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Some remainders I didn't post on the last post hmm I'm not sure why the attachment stuff is happening:
Doing the Draw or Die Ascension challenge. REALLY STRUGGLING. It's a good thing because it's like a kick in the ass telling me to study anatomy. I have some thumbnails. I was first liking the second one but now I like the first one :/

Critique as harsh as possible I'm ready to learn! 

I had more extra doodles to post, but the attachment stuff is not letting me add more oops, I will try to make new post.

Just dropping some studies here and there from time to time. C&C welcome as usual :)


(Character I plan to finish soon) Sorry for the stark white bg taking up so much space D:

It's almost gonna be a one year sketchbook anniversary :O 
Time flies doesn't it! 

There a nice potential in here but i think you have to start using more of the emotion you hide.Go crazy it really gray in here.The overall sketchbook make me think of a grey sky to much serious face in here.Make the sun come back add some color in here.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Darkiste, yeah you're spot on in your observation. I think I'm stuck in "study mode" and scared to take creative risks. Your comment encourages me to try out some new stuff for the future! Thanks for the critique!

Got some studies. Did a quick correction on the form study, although I'd bet the shadow might still be off?
Russian figure study, just need those toes and fingers to finish it off. Aye, this will be the last of studies. I want to do more creative work for myself for the next few weeks. Gotta put what I'm learning to use before I forget it all!

I think it first start with not using the eraser and really expressive line not caring about result but going for exageration.I Think a good exercise to loosen up is to do some caricature self portrait it about not taking yourself so seriously.Life is full of movement and expression.I think you need to pratice short gesture not more than 5min i advice between 30sec to 2min gesture to begin.One other exercise would be to practice drawing the different expression of the face.There other exercise that are not really related to putting a mark down.But still i think help become more expressive

One other exercise is more written like putting down what you wanna achieve with your art write it really big and fast and messy.
You can also before starting to draw do some little dance or make sound to channel some energy into a piece.
There an other exercise that is too close your eye go on a imaginary journey describe outloud what you see.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Darktiste: Thanks man, you give excellent advice. Was also reading your Art Sins thread, great stuff! :D The self portraits help a lot, I'll probably upload some self portraits next week

Gonna do something a lil different. Will try to upload weekly from now on:
Here we go! I think one of the reasons my work lacks life is because I don't understand color I realized that through this one baroque bulldog I was doing. 

Next Art Week I'll show some color 
Here goes July 16 2018 - July 28, 2018:

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296227&stc=1&d=1532811545][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296229&stc=1&d=1532811572][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296232&stc=1&d=1532811623][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296231&stc=1&d=1532811604][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296230&stc=1&d=1532811585][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296225&stc=1&d=1532811499][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296228&stc=1&d=1532811559][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296226&stc=1&d=1532811510]

Daggers! It's time for this week's art drop! :D

July 29 - August 4 2018
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296828&d=1533399965][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296829&d=1533399986][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296830&d=1533400003][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296831&d=1533400018][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296832&d=1533400044][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296833&d=1533400059]

This is what goes, through my head on these. Ya know, master studies are real "VALUEable!"
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296834&d=1533400157][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296835&d=1533400439][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296836&d=1533400477][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296837&d=1533400507][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2296838&d=1533400530]

That it's for this week's art drop! See ya next week daggers! :)

So it's not Saturday yet, but I'm going to upload this week's stuff today because Saturday and Sunday might get busy with non-art stuff.

Here goes....
My biggest struggle is in painting skin at the moment and perspective.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297447&d=1533959073][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297448&d=1533959096][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297449&d=1533959126][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297450&d=1533959140]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297451&d=1533959157][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297452&d=1533959202]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297453&d=1533959223]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297455&d=1533959257][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297454&d=1533959244]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297456&d=1533959275]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297457&d=1533959289]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297458&d=1533959301]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2297459&d=1533959329]
That's seems to be about it for this week! See ya next week Daggers! :)

I like your lines. A bit stiff in some of your drawings, but you are defbnitly on the right path the looseness/flow will come. Keep it up!

Thank you Echo! I agree, I need to learn how to loosen up a little more!

Well it's another Saturday! Another Artweek Artdrop! It's almost a month since I've been doing this and I've learned so much! I went from hating drapery and feet to loving to learn about them! 

August 11 2018 - August 18 2018

Progress on that Dwarf:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298235&stc=1&d=1534632335][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298236&stc=1&d=1534632371][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298237&stc=1&d=1534632394][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298238&stc=1&d=1534632437][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298239&stc=1&d=1534632473][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298240&stc=1&d=1534632496][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298241&stc=1&d=1534632525]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298242&stc=1&d=1534632547]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298243&stc=1&d=1534632566][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298245&stc=1&d=1534632581][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298246&stc=1&d=1534632598]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298249&stc=1&d=1534632651][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298248&stc=1&d=1534632627][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298249&stc=1&d=1534632651][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298255&stc=1&d=1534632709][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298253&stc=1&d=1534632686]
That's about it for this week, until next Saturday! :D

Another Saturday! Here's the stuff for this week. Not gonna lie, it was a bit slow, but I'll be waking up two hours earlier to squeeze in more practice time due to university :P 
Anyhow here's the goods:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298856&d=1535229732][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298848&d=1535229152][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298849&d=1535229169][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298850&d=1535229187][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298851&d=1535229232][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298852&d=1535229253]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298853&d=1535229272]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2298854&d=1535229418]
That's about it for this week! <3

Arteriorrhexis! Wow, what an awesome amount of study! You're doing great, keep it up but don't forget to relax a bit too.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

Thanks artloader! Yeah with this week, I took some breaks and few naps on my desk. Haven't gotten entirely used to my new sleeping schedule and staring at my monitor at 6AM with burning eyesssssss.

Strange week in terms of productivity but cool in that I realized how to improve next week. Here goes:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299459&d=1535843316][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299460&d=1535843331][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299461&d=1535843348][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299462&d=1535843365][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299463&d=1535843379][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299464&d=1535843393][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2299465&d=1535843411]

Till next Saturday! Thanks for stopping by! :D

I like that last tonal digital portrait.You can really feel those eyelid wrap around the ball of the eye.I just think the eyelid should be producing deeper wrinkle were it meet the brow rig.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Darktiste, thank you for the quick paintover. I will have to go back and review some facial anatomy next week.

Sorry there's no personal sketches or fun stuff to look at. I have to work harder next week. I dropped a class so I can gain 3 more hours of practice or time to do personal/portfolio work. I'll see how it goes.
For the mean time, here's the stuff for week 7. Wish I could have worked harder :([Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300126&d=1536454698][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300127&d=1536454733][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300130&d=1536454773][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300129&d=1536454762][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300128&d=1536454751]
That's it for this week Daggers! 
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my progress.

Yello! So I'm changing my upload date from Saturday to Sunday just so I can get some more goodies in.

Ok. So more progress on the dwarf, yeah by now I'm taking forever haha. It's been tough balancing Uni and art. But I'll live! :D[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300854&d=1537145697][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300859&d=1537145752][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300855&d=1537145713][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300858&d=1537145742][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300857&d=1537145732][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300856&d=1537145723][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2300860&d=1537145840]

Potato quality! That's it for this week Daggers! :)

I think you have to work on material study to create greater distinction between different element.In post#38 the first character skin look like it was the same material as the pant it not enough to give color to object to describe what they are you also have to take in consideration the way it affected by light.For example metal and hair doesn't reflect light the same way.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Here how i would recommend you approch studying material if you follow my advice.
You don't simply copy you have to understand what make the material reflective or not.This is what is tricky.My advice try to find a close up image of the object to really understand how the light bounce or get lost(absorb).

It good idea to have a varierty of object made of different materiel near by to observe them under real light condition to supplement from drawing from reference if you can afford do it worth it.

A good example of thing you can find around that make a good variety of object would be something like.A piece of wood
a piece of food,a piece of cloth,a tin can,a plastic Bootle,a piece of fake fur and some utensil.

Best is to have a room where you can control the lightsource.For example it a good idea if you have a basement to use it since there little to no light there.

You can find alot of texture to study just enter: material study in a search engine and click the image section.

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The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.

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