Klinck's sketchbook
[Image: 215b6d73c318bec6d1f04127b907ed8713a28176.jpg]

[Image: EgtUveOWAAMoM3u?format=jpg&name=large][Image: Eg6YZYuXgAEpSW0?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

The two last linearts are truly gorgeous! I love how you use line weight to separate the forms! You also use the lines nicely to make the different materials read such as the hair vs the fabric!

Keep up the great work! :)

[Image: EhpUgvqWkAICb2u?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

A shotgun need a caridge expulsion slot unless it some kind of shotgun with some sort of energy device instead of munition.

My Sketchbook
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Man, i'm not able to see the pictures of your last 2 posts ! before that it's fine ! But anyway good skills here ! the only problem i see would be body proportions a bit off on some of your characters, something juste doesn't feel right ^^ Keep up the good work and show us more stuff !
tried reuploading recent drawings for people who can't see them
[Image: e8a32b0459f706c668de4bffb50019f2e7474d11.jpg][Image: a53afbf26401260f4f9767fd104d80b7891039fe.jpg][Image: cd04f4ffc6fe43a98fca07b6515c8d38b9c6f7bd.jpg][Image: a915a3c35e0e13f1407e6b43094e38e1a1e8fa7f.jpg][Image: fc89f4741ab19f3b1912a4f2ced4c68722437d75.jpg]

[Image: ccb729a90596d51cff9e8ad53163840f1e1038cc.jpg]

[Image: df1c77b7815aae18480ee82d841b0a829158b853.jpg]


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