CC6: Spider-pumpkin
Hey everyone! The brief for this CC is really cool, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Hopefully I'll be able to finish on time! Haha. Here's my ref board and a couple really crude sketches of what I might like the designs or composition to look like. Much more work and refinement to be done. Will update soon with more progress. :V

Names & Concept - Visistant, the Pepophyte  // Sepulcher, the Blood Spider

those spider limbs on your've got great taste for creepy and disgusting!

Yeah man! The god-damn Pepophyte. I love it. Sexy sketches and ref board too. This is gonna be taste.

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Thanks guys. Really glad the deadline is the 29th instead of the 21st. Was very worried for a second. So slow. Gonna need those 15 days! :V

I never draw animals or insects/arachnids. Much more relaxing than humans. Haha. More fun stuff for next update!

Oooh whip spiders are my fave


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RottenPocket - Had no idea what their name was. They're really cool, though.

More rough design stuff. Going on to design the pumpkin design next.

Recent sketches look more readable! So you combines an arachnid with a coffin, really cool idea, never crossed my mind!

neopatogen - Thanks!

Crunch time till deadline. I'm stubborn, so I am sticking with the main comp and will make it work. The best part is cleaning up the mess. I'm sure there are a million tangents and problems with the drawing, but that's what the paint is for. One more drawing to finalize the set-up, then it's paint time.


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