life Day 13/21

Update daily hour.

Still life Day 14/21

Still life Day 15/21

Still life Day 16/21

These still lifes are amazing! Seriously really inspiring stuff. I want to get painting now!

Thank you newl! :D

Still life Day 17/21

Still life Day 18/21 - Failday, no focus at all but still pumped an hour out :p

Still life Day 19/21

Still life Day 20/21

I've finished my 2nd 21 days a few days ago, here is the last one. I'll be starting a new one again with another subject wich I still need to think about. By doing these 21 quick stillifes it made me a bit more comfortable in recognizing colors and seeing perspective, plus I got a peek at painting differen materials.

Still life Day 21/21

Good to see you doing still lives, not many people put a enough time into them(me included)


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