kvSketch Learns to Get Gewd
Really strong sketchbook here! You have some great brushwork, and your figures seem to improving in terms of both construction as well as gesture. You're hard work is definitely paying off, looking forward to more updates!

Thanks cgmythology! Slowly but steady ha.

Rotohail,thank you!  I for sure need to study hands and feet again.  It’s a big weakness to my anatomy knowledge.  I thought I wanted to be an illustrator for a while, but I feel like whenever I work on more ambitious renders or projects I get bored or frustrated. It may be from lack of knowledge or practice, but I’ve began to notice that about myself. I think I like communicating ideas quickly so maybe concept art would be preferable, so I certainly need to practice and learn more in that area.  Prop design, etc...I love characters, but I feel like most people do haha.  Honestly a bit lost lately with what I want.  I appreciate your feedback though, I admire your work.  

Not much to share need to get back on it!

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I would love feedback on my Sketchbook
Nice updates with your latest sketches. The gestures are well handled, and I enjoy all the unique angles you presented as well. The female knight character you drew/painted is really well done in particular, very solid design. Great stuff all around, keep it up!


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