CC3 Yog Joshi WIP Treasure Hunt
Hey everyone! I am super late on this challenge, but I guess its never too late. I am not sure if I will be able to finish on time, I will give it my best shot. So I decided that I wanted to illustrate a scene that shows the treasure hunter(s) discovering an ancient temple with the focus being on the environment. The time of day will be late afternoon/night time. I am still not sure what thumb I will go with. If you have any favorites or suggestions, please let me know! Meanwhile I will be doing some studies! 

Here is an inspiration/mood board

Some thumbnails


A wild Yog appears! Good to see you joining in. That bottom right one looks the best to me.

Yeah I agree aswell. Seen your work, it's really good! Hope you will make it.

Imma disagree and say that mid right and top left look just as good. Even if you don't finish the final this time I'd still be intersted in seeing some more process updates on this.

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Welcome! Comps look very nice although if I can nitpick - perspective need a bit fixing. Good luck, I hope you'll finish in time!

Awesome comps! I like the top left one and the bottom right one. Hope to see more updates!

go go go , get it done! :)

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@adam hahaha the wild yog has woken up from his sleep. thanks for the input man!
@sketchosoph Thank you!
@BrushNoir Thank you for the kind words :-)
@Lodratio nice to see a different opinion. Thank you!
@Piotr thanks man! Yea, I didnt think much about perspective when i executed these thumbs. I will def pay attention when I flesh it out.
@neopatogen thank you!
@Amit hahaha thank you for the encouragement!! I probably wont finish on time, but I will def complete this challenge :-)
So it seems like the winner is the bottom right one! I have no objections. I think it will be a fun one to execute :D Thanks for all the support and input daggers!


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