Alex's sketches!
Spolyk - Thanks for your feedback!

Here are some figures from this week. I feel like i'm getting worse instead of getting better...

[Image: figures03_by_alexshiga-db19dfu.jpg]

Here are some new works I've done this month!

[Image: the_secret_of_rapa_nui_by_alexshiga-db1t6a5.jpg]
[Image: the_secret_of_rapa_nui___the_artifact_by...b1vyv1.jpg]
[Image: the_secret_of_rapa_nui___the_moai_walker...b1vztj.jpg]

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I really like your figure drawings! Sure, I can't review for likeness since I don't have your reference but on the surface, they are A-Okay. What do you not like about your figures or why do you think you are getting worse?

AfricanVoodoo - Thank you for your comment! I don't like how long it takes me to draw each one. I set a time counter to 4 minutes but can never finish on time. I often use an eraser because I notice some proportions to be wrong. In other words I struggle a lot drawing these and still they are not great if you saw the references. I think I need to study Loomis a bit more to learn the structure and the proportions better. My biggest problem are the legs and feet!

It's a little harder to notice the flaws with the poses without seeing the original, yeah. Can you can keep that dynamic quality with figures from imagination?

Fantastic environments by the way.
I see now! We gotta keep on struggling until we can finally get what we want, right? For me, I do so much 1-minute gestures, I completely forget about proportion and form whenever I do longer poses. 

God... figure drawing is hard.


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