Salami Train's sketchbook
Hi everybody!
I'm an art student from Russia, decided to start my sketchbook here.
Already doing art for 2 or 3 years, but my art is still crappy i think.
Here's some of me art pieces
Will be happy to make art friends and learn together!
P.S. Sorry me for my grammar Blushing

[Image: 6EcQ0_In51U.jpg][Image: andrey-naumov-.jpg?1456610776][Image: andrey-naumov-3-2.jpg?1458919076]
Welcome to the forums. Very nice drawings to start off with and gotta love your name hehe! Keep it up.

Brush Noir, oh thank you man, glad to see you here!
So, to start, here's the 1,5 hour sketch of an alien prince
Need to study metal rendering more, i think
[Image: WWUkunT.png]

Gosh that monster clown Nervous smile, ahehe
Your art is not crappy. It looks great)

Monster clown looks sick :D

Prabu, Crackedskull, thank you very much, guys! Huh, idea of that clown i took from my girlfriend's nightmare, it was so cool to draw that
Here's new sketch for that barbarian from opening post for this thread. Need to rework that piece totally, i think.
What about this sketch, i don't like neck, necks is my weakness in art skill(don't know how to tell this in a proper way, sorry)
Also lost some mood of sketch on one of stages, when i was drawing left eye. Don't know how to fix that :(

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I guess I'll parrot everybody else by saying that that clown is really cool man. Well done!
Here's some studies, most from Bridgman, drapery is old one, but i like it
All of this is still difficult to me, but fun, heh

[Image: O8948KG.png][Image: GKwxOpi.png][Image: vmxi2PB.png]

Studies again, and portrait from imagination.
[Image: H1Ef9PT0nTU.jpg]
[Image: c0vXi5q-IN8.jpg][Image: Q44AQKxuDOw.jpg][Image: GtdQnTYt3Bk.jpg][Image: sw43FGYG7_k.jpg]

Remake of barbarian from 1st post in this thread
10+- hours, it was hard, but i've learn a lot from this piece
[Image: KUqOfgC4k-k.jpg]

Whoa that's some pretty astonishing improvement in a single page. Everything about that second barbarian painting is better than the first; the forms. values, the overall design, even the background is better. Impressive stuff man.

[/b]Thank you, man, i just try to become better and better
Here's new piece, it's my longest(about time, lol, don't shure i'm telling it in a proper way) picture, lot of exp and i'm so tired, but feel that's, maybe, good art piece, don't know, i've been blinded by many hours of working on it
[Image: andrey-naumov-1500.jpg?1461882856]

So last week i've playing Oblivion soo much and i remember that in my childhood i wasn't like design of Liches, and now i can paint my own redesign!
Meet the new Lich
[Image: IDdFqDZFcHk.jpg]


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