Elderscroller´s 80s Rock CC 1: GoT Game?
Better late than never....Just read about the Crucible on Tuesday and although it is not much time, I thought I´ll give it a try, see how far I would get.

So I first had some ideas about ancient Game of Thrones (greek, roman), but changed my mind to these ideas:

First one is a napoleonic Tywin Lannister with a musket-iron throne, second one is a Ned Stark set in a horror genre (here as a werewolf of course), and the thrid one is a wacky idea of setting GoT into an 80s metal hair band genre, something like a Battle of the Bands. The Bandname Casterly Rock is actually a no-brainer :) And what character represents Rock&Roll better than Tyrion. So this is the idea I´m going for...

I had a composition in mind and did some value comps:

The throne should include guitars instead of swords. So I fired up sketchup to do a quick 3D model using an iron throne model and one of a gibson guitar. (after that, I stumbled upon a reallife guitar throne on the net....dohh)

I then did some studies and sketches to get a feel for Tyrions physique and to get down some ideas:

After deciding for a comp, I did a first lighting, color sketch (pink neon sign has to be for an 80s setting :D ):

Now it was time for some character designs:

So that´s my progress so far. Don´t know if the deadline is a bit tight for me, but I´ll finish the illustration anyway :)

Amazing idea! would love to see it finished!

Damn, great idea!

Haha I love it! Not much time indeed, but I wish you good luck and streangth to persevere. It's awesome :)

Great idea! I'm sure you can pull it off in time : ) I think the 3rd outfit design is good - his hair looks the most recognisably like Tyrion in that one (I think)

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Haha cool! Nice drawings already.

oh first time I seen this post, haha very cool ideas, love the Tyrion designs... good to see what you come up with.... instead of "Winter is Coming" or new Daggers motto should be "Time is Short"

great stufff
Your idea is now my fave so far ahahaha so gooooooood

I really wanna see this finished In love so kick ass!! In love In love

Very cool concept! And it's already looking amazing. I liked the second outfit best.

Omigosh this is great! Love it. Reminds me of the sculpture of rock guitars at the EMP museum; so awesome! Loving the throne design; also the second Tyrion design.

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Haha! This is perfect, and your studies are spot on. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
haha sweeeeeeeeeeeet, and frikkin' hilarious. We artist's tend to stray on the serious side a lot. I am so happy to see you inject some real humour into this.

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Thanks to all of you for your kind comments! I´m super pumped to get this finished!

Today I did some more studies mainly because I don´t know yet what facial expression Tyrion will have. First I wanted something crazy, but I think it will be a bit more calm in the end, which would be more Tyrion-like

Also, I´ve been working on the BG all day long, so it is almost in a finished state (details,accessories and final lighting is still missing as it will be the last painting step). I also made sort of a placeholder pose. Next up will be the actual character design with finished pose and expression and then rendering out the character. 24 hours to go.....

Woah, good job man! Also great idea. Hope you make it.

That's a really cool idea, and the execution is also really good.


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wow that is awesome!
Thanks guys! If I´m not really off estimating the time I need to finish, I guess, I can at least get it to a presentable state.

Been working on character design and rendering today. Here´s a WIP from an earlier state today with a corrected anatomy (boy that is really hard when someone is not of the usual proportions, still not sure if I got it right,but too late for that now :) ) Decided to use the expression I last studied as I think it fits the character nicely. Hair is not done yet

Rendering character, adding details, correcting lighting is the final steps....Just a few hours left


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