CC3 Neopatogen Desert raider
Here's what I've got so far! 
My thimbs were so bad that I decided to do compositional master studies, 2nd attachment. They helped tremendously and I found new favourite masters!
I wanted to have creatures in my illustration, creeping from behind to the hunter or guarding the artifact.
For now the last comp with the bike is my favourite so I'll start making a sketch from this one, fixing the perspective and  so on. 
And a ruins-in-desert-study, tried to simplify and not to spend excessive time on it.

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Your work ethic is fantastic. Keep at it!

oooh, I'm liking the biker thumb also! Great start!

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Nice start, the bike looks geat. It reminds me of tomb raider :D and the study of that ruin turned out good. You should simplify all stuff from now on! Great work.

Great start having a good plan is crucial!

Ohhhhh shiiiit
neo in the building ready to rock this joint!
[Image: giphy.gif]
You're gonna give CC3 hell. I can feel it.

Thanks everyone, especially @smrr my biggest inspiration  Sun
New WIPs and studies. Made a more accurate comp, then a line drawing. Thanks @Amit for recommending Carapace for creating perspective grids, it's the most helpful perspective tool for me. I also used this free motorcycle 3d model , tweaked it in Blender to fit my comp and used as a reference.
I'm going to focus deep on my values now because everyone says they suck  Stupid

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That's really great stuff Neo! The composition reads good so far and I love all the studies you do.
Looking forward to see it develop further :)

I have to agree good work ethic! the thumbnails and ideas your exploring are looking cool.

Oh damn, that's dynamic. I'd say that after you have your values figured out, colors are the most important thing. If you go with a standard desert color palette it'll look like a generic action movie shot, but if you can make it vibrant and get it to work with your composition it'll be amazing.

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Great comp! but the bird feels way too large make sure the scale is correct! keep up the good work.

Tnanks everyone, @Hobitt I meant the bird to be a part of the architecture (because it's a focal point of minor importance and I don't want it to stick out too much). I'll try to make the reading better on the coloring stage.

Ohh i see then maybe put it on a pedestal and add some architectural details.

Your work ethic is something to behold. When this starts connecting to the output, probably not that far down the line given how much work you put in....BAM. We're all screwed.

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Holy... sh-neo, what's with all this leveling up!? Must be all your crazy hardwork In love
The scene I'm seeing from that comp is badass af, can't wait to see where you take it!
Your perspective game is on the money too in your studies aaaah!

Keep slaying!

Ahhh, the number of studies you do is magnificent! Hng, such good stuff here, omg~ A little note; the bird really catches my eye at the moment, and I kinda feel like it's a little distracting? Perhaps making it smaller like Hobitt suggested will take some of the distracting out, but looking great so far! :D

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Thanks @Ara, actually I do that many studies only if I spend a lot of time on it.
Sorry for not updating, got to do a lot of freelance work until Friday because of some unexpected circumstances. But I'll do my best to finish the piece! At least the values. You can't fool yourself, so I'll just keep asking myself if I'm doing everything I can. 
Here's a grayscale WIP, I planned to do some mood sketches first and even did some studies, failed and decided to do a detailed value painting first. I wanted to try starting with values anyway. It's rather rough yet.
The still lives don't look much as relevant studies, but I did them for CC3, the grayscale one imitates the same lighting and the color one was for understanding warm sand-like palette. Also did some even more fundamental stuff, it will be in my SB later.
And.. an Egyptian, Arab or European raider would be more relevant than a Japanese one, but I'll leave it be. :) And the motorcycle is Japanese btw, a retro Yamaha.

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oh wauw, dat bike! Have to say that it's looking really good!

Your work ethics never cease to amaze me. One thing I'd want to point out is that the foreshortening on her hand doesn't work as you want it to work. She is firing the gun aiming 3 meters from the snake. Do youuse Daz3d? It could help you to get a correct foreshortening.

Thanks guys! My work ethics isn't that strong actually, it's the only way for me draw or paint something by now without hating the result too much :)
@Piotr I must admit I can't imagine what particular hand/arm positioning would be correct... got to train my artist's eye more! And learn perspective. I've never used Daz3d, but I'll give it a try! (but maybe not this time, I feel like I have to attempt drawing it first, time to revise Loomis arcs of movement, thanks @smrr for the idea from her PO thread).


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