CC6 - Scarecrow and pumpkin goes hunting
Time for another CC! Im super excited about this one! (Also a bit spooked  Shock)

My story is basically this:  

A witch made two creatures that could help her catch children for [insert reason here]. Now they wander the lands during the night to fulfill their horrific task. 

The humanoid is a scarecrow who was built by the witch. He is made from old wood, ropes, hay and old fabric. His limbs are extremely long to allow for quick speed and a long reach. Think "slenderman" style.

The creature is the pumpkin who was risen by sorcery from a field. His body is made of vines and organic material. He is pretty much the pack animal of the scarecrow who carries the sacks with captured kids back to the evil old witch.

Here is a sketch I made of the two creatures: 

[Image: 4dZHg1r.jpg]

Haha that pumkin thing is creepy. Nice stuff so far man.

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Nice one!
"Kids trying to break out" :) I love the idea, although if you didn't write what those strange packs are, I would have no clue. Try to make it more clear - maybe a hand and a part of a scared face comes out of the package.

I love your designs, especially the ''pack mule''. Was thinking maybe something different than a human torso might be better but I think it's mostly about personal opinion now.

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Here are some thumbs I just did. The story is quite simple: 

Its night time around halloween. The landscape is a road leading out of a small valley village. The scarecrow and pumpkin has just raided some farms to "borrow" some children. As they leave the farm, the pumpkin secures a sack to himself while the scarecrow walks next to him with biiig steps, stepping over big rocks and maybe even the fence. 

I added some notes to my thumbnails as well that explains some of my decisions. Now to make some more!  Thumbs_up

[Image: OyCNfZh.jpg]

Fantastic character designs! Love them both and the way you planned the physics and materials.
Was going to suggest that one of the kids could manage to free his hand, but found out that Piotr already did it :) I think it would make the story read much better.

Waow, I got too caught up in my work to update this thread. 

Anyway, I remade my favorite thumbnail in 3D from skratch with zbrush, Maya and a bunch of other software for texturing and such. I havnt even begun to overpaint it yet (Gonna add/remove details, as well as paint in grass, the village in the background and also add a ton of stuff to the characters), and also some of the 3D stuff isnt in there yet, but that will be a thing for tomorrow.  B210e58c

Render test (nothing is final):

[Image: PCZZRRn.jpg]

Overpainting of my 3d render is commencing.

[Image: pZb0HuP.jpg]

Hey that's a great 3D sculpt Zorrentos : ). I also like the composition the way my eye is led from the pumpkin via the scarecrow to the farmhouse.

Keep it going mate!

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CD Sketchbook

Thank you Artloader! 

Im taking a break from this image until I wake up. Then ill fix the last few things and send it off.

[Image: iKxf60P.jpg]


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