Vandrake's sketchbook
I really try to apply the things they tell me and I practice the fundamentals a little every day, I try to improve and I think there is improvement if I see my previous illustrations and those of now, I also know that I must improve more, but I suppose that each one will improve at their own pace

[Image: saitama72.jpg]
Saitama fanart inspired in the illustrations of Inhyuk Lee

[Image: hornetvshollow72.jpg]

Hornet fight

[Image: nissanewversion72.jpg]

Nissa fanart revisited version

and a ton of sketchs

[Image: 20210504_003007.jpg][Image: 20210508_060334.jpg][Image: E0PfLPAXMAAyG2A.jpg][Image: E0PfJH_XoAAHvVa.jpg][Image: E0PfHYeWQAUXHhT.jpg][Image: E0PfFFNWUAMvQRg.jpg][Image: 20210508_060319.jpg]
[Image: 20210508_060247.jpg]

Also i leave here the speedpainting of the one punch man fanart


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