Ognjisha's esoteric studies
Wow love the sketch of that troll dude on the throne (sorry if that's really wrong). The lighting and shadow shapes are so nice. The drawing of the ice troll is also amazing, though having him be painted bright blue was a little unexpected! The color seems so pleasant

Ey thanks Joseph! : D 

Some drawings, mostly portraits and legs right now
[Image: loqeLQn.jpg][Image: JZn2tKc.jpg][Image: qvBHBv2.jpg]
And the finished troll
[Image: eOb3MrX.jpg]
And some painting on that ogre kind
[Image: UCMKUw2.jpg]
Mermaid drawing
[Image: 4K4Soi0.jpg]
And some stuff for school, mech concepts 
[Image: gtkL38G.jpg][Image: jiQEL3v.jpg]

Drain gang
Stingray mermaid for mermay 
[Image: Doiouq5.jpg]
[Image: wY7ruwg.jpg]
A watercolor octopus mermaid also
[Image: 33C6GtH.jpg]
Some studies, not satisfied at all with the portrait, but imma do more portraits regularly and make em better
i don't want to spend too much time on them and i know i won't need to if my initial drawing and setup is solid 

[Image: mgRcgCq.jpg][Image: YVUenOm.jpg]
A sad rock troll with his rock buddy
[Image: DC4HtG0.jpg]
And some sketch studies 
[Image: rjhJvoq.jpg][Image: hUxuNEb.jpg]

Drain gang
[Image: zfl971a.jpg][Image: 16PU24S.jpg][Image: ADJTOXH.jpg]

[Image: 84PG3jg.jpg][Image: Pf8GWbA.jpg]

Drain gang
Hey man, I saw in the proko video today that you won an award for the competition! I recognized your picture from the forum (my piece got a mention btw). Congrats, you definitely deserve it all your stuff looks awesome. I like your recent studies, too especially the painting of that guy's legs. Wonderful sculptural modeling.

Love this Thread! awesome work man. Looking forward to more updates.

Thanks boys! Joseph, I recognized your submission as well :D It's very nice but i definitely thing it's pretty unfinished 
Anyway here's some digital stuff and studies before i get a camera and can post more traditional study stuff cause im doing them on bigger formats now, it's more convenient 
[Image: DUianH2.jpg][Image: yVSSyZt.jpg][Image: a7DbVF0.jpg][Image: G4x6NWm.jpg][Image: QG6jAcE.jpg][Image: hgVgZfH.jpg]and a wip of a painting for this dude 
[Image: HJAdmG3.jpg]

Drain gang
Congratulations for 2n place at the contest! Whoot! Oh I like that woman fungi portrait. Mermaid stingray looked fresh! Nice ideas as of late man. Keep it strong!
Thank you Roto your guns are hella sick! 
Here's some new stuff, not doing any studies currently because i have to study for school, but making some character designs
Here's a few older studies tho[Image: hxbvgHI.jpg][Image: JMsEklI.jpg][Image: XLtlwsY.jpg][Image: o6GOQOz.jpg][Image: iZhddzW.jpg][Image: 2PKn6up.jpg][Image: Z5Ik192.jpg][Image: 4uaRZwc.jpg][Image: y3jM2SU.jpg]
And here's the character designs, they're for a little project i got going called Pipeflight, currently im doing a steampunk flying ship crew 
This is the thief [Image: fW8Fuzk.jpg][Image: 4VFf550.jpg][Image: k0PyOqf.jpg][Image: WHCspai.jpg]
And this guy's the Heavy, he's not all the way done [Image: hkO7o0J.jpg][Image: uUjdBbZ.jpg][Image: XwnKx2C.jpg][Image: 0XyrsG4.jpg][Image: bDf2Ozk.jpg][Image: CFjP8od.jpg]
And also some flying whales[Image: 8rPf44l.jpg][Image: zHlju31.jpg][Image: wUASwWU.jpg]
And this is the logo[Image: vpnJRrF.png]

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It really hard to critic stuff in here that a good sign.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
This is great stuff man! Are you just self learning at home? or, whats your story? Do you have instagram or other websites to follow your work at?

incredible work man, this stuff reeeealy looks like the work in the dishonored 2 concept book. I can see you working in the field real soon if you arent already.
Yup! I was gonna say the thief is very dishonored influenced! Then whales ha ha ha, not sure if intended or you are drawing from the same inspiration source but yeah, dishonored all the way! Looking good! Guns I would like to see where you bring them up, since I'm doing guns myself. Keep it up!
Thanks boys! Really appreciate the support!
Jeso, i go to an art college, but it's public and pretty bad, so im practically self-thought, by watching tutorials, doing courses and reading books.
Roto - yeah the Dishonored influence is pretty strong, im still trying to find a style that synthesizes the things that i like without one of them being too blatant, like Dishonored lol
Anyways since there is a challenge on artstation rn i kinda put a pause on this steampunk project to finish that challenge, so here's the first character! He's the ringmaster of a travelling circus 
[Image: K2L74Z7.jpg][Image: q9hlSP8.jpg][Image: cI68rP4.jpg][Image: GvJAbBg.jpg]
the final portrait is so odd and im not sure how i feel about it [Image: TxY5r7A.jpg]

Drain gang
Here's a bunch of new stuff for the Artstation challenge as well as some random drawings and studies 
Studies feeling sucky, i haven't done any in a while but im getting back do doing them daily, especially now with the exams being almost over 
[Image: baRwPHb.jpg][Image: VcQwa1c.jpg][Image: in6iNiO.jpg][Image: jnQgtno.jpg][Image: KkUTtBV.jpg][Image: Rt9SbJs.jpg][Image: fO0niZZ.jpg][Image: A2whj7x.jpg][Image: mXeF4bg.jpg][Image: hlqhZv2.jpg][Image: t5w2LTA.jpg][Image: LbLFXV0.jpg][Image: 3q7cOCd.jpg][Image: QvLjGRI.jpg][Image: OpFCVrp.jpg][Image: ZyLgOBG.jpg][Image: 9DpyvXo.jpg][Image: ZwRizr0.jpg][Image: wfTI8YX.jpg][Image: UU7vbdT.jpg][Image: JUEKgMb.jpg][Image: pJamdwH.jpg][Image: au4N08H.jpg][Image: LGsBVdp.jpg][Image: gzhqCKC.jpg][Image: v78ITmG.jpg][Image: lT7b2km.jpg][Image: NvC18m9.jpg][Image: xPAcBUv.jpg][Image: wFMPfdg.jpg][Image: 1wVnHM9.jpg][Image: jROz0vF.jpg]
Im prolly gonna get a bit better at taking pics, the newsprint kinda wrinkles and its a bit off-putting in the photos

Drain gang
fantastic work!
Thank you Ash!

Here's quite an update, I've got a lot of stuff for the Artstation challenge, which is almost finished, and some studies as well

The Brave Cannonball 

[Image: 9Lbk2lW.jpg]

The Serious Clown

[Image: Xn6BR69.jpg]
[Image: zSX3Z3L.jpg]
[Image: peKnKMH.jpg][Image: bIZ8Srk.jpg][Image: i3w2GpL.jpg]

The Mishchevious Magician

[Image: atZJb7p.jpg]
[Image: JI8vAqp.jpg][Image: WmWVyht.jpg][Image: H5qqfQq.jpg][Image: k3a5cHF.jpg][Image: fHdt1Vo.jpg]

Something for the CDC

[Image: Atb29iP.jpg]

A book cover for Max Grecke's discord challenge 

[Image: inIDZs0.jpg][Image: ou54xTQ.jpg]

Some designs and unfinished painting that i won't finish cuz i dont like it, for Tyler Edlin's challenge 

[Image: tCvO4fh.jpg][Image: u1n3YUL.jpg][Image: TOOo0qq.jpg][Image: TGRyd1z.jpg][Image: 1JCPWqr.jpg]

Another painting for Max's challenge, the theme was Human Hunter, im not really happy with it 

[Image: 90twVWQ.jpg][Image: FazA5ea.jpg]

[Image: GytTaIW.jpg]

Some design studies 

[Image: 8p7zxHk.jpg][Image: FshCqa4.jpg][Image: 93Z8ORW.jpg][Image: ILHWNaG.jpg]

And some other studies 

[Image: yyrt93P.jpg][Image: 7D9eKND.jpg][Image: yrma94F.jpg]

Still life stuff, some of them i like and some are pretty shitty

[Image: YpBBO0H.jpg][Image: JB5v0v0.jpg]

Aaand some drawings for Alex Woo's gesture course, I really dig the extrapolation exercise 

[Image: uAlzO9e.jpg][Image: GIRxoJh.jpg][Image: yqURoB8.jpg][Image: p0gQJ5H.jpg][Image: W5a7Fdf.jpg][Image: eHONRky.jpg]

And to end it all a  painting of a very sad bear that i don't like but at least i experimented 

[Image: v7PUVuQ.jpg]

Drain gang
god daaaaaaamn, absolutely incredible job on the entry and studies. my favorite is the magician. your work ethic is inspiring asf <3 love it!

There is sooo much stuff. I love it!! Definitely one of those sketchbooks that pumps me up.
Huge amount of quality work, tons of inspiration!

Thanks boiis! : D

Here's the finished lineup for the Artstation challenge along with the bear character, im really happy i participated 

[Image: jqRq7Sk.jpg]

[Image: n60Zamz.jpg]

[Image: 6mIl5mJ.jpg]

[Image: aFKIh6E.jpg]

[Image: vnRNeiq.jpg]

Some studies and sketches (i need to get back into doing more studies daily)
Some quick animal sketches, mostly from pic reference

[Image: BprGfoV.jpg]

[Image: EAzHpyV.jpg]

[Image: vedfvbc.jpg]

[Image: EoLOPvw.jpg][Image: rwSq5Lv.jpg][Image: NOMb5K8.jpg][Image: GCYmLQK.jpg][Image: 3HF2nP4.jpg]

Some random sketchbook stuff, and quick paintings over sketches 

[Image: cefCjav.jpg]

[Image: AklURnP.jpg]

[Image: VvkUW2U.jpg]

[Image: brZH2Vb.jpg][Image: xRQBQf8.jpg]

quick still lives and photo studies 

[Image: bbUaBhH.jpg]

[Image: Lv3i01f.jpg][Image: VSOvAPc.jpg]

Some small random composition studies 
[Image: qQNEuJK.jpg]

Submission for character design challenge, the theme was fairy kingdom 

[Image: 7zoaZi4.jpg][Image: kQH0kNJ.jpg][Image: xOnaZEo.jpg]

Some stuff i did for Proko's challenge, the theme was space mission and i never posted it or finished it cause i didnt really like it 

[Image: pqLmljt.jpg][Image: 8l2McgW.jpg][Image: 97i10wV.jpg][Image: ZeORnB2.jpg][Image: HuMKAhq.jpg][Image: xyB1VWu.jpg][Image: 5Ylwzu7.jpg][Image: MEieEMQ.jpg]

And a character design of a nice Serbian policeman
[Image: an7Mqwm.jpg]

[Image: XyRgWfk.jpg]

In this next period i really want to focus on doing more coherent stuff so i can create a solid portfolio because its time to start workiingg

Drain gang

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